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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sneak Peak Look Fantastic's Beauty Box*

Look Fantastic January 2017 Beauty Box

Look Fantastic is one of the top 3 websites I shop on for beauty. It has everything you need in one place. If you didn't already know Look Fantastic do a monthly Subscription Box which include so of the most wanted brands. You can pick from 3 subscriptions from 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Ranging from just £13 per month. Here is a sneak peak as to what is in their next box! 

The upcoming box includes brands such as Pixi, Jelly Pong Pong, Trifle Cosmetics, Nuxe and Briogeo. Voucher Box have an exclusive sneak peak into the box which you can check out on their website here. Every month Look Fantastic never seem to disappoint. There are many subscription boxes out their but month after month I see disappointing reviews but I have not seen someone be disappointed with any products in the Look Fantastic ones. 

This Look Fantastic Beauty Box has products worth well over £70 which when you are paying £13-£14 for one month this is so worth it! The Voucher Box exclusive gives you the low down on each product individually and trust me they are worth it! One thing that stands out about the box is you get amazing sized products not sample sizes. 

Voucher Box also have plenty of discount codes for Look Fantastic. Even though the discount codes can't be used on the subscription boxes they can be used on plenty of products on the website including 20% Off and even 30% off certain brands. Every time I shop online before I check out on any website I always search for a discount code and at least 80% of the time I find one! Who doesn't want to save money?

If you want long lashes, an intense highlight, soft skin, perfect brows and more, then you really need to check out the products in this box. Head over to read the Voucher Box Exclusive and have a look at all of the Look Fantastic Discount Codes they have and save yourself some money!

Have You Tried The Look Fantastic Beauty Box?

* This post is sponsored. The content is my own and no one else's. Opinions are my own. I will not talk about something on EmmysBeautyCave unless it is relatable to my blog and readers.

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