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Monday, May 30, 2016

Seventeen Concealer Comparison

Seventeen Concealer Comparison
Monday, May 30, 2016
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Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer, Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer, Seventeen Concealer Comparison

Seventeen is one of my favourite high street brands, I especially love the base products. The Seventeen Stay Time Foundation is one of my holy grails, especially if you love full coverage. I thought I would do a comparison post on the Seventeen Concealers so you can figure out which one is for you. If you read my blog you will know I own far too many foundations and my concealer stash isn't far behind!

This is described as a heavy duty concealer for under eyes. This is the first Seventeen concealer I owned and I am very impressed. It comes in a small compact as it is a cream concealer. I have the shade fair which in the pan and the swatch looks quite dark but it isn't. It is more of a peach tone so it will help colour correct those dark under eye circles. If you have really dark under eyes this will be perfect for you. I swirl my ring finger in the pan and then gently tap it under my eyes blending it out as I go. This is definitely for people who prefer fuller coverage rather than a light natural makeup look. 

I LOVE this concealer. Again it is described as full coverage but with a liquid consistency. I have previously compared this as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Concealer. It is very creamy and the shades are perfect for us paler girls. Seventeen do need to create more shades for darker skin tones. I love using my Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and then this concealer on top, it creates such a flawless look and stays put all day. One thing I love about this concealer is it is neither pink or yellow toned and more neutral which is perfect. 

This is the newest release from Seventeen and I originally wanted it in the shade fair but it is constantly sold out in store and online. I decided to pick up the shade medium which is still perfect on my pale skin. It is pink toned whereas fair is more yellow toned. It comes with a brush applicator like the YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer, the makeup artist on This Morning actually used the Seventeen one and said how she preferred it over the YSL one! It is perfect for highlighting and brightening. I find it is too light a coverage for my under eyes but as a highlight it works really well. 

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer fair swatch, Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer medium swatch, Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer fair swatch

I honestly love all three of these and will continue you to re purchase them. I love how Seventeen have created concealers for everyone apart from the skin tone issue. I really hope Seventeen start creating darker shades. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Multi Use Makeup Brushes

Multi Use Makeup Brushes
Friday, May 27, 2016
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budget makeup brushes, multi use makeup brushes

What is better than a makeup brush you can use for more than one thing? I love a good multi purpose buy! I have picked out my top brushes that I find I use on a daily basis for different things. I mainly own drugstore brushes as I find they do the job well. My favourites have to be Real Techniques and Zoeva even though I have found a few little gems on Ebay.

budget makeup brushes, multi use makeup brushes

I actually bought this after Dena from recommended me it as a bronzer brush. When it arrived I was amazed at how big it was, It can be used for blush as it is super soft but I do prefer to use it for bronzer. It bronzes around my cheekbones and forehead so well and keeps the product looking natural. 

This little beauty is amazing. I mainly use this to blend out cream contour as the bristles blend the product out effortlessly. I have also used this for concealer, I find it blends concealer really well if you are wanting a lighter coverage. 

An oldie but a goodie! For powder contour products this is one of my favourite brushes as it fits into the cheekbones perfectly and you can really define sections of your face. I also recently used this to blend out concealer as I couldn't find another brush and the results were amazing. My concealer looked flawless and it gave such a good amount of coverage. 

Once I have done my brows I like to go underneath with a concealer to neaten them up and define them more, this brush has the perfect flat edge to do that. I use liquid and cream concealers with this brush and both work well. I also use this brush to apply eye shadow under my bottom lashes.

budget makeup brushes, multi use makeup brushes, artis oval makeup brush dupe

This is probably one of the first Real Technique's Brushes I got, it works amazingly well at setting the under eyes with powder. It works well with loose of pressed powder products. I have also found this comes in handy when I need to blend out eye shadow, especially the transition and crease shades. It is the right size and blends everything out effortlessly. 

