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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NYX Ombre Blushers Mauve Me and Strictly Chic Swatches

NYX Ombre Blushers Mauve Me Strictly Chic Review

Since I saw these on Instagram months ago I have been watching the Boots website like a hawk waiting for the NYX Ombre Blushers to be released in the UK. Six shades have been released in the UK but the US have a few more shades. The ombre design is just so pretty, it was so hard to narrow it down to what shades I wanted. NYX are really pulling it out of the bag lately, these blushers are amazing. 

NYX Ombre Blusher Strictly Chic Review

NYX Ombre Blusher Mauve Me Review

 All the ombre blushers have a light shade at the top which slowly turns into a dark shade as you go down. You get 8g of product which is really good for the £8 price tag. I love that these are bigger than most blushers. The light shade is probably a quarter of the blush with the dark shade being the main shade. 

The first shade I went for is Strictly Chic which is a peach/orange toned blush and the second shade Mauve Me is a lilac/mauve toned blush. You can use the light and dark shades on their own or mix them together to create a different shade. 

NYX Ombre Blusher Strictly Chic Swatches

I love how both shades of Strictly Chic look, the light shade is a light peachy with shimmer whilst the darker shade has a more orange tone and more matte. When they are mixed together they create a gorgeous shimmery darker peach shade. 

NYX Ombre Blusher Mauve Me Swatches

I think I will be wearing this blush alot more in Autumn/Winter as the shades are more mauve/berry toned. The light shade is quite lilac looking which I love. I own MAC Full of Joy which is a lilac blush, it is stunning. The darker shade is more on the dark berry tones. When mixed together you get the most stunning mauve shade. 

Overall I love both of the shades I picked up. I love how you have the option of using each shade on it's own or mixing them together. There is a shade for everyone. I hope NYX release the other shades in the UK.

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