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Get your custom made blog header here! I am now designing blog headers and blog buttons to match. You can see some custom designs I have already done below. If you are unsure of what you want don't worry I can create different designs and we can go from there. As you can see below I do a mixture of basic classic headers to bright and colourful. I also do male and female headers.

I make headers for anyone in any country, so don't be worried. Just pop me an email! I have designed headers for bloggers based in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US so far!

Timescales: It can take between 7-14 days to create a blog header depending on work commitments and the amount of orders. I will advise you within the first email how long it will take. 

Design: If you require a custom design I may ask some questions in order to get to know you a little better and also take a look at your blog. I will email you 4-5 drafts first then you can either choose one of those or let me know parts you like and I can create more drafts.

NOTE: All draft copies will be sent with a EmmysBeautyCave watermark, this will be removed on the final copy.

Blog Header in 3 Sizes Plus a Twitter Cover: £18

YouTube Cover Plus Twitter Cover: £18

Facebook Cover £1
YouTube Cover £2.50 (if purchased with Blog Header)
Grab Blog Button £1.50
Signature £1

I can also do a business card size of the header just ask :)

I am now taking £5 deposits which are non refundable. I am doing this due to having a few people asking me to design a header I do the first drafts then they back out last minute. It takes me time to design the headers. I will take the £5 deposit via paypal then the rest of the money when the final design is agreed.

All headers will be sent in a Zip File which includes PNG & JPG Images of the headers.

Please contact me on Twitter @EmmysBeautyCave or email me at to discuss further. 

Headers I Have Done For Customers...

Custom Made Blog Logo, Water Colour Blog Logo
Gold Water Colour Blog Header, Custom Blog Header
Kasie |

Silver Water Colour Blog Header Design
Alexandra |

Custom Made Blog Header
Tiffany |

Custom Blush Pink Blog Header, Rose Gold Blog Header
Parie |

Pink Custom Made Blog Header
Sam |

Purple Water Colour Blog Header
Annie |

Laura |
A Little Kiran Blog, Custom Blog Header
Kiran | 

classic custom blog header
Rachele |

Jessica | 

Rose Gold Blog Header Logo
Laura |
custom design blog header
Angela |

Gold Blog Header Design
Nikki |

Rose Gold Pink Blog Header

Suzy |
Love Emily Blog, Custom Blog Header

Emily |

Steal The Beauty Blog, Custom Blog Header

Beth |

Pink Water Colour Blog Header, Custom Blog Header, Fitness Blog Header

Dena | 

travel watercolour blog header

Ellen | 

Water Colour Custom Blog Header
Jessica |

red water colour blog header design

custom design blog header
Katie |

water colour blog header, custom made blog header

Lily |
Cartoon Custom Blog Header

Ashley |

Pink Cartoon Blog Header

Olivia |

Tim |

I have created all of these designs myself and they are copyright to me. 

I hope to hear from you soon :) Please don't be shy to email with any queries.



15 comments on "Blog Header Services"
  1. I just saw these on twitter & had to leave a comment, they're all so lovely!

    Emma at

    1. Thank you so much! It really does mean alot :)

  2. Oh my gosh these all look so great! I'm so tempted - my header could definitely use an update!


    1. Thank you! If you ever fancy a new one just pop me an email :)

  3. I need to order one of these soon...probably by the end of the month. Do you offer youtube headers as well? Does it cost extra or do you offer a package?

    1. Hey If it is a Blog Header, Twitter Cover & YouTube Header it is £20. If it is just a YouTube Cover and Twitter Cover and no blog one it is £18. x

  4. Brilliant designs, I love my header but I think you could really give it an added zing.

    1. Thank You! If you are ever interested just pop me an email or DM on Twitter :)

  5. I'm definitely going to take you up on one of these! Such a good price too, I'll have a think about what kind of thing I want and then message you :) xx

    1. Thanks sweetie! Just pop me a message whenever you are ready :) x

  6. Hi, If you don't mind Me asking. What program do you use to make the banners? Thanks :) x

  7. So looking for a new header! Love your work :)

    1. Aww thank you! If you ever want any information just pop me over an email :)