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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

KIKO Makeup Haul and Swatches

KIKO Makeup Haul and Swatches
It has been a long time since I purchased anything from KIKO so of course I had to make up for it... right? KIKO is one of my favourite brands but with them not having many stores over the UK apart from in the main cities it can be difficult to get there but you can order online but the minimum order is £25 which really isn't that much. I decided to get a few bits and I am so in love. KIKO have some of the most gorgeous packaging. The prices are mainly drugstore but the higher end of drugstore. Im suprised they don't cost alot more as the quality is amazing.

KIKO Matte Face Base

I have never tried a primer from KIKO before but how gorgeous is the packaging of this one?! You get 30ml which is actually really good for the price. It states to keep you matte and create a smooth flawless base. It also says it conceals imperfections. I have tried this a couple of times so far and I really like it. Im going to test it out with other foundations and see how it holds up.

KIKO Natural Concealer 01 Clear
I have recently seen a few bloggers rave about this concealer so I thought I would give it a go. I picked up the lightest shade 01 Clear but I don't know why they have called it clear as it isn't at all? It is a pink tone but they also do other shades including yellow tones and and green tones. One thing I was surprised about is how tiny this concealer is, you get 3.8ml. The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer has 6.8ml so this one is nearly half the size! Apart from that this concealer is perfect on under eye circles, it doesn't crease and looks flawless. 

KIKO Water Eye Shadow 201 Rosy Taupe

I have seen these everywhere. Blogs, Instagram, Twitter everyone loves them. I picked up the shade 201 Rosy Taupe which is exactly as it sounds. It is a subtle taupe shade with a hint of rose in it. It is gorgeous especially when applied all over the lid. It can also work as a highlighter if applied lightly as they are very pigmented. 

KIKO Shade Fusion Trio Blush Peach Rose

How stunning is this blush?! This has to be my favourite of the bunch. I got the shade 04 Peach Rose which is lovely. It contains 3 shades ranging from a light nude, light peach and a rose pink. When mixed together they create a gorgeous light pink blush. 

This product intrigued me, a pencil but it is a lip gloss? How can that work? It actually does. I got the shade 03 Glitter Bronze and it honestly feels super creamy and has a glossy finish. I definitely need to get more of these. 

KIKO Makeup Swatches, KIKO 04 Peach Rose Swatch, KIKO 201 Rosy Taupe Swatch, KIKO 01 Natural Concealer Swatch

Im so happy with everything I picked up. I really think KIKO are bringing out some amazing releases and can definitely compete with higher end brands. 

What is your favourite KIKO product?

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