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Monday, June 26, 2017

My ColourPop Makeup Collection Including Swatches

ColourPop Makeup, ColourPop Haul, ColourPop Swatches

It is no secret I am addicted to ColourPop. I have tried many products from them and found some products I didn't like but alot I love! I get asked alot about what products I would recommend from them so I thought I would share my collection with you and include swatches of everything.


ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip Swatches Bestie, Weho, Alyssa, Tight Fit

I have always been a fan of glosses but I hate ones that are super sticky. The only gloss formula I truly love is the ColourPop one and the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones. This formula is amazing, the shades are extremely pigmented, they aren't sticky and they look stunning. 

Bestie - Your typical pink, this looks stunning on it's own.

Tight Fit - A shimmery peachy gold. I find this is best applied over a matte nude lipstick.

Weho - A true brown. I love this one especially in Autumn/Winter.

Alyssa - This is similar to Bestie but this has more of a mauve undertone.

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Swatches Magic Wand, ColourPop Alyssa, ColourPop Echo Park, ColourPop Aquarius

This formula is my holy grail liquid lipstick formula. I can't stand drying matte lips, the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips are far too drying for me but these Ultra Satin Lips dry semi matte but last just as good as the matte ones.

Alyssa - A deep subtle pink. Im not a bright barbie pink person but this pink is perfect. It isn't bright but gives enough pop of pink. Gemma recently reviewed this shade on GemmaEtc and I had to have it. 

Magic Wand - A brown toned nude. My most worn shade.

Echo park - A pink toned nude. On the lips it applies darker than Magic Wand.

Aquarius - this is slightly paler than Magic Wand and has a subtle pink undertone.

ColourPop Lippie Stix Swatches, ColourPop Skimpy, ColourPop Birdy, ColourPop Bound

I have 10 Lippie Stix in 5 different formula's. I love the lippie stix range as they have so many shades and so many finishes to choose from. 

Skimpy - Glossy Finish - A very pale nude pink.

Freida - Satin - A coral, sadly discontinued.

Aquarius - Creme Finish - Pale brown mauve, looks gorgeous with so many makeup looks.

Bound - Glossy Finish - This is my go to Spring/Summer shade. The perfect pop of pink.

Birdy - Creme Finish - A very pale pink.

ColourPop Lippie Stix Swatches, ColourPop Oh Snap, ColourPop Pillow Talk, ColourPop Cookie

Pillow Talk - Matte X -  A true chocolate brown. This formula surprised me, I don't like anything too drying. I don't want the life sucked out of my lips but even though this is the Matte X formula it isn't drying at all. The staying power is incredible!

Brink - Matte - A deep brick shade. The matte formula is really comfortable to wear. 

Oh Snap - Matte - This does dry down matte, it is a pinky mauve.

Cookie - Matte - one of my most worn shades. This is a nude with a peachy undertone.

Lumiere - Matte - A deep mauve. Looks gorgeous on all skin tones.


ColourPop Pressed Shadow Swatches, ColourPop Come and Get It, ColourPop Made To Last, ColourPop Stay Golden, ColourPop Issues

I had heard mixed reviews on these shadows so before purchasing I made sure to google swatches. I am really impressed by the formula and pigmentation of them. Each shade only needed one swipe for the swatch!

Issue's - Matte - a pale peach, perfect for all over the lid or as a transition shade.

Liar Liar - Shimmer -  A pinky champagne that looks stunning all across the lid or in the inner corner.

Stay Golden - Matte - A deep red with pink undertone.

Made To Last - Matte - A cool toned brown.

Come and Get It - Duo Chrome - My favourite of them all! This looks stunning. It looks like a pink shimmer then in some lights it shines gold.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches, ColourPop Paradox, ColourPop Elixir, ColourPop Cheeky

This formula is different to the single pressed shadows. This is a cream to powder formula. I find the shimmery shades are better applied with your finger.

Paradox - Satin - A deep burgundy red... this has stolen my heart!

I Spy - Matte - A dusty peach. I think this might be getting discontinued *cries*

Get Lucky - Glitter - How stunning! It is a true gold.

Elixir - Matte - A deep burnt orange.

Cheeky - Satin - Pink with a hint of coral.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches

Sequin - Glitter - A rose copper shimmer.

Kathleen Lights - Satin - Bright gold/copper.

I Heart This - Metallic - Silver Sparkle.

Weenie - Metallic - Rose gold.

Hanky Panky - Matte - Cool toned taupe.

Midnight - Sparkle - Deep khaki.


ColourPop Highlighter Swatches, ColourPop Smoke N Whistles, ColourPop Lunch Money

 The formula of these is my favourite, they even beat my high end highlighters. They are super intense and the intensity stays put all day!

Smoke N Whistles - A pink champagne

Lunch Money - Slightly paler than Smoke N Whistles and it has more of a gold undertone.

Blush & Highlight Duo Here Comes The Sun - A coral toned blush with a gold champagne highlight. This highlight is slightly different to the single ones. It doesn't show up intense in the swatch but once on the skin it looks stunning.

Bronzer - Bon Voyage - Cool toned bronzer - NOW Discontinued.

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