I am seriously in love with this brush. I got it off Ebay last year and still use it everyday! It is the perfect size for blush and bronzer. It creates such a subtle bronzed look in two seconds. I have also applied foundation with this. It gives a light coverage with liquid foundations, I love mainly using this in summer. 

I recently reviewed this brush on my blog saying how much I loved it. When I ordered this I wasn't sure if I would love or hate it but I LOVE it. I find it works perfectly with liquid concealer, I apply the concealer under my eyes and then use this brush in a sweeping motion and it creates such a flawless finish. It also works well for liquid contour products, it blends them out really well. This is the small one but you can buy different sizes on Ebay. My mum recently got the larger one for foundation and she loves it so I am going to give it a try and maybe order myself one. 

What are your favourite Multi Use Brushes?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bedroom Tour Part One

Bedroom Tour Part One
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Flamingo Bedding, Room Tour, Bed Inspiration

Since I moved last October quite a few of you have been asking me to do a room tour post. I finally got around to taking the pictures once my room was tidy! I have split this post into two parts as I had too many pictures to put into one post. As you can see by my bedding I am quite obsessed with Flamingos! This flamingo bedding is from Primark and it is reversible. My is white wood with the high headboard and it is from IKEA . I love having fairy lights around my headboard and this rose gold ones are from Primark, when they are lit up they print floral designs on the wall.

ikea malm dressing table, dressing table, dressing table ideas, makeup storage

My dresser area is one of my favourite places. Before we moved I never had room for a dresser so my parents treated me to the Ikea Malm Dressing Table which I love. 

makeup brush holders, makeup brush storage

Most of you will recognise my makeup brush holders from Ikea, I decided to get them in grey instead of white as I thought they added a touch of colour rather than everything being white. These are only £2 and are actually candle holders! My Ariel Letter is one of my favourite things EVER. I got this handmade by a seller on depop and you can find her on Instagram @TLC_Initials . She can do pretty much any design and colour. 

muji drawers, acrylic makeup storage

My Acrylic makeup storage is actually from Ebay and each cost below £12! I keep all of my lipsticks in the holder which holds 24 lipsticks and the muji drawers hold some of my concealers and liquid lipsticks. 

dressing table ideas, room tour

The last part of my dresser includes this gorgeous mini drawer set my best friend got me for Christmas, I keep all of my hair bobbles and clips in these. I have my wooden calendar, mirror and my white french bulldog!

glitter canvas print

How pretty is this canvas?! My mum got me this a few years ago for my birthday, it has glitter on certain area's and it looks amazing above my dressing table. 

perfume storage ideas

Everyone loves perfume right? These are just some of my favourite's I use often, the rest of them are in a drawer as I own far too many. I keep them on this Large Candle Tray from Ikea.

That is part one of my Room Tour and I will be uploading the second half soon. It includes my blogging area, a bit of Disney and more!

Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser Review*

Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser Review*

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Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser Review

As you know skincare has become something I really love just as much as I love makeup. This year I have tried many products and finally found ones that work for me. My skin type used to be Oily but now my skin is becoming more combination. It is still very oily in the normal T Zone area's (chine,nose,forehead) and I have large pores around the sides of my nose. Then I have recently started getting dry patches on my cheeks. Over the Winter my skin became very dull and definitely needs help in the brightening section. 

Antipodes is a brand I have featured many times on Emmy's Beauty Cave as it is a brand I have fallen in love with. My skin can be sensitive so finding brands that work for my skin is important. The Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser is said to reduce the appearance of blemishes and return your skin's natural radiance. I find I have blemishes mainly on my chin area which is where I get my breakouts. 

