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Monday, December 26, 2016

What I Got In My Bloggers Secret Santa

Makeup Revolution Ultra Glow Palette, Gerard Cosmetics Envy, Disney Ariel Socks, Prima Lashes

This year me and nine other bloggers decided to do a secret Santa. I was so excited and loved buying the gifts and wrapping them. We used an online website where we all put our names and email addresses then you got an email saying who you had. When we received our Secret Santa's we had to guess who had us and then once everyone guessed we could open the cards to see who it was from. 

My Secret Santa was from Dena from Dena Jayne, me and Dena have become good friends and she knows me well. I was so happy with everything she got me. In my Secret Santa I got...

Makeup Revolution Ultra Glow Palette, Gerard Cosmetics Envy, Disney Ariel Socks, Prima Lashes

Disney Belle False Lashes

Two pairs of lashes including Primalash in the style Wispy and the Disney Belle False Lashes. Both of these lashes are so me, I wear lashes 90% of the time! She also got me these adorable Ariel socks! How cute are they?! I have seen them on Instagram before and loved them, Ariel is my favourite Disney Character... Dena you know me well!

Disney Ariel Socks

Moving onto makeup...

I got the Gerard Cosmetics Supreme Lip Creme in Envy, oh my this is stunning! This isn't a shade I would of purchased myself but I am so glad she picked it as I adore it! It is extremely pigmented and looks so glossy on the lips. I also got the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base which is a spray primer to use before makeup. I haven't seen this before so I am excited to try it. After opening all of those I knew it was Dena when I opened the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette, she labelled the tag "Because I Know You Want It" and I knew because I have mentioned this so many times to her and I have been dying to try it. It is a highlighting palette which includes eight shades!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Glow Palette

The last makeup product made me very happy. If you read my blog you will have seen me rave about this product non stop but lately I haven't been able to find it in any of my local stores and she managed to get me one! It is the Kiss Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer which is my holy grail! Nothing keeps me matte like this does.

Lastly she got me a fortune cookie, some chocolate and sweets. I got a chocolate Santa, Chocolate Coins, candy cane and some gingerbread sweets! 

I am made up with everything she got me, She knows me so well and it shows. Thank you Dena! Go check out Dena's Blog Dena Jayne

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