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Friday, November 04, 2016

Makeup Im Taking To New York Including Swatches

Travel Friendly Makeup
I can't believe I am flying to New York Monday morning! It has literally come round so quick, I have never been before and I am extremely excited. I don't think I have ever been this excited about holiday. Me and my partner are going Monday to Saturday mainly just to sight see and of course shop! I will be getting alot of makeup and I will also be getting some to host a giveaway once I am back. Planning what to take has been so hard! I have finally decided what makeup I am going to take after trying to decide between so many products.

Drugstore Makeup, Makeup for oily skin
The Base

Kiss Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer | £3.00 | Link
This primer is my holy grail. I have tested so many primers and this is the one that keeps me matte all day and I mean all day! I can't believe it is only £3. 

This foundation with the Kiss Primer is a dream team. I used to hate the Max Factor foundation until I tried it out with the Kiss Primer. These two keep me matte for over 10 hours and my makeup stays put, which is definitely what I need in New York.

As we all know I hate the UK Version of this but the US one is just insane. I currently get it off Ebay so I will be stocking up whilst in New York. It looks flawless on my skin and again keeps me matte. I like how it is in a plastic tube which is lightweight and great for travelling.

Another product I will be stocking up on in NYC. I got this off Ebay after hearing YouTubers rave about it and now I get why. It is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Creamy and high coverage!

soap and glory solar powder, mac full of joy, colourpop smoke n whistles
Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder | £5.49 | Link
One of my holy grail powders. I wanted to take a loose powder as it is better for travelling and this powder keeps my skin looking flawless whilst also keeping me matte.

I have purchased this for the past few years. It is a perfect bronzer for pale skin. Some days I don't like to wear blush so I will just bronze up my skin and contour then add highlight. This adds just enough warmth to the skin but still looks like a natural tan.

MAC Blush "Full of Joy" | £18.50 
My favourite blush EVER. It is such an unusual colour, it is a pale lilac shade. On pale skin this looks incredible, I always get compliments when I wear it. In Autumn I don't always like to wear dark blushes sometimes I want something a little fresher looking. When I have gone to get the link for this it looks like MAC have discontinued it, I am devastated!

Oh my, my holy grail highlighter. I prefer this highlighter over my ABH Glow Kit! The ColourPop Highlighters are extremely pigmented and have that wet look highlight on the skin. I apply this with the Real Techniques Setting Brush. It lasts on my skin all day long.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara


This palette is perfect to travel with, it is lightweight and has so many warm shades to create so many looks.

This is my ultimate mascara it lengthens my short non existent lashes like no other! The only thing is it isn't waterproof. Whilst in NYC I will be wearing false lashes like usual but there might be a day I just want natural lashes so this will be my go to. I have recently done my Top 4 Lengthening Mascara's including this one with before and after pictures.

Complete ABH Dipbrow Pomade Dupe RIGHT HERE! I used to use the ABH one until I tried the Freedom one and I actually love the Freedom one more. It is easy to use and lasts until you take it off with cleanser. 

When it comes to winged eyeliner I literally suck, im useless but this liner makes it easy to do! I have tried so many pens but this is the only one I can do a wing with and honestly it is super pigmented, more pigmented than the Kat Von D Lock It Eyeliner. 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Nude Flush, MAC Syrup, NYX Abu Dhabi

The Lips

The formula of these is unreal. They are a semi-matte finish which is perfect for me as I don't like lip products that are too drying. This shade is a dusty pink that looks perfect with any look.

My favourite MAC Lipstick by far, it is a subtle plum shade that is perfect for the Autumn/Winter season. 

These lip creams are super comfortable to wear and I find they last a long time without needing to touch up. I thought this would be perfect for when im wondering around NYC. It is a dark brown which is just gorgeous.

To Finish

I love how this spray works, it keeps me matte for hours. I thought this would be perfect to travel with as the bottle is quite slim and not bulky at all. You do have to shake this bottle alot otherwise you end up with white marks on your makeup!

Makeup Swatches

I am posting as normal next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but I might not be able to get on Instagram or Twitter depending how my phones works when im there. I will reply to all messages once I am back and I will be uploading my Giveaway towards to end of November!

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