When I first used this cleanser I was very surprised as it wasn't like any other cleanser I have ever used. The colour of it is like caramel, most cleansers I have used are either clear or white so this intrigued me. The consistency was runny but thick. If I put a bit on my hand it won't run down. I applied this to my face and it felt lovely. I massaged it into my skincare focusing on the area's I am oily and where my pores are. It took me quite a few uses to try and think of what the scent reminded me of. It isn't a horrible smell but it has a strange scent... It reminds me of those conditioners you get in home dye kits. I don't mind the smell at all and I think even if you weren't sure on the scent the results are worth it. 

After around ten days of using the cleanser I noticed my skin looked brighter and more youthful. The blemishes on my chin area have lightened and don't look as dark. My skin feels super soft and feels fresh. I love massaging this into my skin every night before bed, it really refreshes my skin. 

Ingredients: Kiwifruit, Manuka Honey, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Essential Oil Fragrances Of Green Apple & Cardamon and More. 

Overall I am really pleased with the results, it has definitely been added to my evening skincare routine. Antipodes have done it again with another great product. You can buy the Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser and Look Fantastic or Feel Unique 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Need Help Sleeping & Relaxing? | Teami Blends 30 Day Relax Tea Detox Review*

Need Help Sleeping & Relaxing? | Teami Blends 30 Day Relax Tea Detox Review*
Monday, May 23, 2016
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Teami Blends 30 Day Relax Tea Detox Review

Tea Detox is something I have looked at before but never gone ahead with, I guess because maybe I didn't 100% understand it. Teami Blends is a company which specializes in Tea Detox for many different reasons. One thing I found is that not everyone does a Tea Detox for the same reason. I was recently contacted asking if I would like to try a Tea Detox for 30 Days. I had a choice of six kinds and I finally picked Teami Relax 30 Day Tea Detox. I have trouble sleeping and literally have no sleep pattern, I find once I go to bed I lay there overthinking things and can't switch my brain off. Hence picking Teami Relax. 

Teami Relax states to reduce restlessness & insomnia, help prevent colds, calms muscle spasms & tightness, relax the lining of the intestines, sooth and relax upset stomachs. This literally sounds perfect for me as I suffer with muscle pain due to my major knee surgery, no sleep pattern and I have recently been extremely ill. I usually drink your standard tea but I have recently been told I have to cut out dairy so fruit tea and flavoured tea's are my only option so this detox came at the right time!

As I mentioned people use Tea Detox's for different reasons, sleeping, loosing weight, getting healthier and so on. I mainly wanted to do this myself to help my sleeping pattern and feel slightly healthier. Before hand I drank normal tea with milk and two sugars now I only drink the Teami Relax which includes no sugar, no milk and 100% natural ingridients so this is already cutting things down. 

Teami Blends 30 Day Relax Tea Detox, Do Tea Detox's Really Work

How does it work? Teami Relax is really easy to use. You take a teaspoon of the mixture and place it into the infuser. Place the infuser top on and place in boiling water. It is recommended to leave the infuser in the water for 3-5 minutes. I usually leave mine for the full five minutes to ensure I am getting all of the natural ingridients at the full potential. That is it, it is that simple! When I took my first sip of this tea I was unsure what to expect as I don't normally drink this kind of tea. I was pleasantly surprised! Me and my mum have both tried this tea and we both pick up different tastes. I pick up the Lavender whereas my mum picks up the Chamomile. 

Ingredient's: Lavender Flower ,Chamomile, Lemon grass, Orange peel, Valerian Root extract. 
Even though the Teami Blends Website advises to add honey, nectar or lemon as a sweetener, I find this to taste slightly sweet on it's own. I am so happy I love the taste of this without adding any sugar. Plus it makes it a whole lot easier to drink rather than some tea's you have to force down!

How To Sleep Better with Anxiety, Tips for anxiety, Tea Detox

Tea infuser, Tea Detox, Tea Detox To Help Me Sleep


Week One & Week Two
As I chose the Teami Relax I always drink this an hour before I plan on going to bed. After the first week I started to notice a difference, I was finding it wasn't taking me as long to fall asleep at night as I felt alot more relaxed than usual. I don't really wake up during the night anymore which is a bonus. Into my second week I am loving the flavour of the tea even more, it is just so yummy!

