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Friday, May 06, 2016

The Best Primer EVER | Kiss Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer Review

Kiss Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer Review, Matte Primers, Drugstore primers, primers for oily skin

I have found my holy grail primer and it only costs £3! Yes £3!! I got the Kiss Light Reflecting Mattifying Primer from Wilkinson's. To be honest I didn't have any high hopes for it for one it was £3 and two it was a brand that is only sold at Wilkinson's. The primer advertises to be a "smoothing light reflecting, silky smooth mattifying face primer". That is alot of claims for only £3 right? 

How cute is the packaging! It is a baby pink coloured tube with pretty writing all over the front. I thought the tube was quite large compared to most primers and you get 30ml. This is like no primer I have ever tried. The primer itself is a very pale pink colour and has a strange texture. Most primers are usually gel or moisturiser like but this one isn't. As soon as I apply this onto my skin it instantly smooths out any imperfections and creates the perfect base for applying further products. The primer contains Silica spheres which help to diffuse light and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Vitamin E, Apricot oil and Baobab oil to moisturise and soften skin. 

After applying this is dried to a matte finish within seconds. One thing you have to be careful of it not to apply too much. If you apply too much it ends up becoming this weird texture on your skin. I have extremely oily skin especially on my nose,chin and inner parts of my cheeks/nose so I was unsure how well this would hold up. I have tried this with three different foundations so far and it lasted better than any other primer I have tried!

I tested out my Laura Mercier Foundation (review here) with the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and it lasted 5-6 hours before I got oily, when I tested the same foundation with this primer it lasted a whole 10 hours! After the ten hours I had the slightest shine on the corners of my nose, even though it looked shiny there wasn't oil there like usual. I amazed at how well this primer makes my makeup last. 

For £3 I have now found my holy grail primer. I have tried many high end primers which just don't keep the oil at bay but this one is amazing. Sometimes my skin can be combination as I get small dry patches on my cheeks and this primer still works really well. I don't think it would work the best on extremely dry skin just because it has a matte finish. You can buy the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer on the Wilkinson's Website or in store. It even has 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Wilkinson's Reviews! For some reason it comes under skincare and facial moisturisers on the website rather than makeup.

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