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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

What I Got For Christmas Part 2

Cruella Pyjamas, River Island Bag and Purse, Pom Pom Shoes, Unicorn key ring, unicorn usb

Last week I did my What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition Post so this week I am doing all the other random bits I got. I haven't included everything but I have included some of my favourite items. Again this isn't me bragging, I genuinely love to read this types of posts as I am super nosey and like I said in my Beauty one they usually make me spend money!

Disney Cruella Pyjamas

Womens Pom Pom Trainers

Disney Cruella Pyjama Set | £22 (Now £15) | Link
If you follow my blog or me on social media you will know I am a Disney fanatic! These pyjamas have to be my favourite ones ever! ASOS is one of the best places along with Topshop to buy Disney pyjamas. Asos also do a set like this with Ursula and they are amazing.

These shoes are totally like marmite you either love them or hate them. They aren't usually something I would go for but I fell in love with them and Ashley got me a pair. I love them, they look so cute with jeans or leggings.

River Island Bag and Purse, Black Suede Bag

River Island is one of my favourite places for handbags and purses. The detail work is always stunning. Ashley was so cute and had looked on my blogs Christmas Gift Guide post and saw I put this Floral Print Black Purse, I love the colours and how pretty it is. The past few years I haven't been mobile so I haven't needed a nice bag but now im more mobile I fell in love with this Black Snake Print Structured Bag, it has a snake print and beige design on the sides then black and gold on the front.

River Island Slippers, Penguin socks, Unicorn Key Ring, Unicorn USB Stick

Unicorn Key Ring, Unicorn USB Stick

The Best Present EVER!

Ashley really did get me the best present ever. There is something I have wanted to do for so long but not been able to with not being mobile. I opened my Christmas card on Christmas Day and inside (above) it had a picture of penguins and said Flip Me Over.. on the back of the picture it said "Oh and by the way you are going to be feeding penguins in a few weeks"... YES! I am like a excited child. This Thursday I will be going to the Zoo to feed penguins!!! I can't wait. 

Random Bits...

I love cute socks and my sister got me these Penguin ones and French Bulldog ones! New Look do the cutest socks. I was in need of some new slippers as Peanut managed to get hold of my others, I love the Leopard River Island Slippers! My mum also got me this adorable pom pom unicorn key ring from ASOS and the Unicorn USB Stick! How cute are they?!

Pink Adult Mermaid Blanket

Lastly my mum got me a Mermaid Blanket! I have been wanting one for months, Im so funny with blankets as I usually don't like it when they are too big so this is perfect. It is super comfy and so cute. This one was from ASOS but it is no longer on the website you can also buy them from New Look.
Then I got the usual clothes etc... I have tried to link everything where possible!

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