Week Three & Week Four
Moving into my third week of the detox I noticed I was getting up out of bed easier and quicker than I normally would in the morning. Let's just say I am not a morning person at all but since drinking this tea before bed I have noticed a huge difference in my morning routine. I have also noticed I feel less anxious when I go to bed, I do suffer with anxiety so it is nice to find something that is able to take the edge off at night. When I look back to day one where I would lay in bed anxious, overthinking and not sleeping until 2-3am I have come a long way. 

I now make sure I am in bed by 9-9.30pm at the latest and turn everything off by 10.30pm. I am now falling to sleep alot easier and alot quicker. I am getting at least my full eight hours sleep and it has helped me have more energy during the day. I cannot recommend the Teami Relax enough! 
If you struggle sleeping or suffer with anxiety this tea is perfect for you. 

*Vegan Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free & All Natural Ingredients*

I am at the end of week four and I still have at least another 10-15 days of tea left. The Teami Relax retails for £19.99 and the Tea Infuser is only £5.99 from the Teami Blends Website. You can see the UK version here or the US version here

You can get 10% OFF with my code CAVE10

What do you do to relax?
Friday, May 20, 2016

Laura Geller Baked Makeup Review & Swatches

Laura Geller Baked Makeup Review & Swatches
Friday, May 20, 2016
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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning Laura Geller Makeup Products are?! I am overwhelmed by all the baked goodness! Laura Geller is a brand I have been wanting to try for a very long time and now I finally own some of the baked products. I decided to pick up the powder foundation and two types of blushers. I need to brighten up my blushers ready for Summer now the warmer weather is coming!

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation

Powder foundation's are not usually my thing as I do like full coverage but my skin has cleared up and I am feeling a little more confident this year. I went with the shade Fair which is the second lightest shade. I am pretty pale and this is the perfect match for my skin. It has such a silky feeling and glides onto the skin. I do still use a primer as I have combination/oily skin. I was suprised at the coverage this gave, of course I used concealer first to cover my dark circles and any blemishes but this really balanced out my skin tone and it looked healthy. This foundation lasted amazing on my oily skin, I had slight shine after 7 hours in the corner of my nose but this is typical with any foundation.

Laura Geller Blush n Brighten

How stunning does this look?! It reminds me of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powders. This blush is just stunning and perfect for Summer. As I am pale I do have to be very light handed with this otherwise it looks too dark. The shimmery shades look lovely in the sun as you turn your head. 

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush

Pink blushers are my downfall. I own far too many but can't stop buying them. This blush is just super pretty and girly. I got the shade Rosewater which is a gorgeous bright pink blush, it definitely adds a pop of pink to your cheeks without looking too much. Even though this is a powder it has a very creamy texture which applies beautifully. 

Laura Geller Baked Foundation Fair Swatch, Laura Geller Baked Blush Golden Apricot Swatch,

Have you tried any Laura Geller products? I definitely want to try more! I am really impressed with the texture of these powders and the shades are gorgeous. You can buy Laura Geller From Beauty Bay and Debenhams.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Gain Instagram Followers | Blog Tips

How To Gain Instagram Followers | Blog Tips
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
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How To Gain Instagram Followers, Instagram Tips and Tricks

I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I used to have two accounts one personal and one for my blog but now I just have one for my blog. I post all my blog posts and also other pictures. One reason I have the love hate relationship is when I am so close to reaching my next milestone but then I will go down five followers. Instagram followers are so up an down every single day so it can be a battle to reach milestones. My biggest pet hate is people who buy followers, seriously like why?! Why not just put in the effort like the most of us and it will feel alot more rewarding. Over the past few months my Instagram followers have gone up quite alot and that is down to me doing a few things. 

