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Custom Blog/Business Logo Services

Get your custom made Blog Header,YouTube Cover or Business Logo here!  You can see some custom designs I have already done below. If you are unsure of what you want don't worry I can create different designs and we can go from there. As you can see below I do a mixture of basic classic headers to bright and colourful. I also do male and female headers.

I make headers/logo's for anyone in any country, so don't be worried. Just pop me an email! I have designed headers for bloggers based in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US so far! I can convert UK Prices to your currency.

Timescales: It can take between 7-14 days to create a blog header depending on work commitments and the amount of orders. I will advise you within the first email how long it will take. 

I will email you 4-5 drafts first then you can either choose one of those or let me know parts you like and I can create more drafts.

NOTE: All draft copies will be sent with a EmmyWritesAbout watermark, this will be removed on the final copy.


Blog Header in 3 Sizes Plus a Twitter Cover: £18
If more work than normal is required prices can be £20.50

YouTube Cover Plus Twitter Cover: £16

Extra's For Blog & YouTube Headers:
Facebook Cover £1
YouTube Cover £1.50 (if purchased with Blog Header)
Grab Blog Button £1.50
Signature £1

Business Logo's

Business Logo in 3 sizes Plus a Business Card Size and Facebook or Twitter Cover £25
(I can also make signature sizes, loyalty card sizes and more, just ask in the email). I will take a £15 non refundable deposit then the remaining amount once a final design is agreed. 


I was taking £5 deposits but I will now be taking the full payment upfront. This is due to two people who requested headers, I sent first drafts, they asked for changes which I did, they then picked the final design they wanted and then decided to never respond to me again. I put hard work and alot of hours into my headers and for people to waste my time is unacceptable. 

All headers will be sent in a Zip File which includes PNG Images of the headers.

Please contact me on Twitter @EmmyWritesAbout or email me at to discuss further. 

Below are just some of the headers/Logo's I have done for customers...

simple elegant blog logo
Anna |
Custom Blog Header
Chichi - 

travel blog logo
Chloe |
Lauren |

custom mummy blogger header logo

Sarah |

Taylor |

She wanted a header for all year round plus an Autumn version of the header.

ombre blog logo
Brittany | 

neon custom blog logo
Bryony | Blog Launching In August

custom travel blogger blog logo
Becky |

pretty custom blog logo

Alex |

bright custom blog logo

girly glitter blog logo
Summer |
Kasie |

girly pink fairy blog logo
Maiya |

male blog logo
Male Header

marble blog logo
Lauren |
Tiffany |

Parie |

girly blog logo

Zoe |

mummy blog logo

Jenny |
Dana |

Sam |

Annie |

Dena | 

Custom Made Lifestyle Blog Logo

Kiran | 

Laura |

Angela |

Jessica |
pink blog header logo

Ashley |

Nikki |


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