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Monday, July 18, 2016

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Review

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Review

A boost to the roots is something 90% of us need whether your hair is thick or fine. I have extremely thick long hair and find due to the weight of my hair it pulls my roots so they become flat whilst the rest of my hair still has this extreme volume and thickness. People who have thin hair need a boost on the roots to help add volume to their hair and make it appear thicker. When I saw the Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost in Boots I knew I had to try it and I was quite excited. 

The packaging is something I really love. It has the typical bright pink Lee Stafford design which really stands out. One thing I noticed was how easy it was to apply with the small nozzle, the small nozzle makes it easy to get right into those roots. When you spray this it instantly feels a little cool and fresh. Once sprayed into the roots I gave it a little scrunch with my fingers and instantly my roots had volume! 

Unfortunately there was one big problem which will stop me buying this again. Once sprayed into the roots it does instantly lift but it also felt a little wet. I thought it would dry and my hair would be soft again but no that isn't what happened. Yes it did dry but it left this awful sticky texture to my roots! I carried on with my day and the stickiness didn't go away. Luckily looking at my hair you wouldn't of known but as soon as you touched it, it felt like a mess. I brushed my hair and the sticky feeling still didn't go away and my hair kind of stuck together! 

I have applied this to damp and dry hair and the outcome is still the same, big volume roots with the most awful sticky feeling. Lee Stafford actually describe this as a NON STICKY product... definitely not the case. I am so disappointed with this product and regret buying it massively. I think I will be trying the GHD Root Lift Spray version as I have heard so many good reviews.

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