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Monday, October 09, 2017

Primers For Combination or Oily Skin Types

Primers For Combination Skin

I remember years ago thinking oh Primer won't make any difference but it actually does. My skin has become more combination at the moment but still extremely oily in my t zone. I have tried and tested numerous primers and have finally found four I can reply on. Sometimes I find certain primers work better with certain foundations, it is all trial and error. Each of these primers have different consistencies so there is something for everyone.

You can also buy a 15ml size for £10 if you want to test it out.

I really didn't get on with the original porefessional, I found it made me more oily in t zone. This version is completely different, I am on my third tube!! It is a pale blue gel which applies transparent on the skin. I find it works really well at reducing excess shine especially around my nose and on my chin. It doesn't dry out my skin, I can see this working well on dry skin too. It doesn't blur pores the best so I sometimes pair it with another primer if I need to makeup to really last all day long.

I think every blogger has been talking about The Ordinary range from Deciem, it is cheap and everyone seems to love the products. I finally made an order a while ago, I purchased two products one I hated and this one I love. To see the product that I Literally Hated Check Out My Blog Post Here. This primer on the other hand I really do love. It feels so silky when blending it into my skin, it blurs pores and creates a gorgeous base for foundation. I tend to lean more towards this one when my skin is combination rather than when it is extremely oily. 

I can honestly call this my trusty holy grail primer, I must have gone through at least 5-6 tubes of this and I always have a backup ready. I even converted TheDenaEdit to love it too. It has the most unique consistency, it feels silky but velvety, it is just a dream. It smooths skin like no other and keeps me shine free ALL DAY! No joke, it is from Wilkos of all places and you get 30ml which is really good.

This is a primer I always re purchase too! It reminds me alot of the Smashbox Pore Minimizer Primer but the Smashbox one broke me out bad. This blurs pores really well and it stays slightly tacky which I find makeup applies on top of really well. Again this works incredibly well on Combination or oily skin.

Whether your skin is Combination or just Oily, I would recommend all four of these primers as they feel amazing. The one that dries quite matte is the Kiss one so if you skin leans more to dry I would recommend the other 3 as they work well on my dry areas but also keep me shine free.

Have you tried any of these primers?

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