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Monday, April 16, 2018

High End Lipsticks - Are They Worth It? Includes Swatches

High End Lipsticks

If you went through my makeup collection a few years ago I didn't own many lip products but now I have far too many and can't seem to stop buying them. I own mainly drugstore lipsticks but I do have a collection of higher end lipsticks including MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced BUT are they actually worth it? I wanted to do small reviews of each brand as the formulas are different and I have also swatched the shades. 

When it comes to makeup I have a wide range of both drugstore and high end makeup. I did used to mainly buy high end then the drugstore have so many more brands now and the quality of the products is always improving and definitely gives high end brands a run for their money. MAC was the first high end brand I purchased and the lipsticks were always raved about. 

High End Lipsticks, Urban Decay Backtalk, Anastasia Beverly Hills Honey

Urban Decay is definitely one of my favourite high end brands. They did re vamp their lipsticks and now have different ranges including Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Cream, Comfort Matte, Mega Matte and Metallized Finishes. Backtalk is from their comfort matte range. I find most matte lipsticks extremely drying and can never wear them but this range is incredible. The comfort matte formula applies creamy and then dries but it doesn't dry to be extremely drying. The lasting power is the best I have found in a lipstick. This lasts hours, even after eating! I have reviewed and swatches other Urban Decay Lipsticks Here.

I would 100% say Urban Decay Lipsticks are worth the buy, especially the comfort matte formula. 

I love Anastasia makeup especially the eyeshadow palettes and liquid lipsticks. This was one of their latest launches last year. The packaging is sleek and the formula is matte. I wish they did some paler nude shades as alot of the shades are darker. Now I personally wouldn't say this lipstick is worth the money. The formula is far too matte for me and I find it very drying. I can only wear this lipstick if I wear a gloss on top of it. 

Luckily I only paid £5 for this lipstick when ABH had them on offer for an hour. 

Everyone loves Charlotte Tilbury packaging and raves about alot of her products. I have mixed feelings towards the lipsticks. I love this Bitch Perfect lipstick, it is a cream formula and the shade is a pretty pink nude. I would say this is worth the money BUT I did own the Pillow Talk Lipstick and I ended up selling it as I really didn't think it was worth the money at all. The formula wasn't great. 

High End Lipsticks, Too Faced Sure Thing, MAC Peachstock

MAC lipsticks are the first high brand and lipstick I owned. I do own a fair few MAC lipsticks with different finishes including satin, matte and cream. I do rate MAC lipsticks, I find them to be creamy and they have such gorgeous shades. I would recommend them but I would say they are not the most long lasting on the lips. 

How cute does this lipstick look?! Now Too Faced always go all out with packaging and this doesn't disappoint. The little peaches are a cute touch. Aside from the packaging I do love the formula. It is described as a comfort matte and it does remind me of the Urban Decay ones. This shade is gorgeous. I find them to be long lasting too. I would definitely recommend this!

Too Faced Sure Thing swatch, MAC Peachstock swatch, charlotte tilbury bitch perfect swatch, abh honey swatch, Urban decay backtalk swatch

Overall I do think some high end lipsticks are worth the splurge. Personally I don't recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones but I do recommend their liquid lipsticks, they are alot less drying than the normal matte lipsticks they do. 

What are your thoughts on high end lipsticks?

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