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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Evening Skincare Routine | Skincare Part Two

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A few weeks ago I did my Morning Skincare Routine which went down really well. I thought it was about time I post my Evening Skincare Routine which includes completely different products compared to my Morning Skincare Routine. As I mentioned in my first post, skincare has become a huge thing for me over the past six months. My skin is clear apart from my unwanted freckles over my cheeks, they always seem to come out in full force ready for Summer! Most of skincare products are affordable, I only tend to use the odd higher end product as I find alot of drugstore products do the job.


skincare to remove makeup

I have been using this Micellar Water ever since it was first released. I am so obsessed as it does an incredible job. I apply it onto some cotton pads and gently start swiping over my face to remove my makeup. This is AMAZING at removing heavy eye makeup, I have tried so many eye makeup removers which don't work but this beauty does the job perfectly.

I had never tried a cleansing gel until I tried this one and I have to admit I am impressed. This gel feels lovely on my skin, I massage it in for a minute or so and my skin is left feeling refreshed and silky smooth. This gel cleanser is aimed at oily skin as it targets pores and reduces oil. I will definitely keep repurchasing this. 

I am obsessed with toning mists/sprays. If you have read or are going to read my Morning Skincare Routine then you will see that I use a different toning spray in the morning compared to the evening. This toner spray has so many benefit's it is unreal! It helps to balance your skin, refreshes, anti-aging, restores natural PH Balance and the scent is lovely. I have sensitive oily skin and this works really well, it is suited to all skin types.

The Masks

masks for oily skin, temple spa the power of breakfast mask, the body shop warming mineral mask

As you can kind of tell I am loving Temple Spa skincare lately! Yes this mask is called The Powder of Breakfast and Yes I use it in the evening. This mask advises to wear it whilst in the bath to get the full effects, I have a bath in the evening so I use it then. It is a grainy kind of mask which I apply all over and leave on for 20-30 minutes. The ingredients include honey, fruit juices and oats. It is aimed at combination skin and you can either use it as a minute scrub or leave it on like I do. It removes dead skin cells and makes my skin look healthy. 

This is the mask I use when I want a quick boost rather than a 30 minute mask. Once you apply this onto your fingers and touch your face you instantly feel the heat! I was amazed at how warm this gets but the heat doesn't last that long. It is a smooth mask which instantly makes your skin feel soft. 

Moisturisers and Serums

Moisturisers for Oily Skin, Affordable moisturisers for oily skin

Beaute Mediterranea Snail Concentrate Serum | £34.50 | Link
Yes I did just say Snail and Yes I put it on my face. I was sent this a few months ago now and when I first saw it I didn't want to use it because of the name but boy was I wrong. After my first use I was amazed at how this felt on my skin. It hydrates whilst controlling oil. It is also Paraben Free. It smells gorgeous too! Once you get past the name it is one of the best serums I have ever tried. 

If you have tried the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Mask this moisturiser is very similar. It has the same mint colour and mint smell. The packaging I love as it looks like a large toothpaste which makes it easy to get every ounce of product out. I love applying this every night before bed.

If you suffer with breakouts or Acne this is the one product I would recommend to you. I get breakouts now and again especially when it is the time of the month. When I first started using this my breakouts disappeared immediately and now I only get the odd one when its that time of the month. It does smell quite strong of tea tree hence the name but even if you don't like the smell it is worth it for the benefits. 

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