This is something I didn't really think was necessary but it definitely makes a huge difference. If you go to my Instagram EmmyWritesAbout you will see 90% of my pictures are flatlays and my background is usually white. I also use a makeup bag in most of my pictures just to add a pop of blue. This has made my Instagram look more put together and it all ties in with each picture. You can create a theme by using the same background, flowers, accessories. Use anything you want. Someone may like one of your pictures so when they click onto your feed and see pictures that work together there is more of a chance they will click follow.

It's all about location,location,location and I don't mean the tv show! I didn't even think about this helping my Instagram in anyway. When you upload a picture to Instagram it has an option which says "Add Location". It isn't just about tagging where you live, for example if you upload a picture of a Too Faced Palette, tag Too Faced as your location. If you type in the brands name it will come up with a head office and stores. I usually tag a store in a big city that alot of people will go to. This basically helps if someone searches by tags your image will show up. If you have a picture of shopping bags, again put the shop as your location. 

How To Gain Instagram Followers, Beauty Instagram Account, Instagram Tips, Instagram Hashtags

This is an obvious one, tag brands and shops where ever you can. When I upload a picture of a product on it's own or a group product shot I always make sure to tag all the brands in the picture in the description section and again tag them in the actual photo. Doing this will make your picture show up on the brands Instagram in the "photo's of you" section. Another bonus is some brands may re-post your picture which allows new followers to follow you. I have also had brands contact me by email after seeing my Instagram pictures I tagged them in. 

I never used to think about comments on Instagram that much, yes I would comment on a few if I liked the picture or there was a product I wanted to try. I now try and comment on at least 20-25 pictures a day on Instagram. I comment on ones I already follow and also new ones. I have found since doing this my followers have gone up massively. That being said I don't comment on any random picture, I only comment on pictures I actually like or have something to say about them.

Simple and easy we use them everyday. I think it comes down to knowing which hashtags to use when and with which pictures. Google what the top instagram hashtags are and it will tell you the most recent popular ones. If I post a beauty shot regarding my latest blog post I will use certain ones..


Hashtag the Brand that is in the picture or the product name itself. Pick and choose the hashtags which suit your picture the best. Personally I don't use the follow4follow type of hashtags as I want people who are genuinely interested in the type of photo's I post, I don't want ghost followers. 

I hope these tips have helped even if you only found one of them useful. They have definitely helped me improve my Instagram. 

Stationary & Accessories Haul ft Coconut Lane 20% Discount Code

Stationary & Accessories Haul ft Coconut Lane 20% Discount Code

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Coconut Lane Review

I think I love buying stationary as much as I love buying makeup. I own far too many notebooks but they are all so different! I recently placed an order from Coconut Lane as they have recently expanded and now sell notebooks and more accessories! When looking on the website I had to restrain myself as there was so much I wanted.

Coconut Lane Slogan Notebook

The first thing I had to look at was the new range of notebooks, I thought I would be good and only pick up two but seriously they are killing it! As soon as I saw the What Would Beyonce Do? Notebook I knew I had to have it! It is just so sassy!! I then saw this Grey Marble Notebook which I loved, obviously alot of bloggers use marble backgrounds but I have never really bothered with the trend but this notebook had to be mine! They also do it in blue and pink. They also sell notebooks in packs of three, flamingo's, doughnuts, slogans and more!

Coconut Lane LUXE Marble Phone Case

Not that I need any more phone cases, my phone literally has it's own wardrobe! Me and my mum both saw these cases and had to have them. She got the Grey and Gold Marble Case and I got the Marble Case with the Pink Block. Both are Iphone 5s cases but they also sell cases for Iphone 6 too. 

Coconut Lane Marble Bangle

Lastly we saw these bracelets/bangles. Im not usually a bangle kind of person but I loved the design of these. I got the Silver Bangle with the Cube Marble and my mum got the Gold Bangle with the Turquoise Marble. They fit perfectly and look gorgeous with so many outfits. I have already been complimented on them asking where they are from.

