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Friday, July 21, 2017

My Latest Purchases

Beauty Haul, Makeup Haul, KIKO Makeup, PIXI Skincare, Soap and Glory Masks

It has been so long since I have done a haul post on my blog. I haven't really been on a big spree for months but recently over the past few weeks I have got quite a few new products so I thought I would share them with you and any first impressions. Some are new releases and some are products I have wanted for so long and finally got around to purchasing. 

KIKO Makeup Haul

Me and Ashley went to London last weekend last minute for the Mayweather vs McGregor Press Conference and of course I had to pop into KIKO as I don't have a local store. 

I got this on sale for £10
I am a big fan of their powders especially the matte face powder so I decided to pick up the bronzer. I have the lightest shade 01 which is perfect for my skin tone (MAC NW15/20). It isn't too warm toned or cool toned and really warms up my skin nicely.

When I saw this highlighter in the pan I thought it looked pretty but when I swatched it in store oh my oh my it transforms. It is a pale icey champagne shade that has a slight duo chrome effect and has a hint of pink in certain lights. It is stunning. I have the shade 01 Brilliant Champagne, they also do two darker shades.

KIKO Mini Divas Baked Blush | £5.50 

When I saw this it looked so cute and the box packaging it came in was adorable. It is from their Mini Divas Collection which is limited edition and it was in the sale so of course I had to have it.

I got this on sale for £10
This comes in three shades I have the lightest one. The contour powder is just right for my skin tone as it is in between warm and cool and the highlighter shade is a pale gold. They both blend like a dream.

I am going off matte lips and when I spotted this shade I knew it wasn't a shade I have. It is 02 Peachy Nude. I don't own any peach lipsticks and this one is gorgeous and has such a creamy formula.

PIXI Glow Mud Cleanser, Glamglow Sonic Mask, PIXI Milky Mist


A few weeks ago Ashley was feeling nice and got me two PIXI Products that I have been wanting to try for so long. 

PIXI Glow Mud Cleanser | £18.00 & PIXI Hydrating Milky Mist | £18.00

Both of these have been on my wishlist for so long! I will be reviewing both of them once I have tested them out longer.

GlamGlow Sonic Gravity Mud Mask | £14 | Link

I have tried the GlamGlow Supermud mask which I loved and as soon as I saw they did this collaboration with Sonic I wanted it so bad, especially knowing that the mask itself is a bright blue!! It is limited edition so be sure to get yourself one.

Soap and Glory Face Masks, Soap and Glory Sheet Masks
Soap & Glory Pore Refining Sheet Mask £3.50 and  Soap & Glory De-Clog Mask £4.00

I had seen the new Soap & Glory Sheet masks on Instagram so I picked up the pore refining one but when in Boots I saw the de-clog peeling mask which I hadn't seen before. Boots had them on offer for 2 for £5 I think it was. So far I have only used the peeling one and I am very impressed. I won't say to much as I will be reviewing these very soon!

Ofra Nude Potion, Rimmel Latte To Go
Rimmel Contour Stick

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick | £5.99 | Link

I didn't even know Rimmel had released these, I just saw them when wondering around boots. They have a whopping 14 shades!! I picked up shade 710 Latte To Go which is a stunning nude shade.. of course that's all I really wear. The formula dries fully matte but I don't find it too drying.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss | £5.49 | Link

Lately I am really getting back into wearing glosses especially applied over a matte lip. I got the shade 130 Purrr...Glossy Cat This shade is so pretty. A pale pink with a hint of shimmer. The formula is amazing too, I don't find it sticky at all.

Rimmel Contour Stick | £6.99 | Link

I am really loving cream contour, I find it looks so much more natural and blends into the skin better than powder. I picked up the light version and the shades are perfect and super creamy. 

Ofra Liquid Lipstick | £16.00 | Link

This is Nude Potion, one of the ones Nikki Tutorials released in her Collab with Ofra. I waited so long for it to go on Beauty Bay but I was disappointed when I saw it was £16 when Ofra's other liquid lipsticks are only £11!! My patience paid off as it was in the sale for £12 last week. I am so glad I picked it up as it now isn't on the Beauty Bay website. It is the perfect pinky nude.

Ofra Nude Potion Swatch, Rimmel Latte To Go Swatch

L - R

Rimmel Latte To Go | Rimmel Purrr Glossy Cat | Ofra Nude Potion

I am so happy with everything. It has been so long since I have bought alot of products but it did feel good to do a haul again.

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Beauty Haul, Makeup Haul, KIKO Makeup, PIXI Skincare, Soap and Glory Masks

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