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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Blogger Made Me Buy It.. Is It Worth It? #3

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You all seemed to really love my other two "The Blogger Made Me Buy It" Posts (links will be at the end of this post) so I thought it was about time I did another. Im not usually one to jump on a bandwagon and buy hyped about products. I tend to search loads of reviews and wait a while and then buy them if im still thinking about them. Most of the time im glad I have got them but sometimes they can be a big disappointment. I have seven products hyped by bloggers but are they really worth it?

Even though ColourPop now ship to the UK the postage prices are ridiculous so I still order mine through Shipito and the postage is much much lower and I never get customs. If you order direct from ColourPop to ship to the UK you might get a hefty customs charge.
ColourPop Eye Shadows are something I have wanted to try for so long. These little babies are some of the best eye shadows I have tried. Super creamy and buttery and extremely pigmented. 

Worth It? Yes!

I got this a few months ago and I was really impressed. The formula is lovely and even though they are matte they are not drying at all. Lately most of you will have heard about the Jeffree Star drama and things he has said and done. Personally I cannot buy products from him when I don't agree with things he has done. When it comes to bullying and racism that is not ok. I have since sold this item on Depop. It is a shame, he needs to be more careful when being in the public eye and being role models to people. 
You used to be able to buy Jeffree Star products from the UK at Cocktail Cosmetics but when I went to get the link it says "Restock emails have been suspended For Jeffree Star Products".

Worth It? The product yes but the creator no which for me means I won't buy anymore of his products.

I thought this concealer would be perfect for highlighting but it isn't. My main gripe with this is the wand, it is a tiny thin brush, it isn't even a wand. To get a decent amount you have to keep dipping back into the product at least five times! Maybe if they changed the wand to a normal generic concealer wand it might work better.

Worth It? No.

If you recently read my Beauty Haul you will have seen the drama I had with this product. Sleek recently changed the wand of these liquid lipsticks to make them much better. When I went to buy them I got two and one had the old one and one had the new wand. The old wand made it apply streaky and the product was shocking! When I contacted Sleek they said they can't guarantee even if you order from them directly that you will get the new wand. To me if a product has been changed the old version shouldn't be sold anymore? They offered to send a replacement but I received the old product? What was the point. 

Apart from that these are ok. If you like a very drying matte lip this is what these are. The shades are lovely but the formula is too drying for me.

Worth it? No.

I think these are probably the most hyped about products this year. I didn't bother at first. My mum actually got me the Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K and I got myself the Kylie Gloss in So Cute. I love both products. I have never known a gloss be this pigmented. The lip kits are lovely but when I compared them to my matte ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks there was no difference apart from the price. They are both pigmented the same, dry the same and last the same. 

Worth It? Gloss Yes, Lip Kits... go for the ColourPop ones!

I didn't get this as soon as it was released but I do love a matte base and NARS bases are my favourite. One thing I love is you get this for the same price as most high end foundations but you get 50ml instead of 30ml so the price is really good. It is a lightweight base but can be built upto medium coverage. It lasts really well throughout the day, I do find it works better depending what primer I use. 

Worth It? Yes.

I used to use the ABH Dipbrow until I found the Freedom dupe, I think it is even better than the ABH one and it is only £5! When I got the brow wiz it was ok but nothing special. There are so many high street dupes out there including the Eylure Brow Pencil which is much cheaper. 

Worth It? No.

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