Go have a nosey on the Coconut Lane Website, they have so many things to choose from and you can get 20% OFF using my code EBC20 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Get Perfect False Lashes with Nouveau Lashes*

Get Perfect False Lashes with Nouveau Lashes*
Monday, May 16, 2016
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Nouveau False Lashes, False Lashes Before and After, The Best False Lashes

False Lashes are my weakness! Who doesn't want perfect lashes? They come in handy when you want something.. just flutter those lashes girls! I have been wearing false lashes since around the age of 16. I used to wear them everyday for around for years now I wear them a few times a week. I love the idea of trying different lashes for different occasions and different eye looks. Nouveau Lashes is one of the top eye lash brands in the UK. They have stores all over the UK where they do lash extensions, training courses and more. They sell a wide range of false lashes and accessories on the Nouveau Website and the lashes are only £6.99 each which is amazing. 

I recently received nine sets of lashes from them to try and I have to say I am very impressed. I love the packaging, a deep purple with gold text. They look very professional and very sleek. They have the Natural Strip Lashes, Volume Strip Lashes and Glamour Strip Lashes. I found all of the lashes extremely easy to apply. Usually with false lashes I need to cut off a big chunk so they fit my eyes but these fit perfectly! You get glue including in each pack of lashes and the glue can be resealed after each use. I am usually very fussy with false lash glue but this works amazingly well, you only need a small amount. I apply the glue to the lashes and leave them for 30 seconds, then apply. I always coat my lashes with one coat of mascara before applying any false lashes. 

Nouveau False Lashes, False Eye Lashes, How To Apple False Lashes

Look how gorgeous they are! The natural range is absolutely stunning, they look lovely on and I have had compliments every time I have worn them. Whether you want something subtle or something like BAM WOW then definitely check these out. 

Nouveau Strip Lashes Volume 3, Nouveau False Lashes

Nouveau Strip Lashes Natural 2, Nouveau False Lashes

Nouveau Strip Lashes Natural 1 | £6.99 | Link

Nouveau Strip Lashes Natural 1, Nouveau False Lashes

These are my top three picks by far. I love how all three of them look and I had so many compliments with each pair especially the third ones! I found these to be better quality than some of the Eylure lashes which I usually use. 

Definitely check out the Nouveau Lashes Website and you can find them on:

Friday, May 13, 2016

Huge Drugstore Beauty Haul

Huge Drugstore Beauty Haul
Friday, May 13, 2016
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Drugstore Beauty Haul, Boots Beauty Haul, Makeup Haul

It's haul time! I know it was only recently I did a haul but it included more high end products and over the past few weeks I have bought alot of drugstore products so I thought I would share what I picked up. Even though I love high end, I think the drugstore are really killing it lately with some amazing products. 
Soap and Glory Makeup Review, Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Makeup Review

Boots have a Buy 1 Get One Half Price on Soap and Glory at the moment so I picked up two old favourites and two new products.

I used this powder all last Summer non stop! It is a translucent powder which mattifys the skin. I keep this in my bag as a touch up powder throughout the day and oh my it definitely keeps me matte. I find it doesn't leave that powdery finish and looks gorgeous. 

I have never tried this powder before but I recently saw it on UmmBabys Instagram account and she said it is amazing for under the eyes as it is a pale yellow powder which is perfect for brightening. 

Ah again I used this all last Summer for that perfect glow. I find this works really well on my pale skin without looking orange or cakey. After a few uses the shimmer isn't as much which I like and it has the subtle bronze look. 

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation | £12.00 | Link
I have been wanting to try this ever since it was released but I have read so many mixed reviews which put me off buying it for so long. I thought it was about time I try it and see whether I love it or hate it. I will be doing a full review once I have tested it out a few times. 

