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Monday, November 21, 2016

My Trip To NYC

New York, NYC, NYC Guide, Empire State Building

Just over a week ago I returned from New York and I literally had the most amazing trip. New York has been on my list for so long, we booked it back in February to celebrate the end to the past 2 years with my accident and surgeries and me not being mobile. Im still not 100% mobile and im still in pain everyday but NYC was a big thing for me, a time for me to feel normal. We went for 5 days and I must admit 5 days was enough I was ready to come home. I have a few haul posts upcoming as I did buy an awful lot there, I also have an NYC Guide Series including shopping, places to go, places to eat, where we stayed etc... 

I just thought I would do a quick summary if what happened and then jump into my series over the next few weeks. I do always have a giveaway coming up on the blog next Friday! It includes an Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick! 

We went for 5 days which was just enough. Our hotel was situated 2 minutes walk from Central Park and 4 minute walk to Times Square, the ultimate location. I definitely struggled on the flights with my leg and hips but the flight back went quickly. We flew with Thomas Cook as they were the cheapest at the time and it was a direct flight. Direct flights to NYC don't come around often.

New York, NYC, Times Square

I packed two coats a leather jacket and a big thick coat as every one said how cold it would be but it really wasn't! I wore my leather jacket all week and didn't wear my scarf, hat or gloves once! It was around 14-15 degree's and the last day we didn't even wear coats. The weather stayed perfect too. We did alot of sight seeing including The Top of the Rock (at night time), Empire State Building (in daytime), Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square and plenty more. Five days was definitely enough to fit everything in that we wanted to and of course plenty of shopping!

New York Central Park

We also got the subway around alot as it was very cheap and extremely easy to use. Whilst we were there it was the Elections which was strange and interesting to see. They had a big setup in Times Square where they had live news filming and interviews etc... Then we also saw quite alot of protesters after Trump got in. 

There is an awful lot of walking involved in NYC, we went back to the hotel every afternoon for an hour or two so we could rest especially me with my leg. I loved shopping there, there were so many shops and of course the food was insane!

I am going to go into full detail of my shopping including where I shopped and what I got, Places we ate, how we booked the hotel and flights etc... This will all be in my upcoming guide posts as I thought it would be far too long to put into one or two posts!

I have plenty more pictures coming... stay tuned! My first NYC Haul will be up Wednesday 7th November and my Giveaway goes live Next Friday 2nd!

All the images above are photo's I have taken myself.

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