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Monday, December 04, 2017

Winter Skincare Must Haves

Winter Skincare

During Winter my skin always needs a little extra TLC. This year I am so happy with the products I have found, some are old favourites but most are new products that are working wonders for my skin in the colder months. My skin has become more on the combination side which has been hard to adjust to as usually it is just extremely oily. 

Oh my this has to be one of my favourite skincare finds of the year. I have been using it over two months now and it has impressed me so much. It is a gel/milk cleanser that feels super refreshing on my skin. It has a cooling sensation when you first apply it. I apply it onto cotton pads then take my makeup off with them. It removes makeup incredibly well and keeps your skin hydrated at the same time. 

I am already onto my second bottle of this. It comes in Normal to Dry or Combination. I own both of them and find they both work well but you can tell the difference. When I need extra hydration I opt for the Normal/Dry one or when I find I am more oily than usual I use the one for Combination skin. It is hydrating and very lightweight on the skin. It dries quickly and doesn't leave a tacky base.

I am loving this new range from Nip + Fab. I have nearly ran out of this one now and definitely going to re purchase it. It is a 2in1 product that you can use as a facial exfoliator or as a face mask. In the colder months I don't want an exfoliator that is too harsh on my skin and this is perfect. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and definitely makes my skin feel fresh.

This is my third bottle of this spray. It is incredible. I use it every time I get out of the bath to refresh my skin. I also use it in the morning before applying my makeup as it creates a fresh base. When I use this I notice I am not as oily in my t zone and it definitely reduces my blemishes. 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Moisturiser | £4.99 | Link

This is a slightly thicker moisturiser which I do prefer in Winter. If you suffer with breakouts you definitely need to try this. I have noticed it makes breakouts go away quicker and reduces the blemishes. It is hydrating but does dry matte.

I got sent this a few months ago and haven't put it down since. It smells lovely and is extremely hydrating. It is lightweight but really helps my skin. I find when my skin feels dry I always turn to this cream. It makes my skin feel fresh ready for the morning.

I was intrigued as soon as these masks were released. I haven't seen a jelly face mask before and I have become obsessed. They have five different jelly masks depending on your skins needs. They turn into a paste which is a bit tricky to apply but they really do work. Full review coming soon.

Another of my favourite finds this year. The oil comes in 8 different types, I have the Healing Lemon Honey one which smells lovely. The formula is perfect for prepping the lips or if you suffer with dry lips. It isn't sticky at all and feels smooth. I always apply this when I do my makeup ready for when I apply lipsticks. I also apply it before I go to bed.

When I went to New York last year I picked a few of these up and became obsessed immediately. It may look small but you can get 3 uses out of one of them! It is a gel mask that you let sink into your skin overnight. It adds hydration, prevents breakouts and makes my skin feel and look amazing. They have 10 different types of this mask so something for everyone's skins needs. I picked up some different ones in my recent Sephora Haul.

What are your Winter skincare must haves?

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