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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs

I have been buying from Bomb Cosmetics for so long! I don't know how they aren't more raved about. They have an incredible range of bath bombs, bath creams and candles. They are affordable too. I love the cute designs they have and decided to place another order with some new ones I haven't tried. I am impressed with most of them and you can see below how they looked in my bath!

Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster Review Bomb Cosmetics

Now how cute is he?! I adore him with his mustache! As soon as you drop him into your bath he does exactly what his name says and fizzes. A bright blue comes out and fills your bath. Below you can see how stunning it looked. It felt really smooth on my skin too.

Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster Review Bomb Cosmetics

Unicorn bath bomb

Unicorn Bath Bomb | (Unable to find online)

Now this one looks adorable and gives all the pretty vibes but it did really disappoint. I expected big things from this one but it really didn't do much. It made my bath a very pale pink with hints of glitter and sparkle. It didn't have a scent or feel any different on my skin. It looks prettier in the picture below than it looked in person. 

unicorn bath bomb

Honey Be Mine Bath Blaster

Honey Be Mine Bath Blaster | £2.99

I think this one has to be my favourite out of all of them. As soon as you put it in the bath it starts fizzing and you get such a lovely scent from it. It surprised me that in the bath it goes green not yellow. It has a soapy layer on top and feels amazing on your skin. 

Honey Be Mine Bath Blaster

Flamingo Bath Bomb

Flamingo Bath Bomb | No Longer on the website

I had a love/hate relationship with this one. It had an amazing scent which was really relaxing but the glitter was a bit much. I couldn't get it off my skin and the bath was a nightmare to clean!

Flamingo Bath Bomb

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