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Friday, April 21, 2017

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks Including Lip Swatches

MAC Lipsticks

I was recently going through my lipstick collection and decided to de clutter my MAC Lipsticks. I narrowed it down to my top five lipsticks that will work all year round. I think MAC lipsticks don't seem to be as raved about lately as alot of other brands are releasing incredible products but I really love these five shades and haven't found anything close in other brands.

MAC Lipstick Swatches Faux Blankety Syrup Honeylove Taupe

Faux - Satin Finish - Light Mauve Pink - I love this shade so much. I used to own Brave but decided to sell it as I preferred Faux but the shades are pretty similar. 

Blankety - Amplified Creme Finish - Soft Pink Beige - This is my ultimate favourite. It is so creamy and the shade is perfect for my pale skin. It has a slight hint of pink.

Syrup - Lustre Finish - Subtle Plum Shade - My very first MAC lipstick. It gives a gorgeous sheen to your lips.

Taupe - Matte Finish - Muted Reddish Brown - This comes up as a dark reddish brown on me it is stunning. Especially in the Autumn months.

Honeylove - Matte Finish - Light Beige - I adore this shade so much. It has a slight peach tone to it but it is your perfect nude.

I don't find they are the most long lasting lipsticks out there but I don't mind applying lipstick a few times a day.

MAC Lipstick Swatches Faux Blankety Syrup

Left - Right: Faux, Blankety, Syrup

MAC Lipstick Swatches Taupe Honeylove

Left - Right: Taupe, Honeylove.

The top swatches make me look so pale but the sunlight changed as I was taking all the swatches.

What are your favourite MAC Lipsticks?

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