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Monday, January 02, 2017

Blog Goals 2016 & My 2017 Goals

Blog Goals 2017, How To Grow Your Blog

My first blog post of 2017 and what better to start off with than reflecting on my 2016 goals, if I hit them and what my 2017 goals are. Looking back and reading my blog goals and seeing if I achieved them is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy seeing how my blog has progressed. You can see if I hit my 2016 Goals and see what I have set myself for my 2017 Goals. 2016 has been such a good blogging year for me, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands, reached milestones I never thought I would and made some amazing friends.

For those of you who don't know I set my blog up after I had an accident and was awaiting reconstruction surgery on my left leg. I was unable to walk and I was house bound. I decided to start my own blog for something to take my mind off things. I never thought I would become attached to it like I have. I had my surgery over a year ago and I am now starting to get mobile again after two and a half years of being house bound.

My 2016 Goals Were...

1. Reach My 2nd Year of Blogging.
2. Hit 200,000 Views. 
3. Improve My Blog Photography.
4. Attend a Blog Event Hopefully Once Im Mobile and Fit Again.
5. Build More Personal Relationships With Brands.

I hit four out of five of my goals...

1. I hit my second year of blogging in July so now it is time to hit my third year!

2. This one in a huge shock for me, my goal was to hit 200,000 page views and I have hit it and gone well over. I am now over the 300,000 page views mark and I honestly cannot believe it. Thank you to all of you!!

3. My blog photography is one I really wanted to focus on this year and I think I have. I have been getting alot of questions on Instagram and Twitter about how I get my photo's so bright and what lighting do I use but I don't use any lighting apart from natural lighting and I barley edit my photo's. I am happy my photography has improved and I hope it will continue to improve. I did a post on my Blog Photography Setup last year which you can read HERE. 

4. I didn't attend a blog event as I am still not fully mobile from my reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately my leg was that badly damaged before the surgery it is taking much longer to recover. It has been over a year since my operation and it is a slow progress. Im hoping 2017 will be my year to finally meet some of you!

5. I really feel I have built some amazing relationships with brands this year. I have learnt to turn down pr/brand work if it isn't right for me and I have noticed my blog has done better for it. I have to admit one of my favourite PR/Brand Posts this year was receiving the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, it still shocks me now. 

My Social Stats End of Year 2016:

Twitter: 4072
Bloglovin: 3036
Instagram: 3556
Facebook: 380
Pinterest: 20,023

I can't wait to look back at these states next year and see how they change.

What Im Proud of: I am extremely proud of myself as this year only a few months ago I started designing Blog Headers, I didn't think anyone would be interested but so many of you asked me to design them and I am over the moon. I am going to continue designing them and hopefully more of you will want them.. Below are just three of the designs I have done but you can check out the rest of my designs and find more information on my Blog Header Services Page.

Rose Gold Blog Header, Water colour blog header

custom blog header, blog headers

2017 Goals

1. Hit 500,000 Page Views.
2. Reach 4000 on Bloglovin
3. Attend a Blog Event.
4. Interact More on Facebook.
5. Be happy with my blog photos.

Social Goals:

Twitter: 6000
Bloglovin: 4000
Instagram: 4000
Facebook: 600
Pinterest: 35,000

Lets see if I can hit my goals in 2017. I am still enjoying blogging even more than I was when I started and I hope 2017 is a good year! 

Here's to a Happy New Year!

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