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Monday, May 08, 2017

3 Prep Sprays Worth Trying

Prep Priming Makeup Sprays, Urban Decay Quick Fix Spray, Body Shop Vitamin E Spray

You always here about setting sprays but what about Prep sprays? Recently I have become obsessed, I used to use a setting spray before and after makeup but I am now loving certain prep sprays for different reasons. It is important to prep your skin before your makeup and when I do I always notice a difference with how my makeup looks and how my skin reacts.

Prep Priming Makeup Sprays, Urban Decay Quick Fix Spray, Body Shop Vitamin E Spray

I actually got this for Christmas from Dena and it is such an amazing product. I apply moisturiser as normal and then spritz this all over my face and it instantly hydrates my skin. This is very much like the Smashbox Primer Water and at £6 it is a total bargain. It doesn't have a scent which I know alot of people prefer non scented products.

This spray can be used before makeup or throughout the day to refresh your skin. It is infused with rose water, moisturising wheatgerm oil and of course Vitamin E. It instantly hydrates your skin and dries quickly. I especially love this one in the warm summer months to keep in my handbag to refresh my face throughout the day. 

If you love a coconut scent you need this spray in your life. I have always been a huge fan of the Urban Decay Setting Sprays and this one is just incredible. It can be used to prep and hydrate your skin, set makeup and as a refresh throughout the day. This spray also claims that if you is it regularly you will notice your skin to be brighter and hydrated. I have used up my Travel Size and I am very impressed. I will be purchasing the full size right away!

Have You Tried Any Of These?

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