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Monday, August 29, 2016

Makeup Geek Starter Kit + Swatches

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Review and Swatches
A while ago I filled my Large Z Palette full with Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and I still want to buy more! Makeup Geek have a wide range of shadows and different finishes which can make it hard knowing where to start. I thought I would share my top picks for your Makeup Geek Starter Kit. I have include different types of shadows that I think would work well and in a wide range of looks. 

Base & Transition Shades
Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean Purely Naked Beaches and Cream Swatches

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean Purely Naked Beaches and Cream Swatches

Vanilla Bean | Matte | Perfect as a base shade. I always find applying a base shade helps the pigment of other shadows show up better. 

Purely Naked | Matte | As you can see I will need to buy another soon! It is a light brown that works magic as a transition shade. I use this in nearly every look.

Beaches & Cream | Matte | A peach toned shade that I usually apply as a transition shade before Purely Naked then those two shades blend beautifully together. 

Outer Corner & Crease Shades
Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear Desert Sands Brownie Points

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear Desert Sands Brownie Points Swatches

Cocoa Bear | Matte | This is a red toned brown quite like a brick kind of colour. I didn't think I would get much use of this at first as it looked so dark but I use it all the time. As it is a red tone brown it works with neutral looks or more glam bronze/gold eye looks. It looks gorgeous on the outer corner or to deepen up the crease.

Desert Sands | Matte | This shade looks scary and again I bought it then thought I wouldn't use it but I use this so much. It is a mustard colour but looks gorgeous on. I use this along with Purely Naked and Cocoa Bear in the crease. I also love using this shade when I do a khaki type eye look. 

Brownie Points | Matte | In the swatch this doesn't look as good as it is! For some reason this shade doesn't swatch as well as the other but when used with a brush it works perfectly. It is a deep purple toned brown that looks gorgeous with most eye looks! 

The Shimmers 
Makeup Geek Homecoming Cosmopolitan Shimma Shimma

Makeup Geek Homecoming Cosmopolitan Shimma Shimma Swatches

Homecoming | Shimmer | This shade is very much like MAC Woodwinked, it is a lovely shimmery brown. I love applying this all over the lid, it looks gorgeous with Purely Naked and Cocoa Bear or even Brownie Points. 

Cosmopolitan | Shimmer | One of my favourites. It is a peach toned shimmer with a hint of pink. It looks so pretty all over the lid without being in your face. I personally love this all over the lid with Mango Tango in the crease.

Shimma Shimma | Shimmer | The name says it all! This is such a multi tasking shadow as it looks lovely all over the lid or I use it mainly on my brow bone as a highlight and the inner corners of my eyes. 

You can buy Makeup Geek from Beauty Bay in the UK or the Makeup Geek Official Website now ships internationally.

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