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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Free Widgets For Bloggers | Blog Tips

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I have been blogging over 18 months now and I am finally happy with my blogs layout. It has taken me a long time to find a layout that suits my blog and my personality, as I wanted something with a pop of colour and the lilac works so well. I have also tried and tested many widgets for my blog and now love all the ones I have. I thought I would share the free widgets for bloggers which I have found to be very useful. 

Instagram Widget

Instagram Blog Widget

This is probably one of the most used widgets on your blogs. If you have noticed I have two Instagram widgets on my blog. I have the one here in my sidebar where it is 3x3 and then I also have a scroll one along the top of my blog. You can create these to be any width and length you want. 

I used Snapwidget to create mine. They are very simple to do. You create the Instagram Widget on Snapwidget and they will give you the HTML code to add to a widget on your blog. 

Facebook Widget
Facebook widget for bloggers

I had been on the search for a facebook widget for so long but most seemed to come with templates. I finally came across this facebook widget which you can see in my sidebar. It shows your facebook name, likes and also the header image. It has a Like button and a Share button which makes it easy for your readers. 

This widget is from Pipdig and it is currently only available for blogs on blogger. 

Pinterest Widget

Pinterest widget for bloggers

Pinterest has become my new obsession so of course I needed a widget for it. You can create the Pinterest Widget on the website HERE. It allows you to choose what shape and how big you want the widget. It will give you the HTML code to add to a widget on your blog.

You have the option for different widgets from Pinterest including a Pin It Button, Follow Button, Single Pin or a full profile Pin like mine above. 

Bloglovin Widget

Just above my Instagram widget in my sidebar I have the small Bloglovin Widget from the Bloglovin website but I wanted something that stood out more so I designed a widget myself. I used PICmonkey which is free to use. You can also use Canva which is also free. Simply design the widget how you want and make sure you make it to size to fit your sidebar. Once you have designed the image you want to use as a widget add it to the "image" widget in your blog and add the url of the link you want it to go to when your readers click on it. Above you can see I have designed three different widgets all different styles.

*This Image is copyright to EmmysBeautyCave and not to be used for commercial use*

You can get different types of Bloglovin Widgets from the Bloglovin Website HERE

 Posts You Might Like Widget

Linkwithin widget for blogger

At the end of each of my blog posts you will see the above showing you four other posts which relate to the one you are reading. I find this really useful to show off and promote older posts. 

Get yours from LinkWithin 

Social Media Icons
social media icons, social media icons for bloggers, social media buttons
Social Media Icons are a big part of your blog as it is the easiest way for your readers to follow you on other platforms. Make sure your Social Media Icons are easy to find, I have mine in the first part of my blogs sidebar. I picked these lilac coloured icons to match the layout/theme of EmmysBeautyCave. 

Get yours from Carrie Loves for free. She has a wide range of colours to choose from and when you download them you receive three sizes of each widget. You get a choice of Water Colours, Basic Colours, Glitter Colours & More.

I hope you found some of these useful. Sometimes not everyone can afford to pay to get widget made and you can find amazing ones which are just as good but with no cost!

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