Seventeen Skin wow Concealer Review, Sleek Suede Effect Powder, Barry M Concealer, Mattifying Primer

Kiss Light Reflecting Primer | £3.00 | Link
This is the only product not from Boots but from Wilkinson's. I did a full review of this primer HERE where you can see how much I love this primer. It is the best mattifying primer I have EVER tried. 

Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer | £4.99 | Link
This primer has been a nightmare to get hold of. I had been wanting it in the shade Fair and it is always out of stock in store and online! A few people recommended I try the shade Medium as apparently it is still quite light and pink toned. The shade is actually really good and will work on pale skin. I will be testing this out and will be doing a post with all of my Seventeen concealers comparing them. 

I have put off picking this up for so long as many reviews said the coverage wasn't great, I decided to pick it up and try it for highlighting. So far I do like it as it does highlight well. I don't like the applicator as it is quite thin. I wouldn't recommend this for dark under eye circles as it is light coverage. 

I always forget about Sleek but saw this powder online. It is described as a full coverage powder with SPF 15 and creates a matte finish. I am yet to try this but I will be soon. I want to test it on it's own and on top of a foundation. Full review coming soon.

NYX High Voltage Lipsticks Stone and Flutterkiss, Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss

Lastly the lip products. I have become obsessed with buying lip products lately and these are three new favourites. 

NYX High Voltage Lipsticks | £5.50 | Link
These are insanely good and need more hype! They are the creamiest and pigmented lipsticks, I love them. I have the shade Flutter Kiss which is a mauve shade and Stone which is a darker grey toned nude. Both are gorgeous. I do have a NYX Brand Focus post coming up which includes swatches of these shades. 

Bourjois 3D Effect Lipgloss | £7.99 | Link
As Summer is coming I thought I would pick up a new gloss. I do like to wear gloss on it's own sometimes but also on top of lipstick. This is a subtle light pink shade which looks gorgeous for those no makeup, makeup days. The brush is lovely, if you have seen the Kylie Lip glosses it has the same applicator. 

Now that was a big haul! I am loving everything I have tried so far and can't wait to try the others out. 

What New Products Have You Picked Up Lately?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Perfect Hair Mask | Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask Protection and Repair Review*

The Perfect Hair Mask | Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask Protection and Repair Review*
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
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Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask Protection and Repair Review

After the horrible winter weather my hair has suffered. My hair has become very dry and dull and definitely in need of something. Hair masks are something I don't use often but something I need to start using more. The Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask, Protection and Repair is the latest product I have been trialing. It is a all natural product and contains no harmful chemicals like other masks. The Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask states it will repair and strengthen, deeply nourish your hair, moisturise the scalp and make your hair healthier and shiny. These are all thing my hair is in need of. 

As soon as this arrived I was excited to try it out. The first thing I noticed was how big the tub was, it is HUGE! You get 370ml for £11.99 whereas most hair masks range between 100-200ml. The packaging is gorgeous with bright yellow/orange with brown labels. Lately I have been all for trying more natural ingredient products when it comes to my hair and skin and so far I am loving the results. 

Ginseng Siberian Hair Mask Protection and Repair Review

I washed my hair as normal with a shampoo and then towel dried my hair so it was still damp. I then applied a good amount of the hair mask all over my hair making sure to massage it in. I pinned my hair up with hair clips and left the mask on for around 15-30 minutes. The first time I used this I left it on for 30 minutes as my hair was extremely dry. After the 30 minutes and went and washed the mask off. I decided not to apply conditioner so I could see the results of the mask to it's full potential. 

I noticed immediately how much easier my hair was to brush whilst wet. Usually because of how thick my hair is, it can become quite tangled and requires some arm muscles to brush! I was amazed at how easily my brush glided through my hair and didn't pull or anything. I dried my hair and honestly I was so impressed with the results. My hair felt the softest it has in a very long time, It also had a little extra volume on the roots which I need. My hair looks so much healthier and definitely shiny as it says it would. 

I also got my mum to try the mask as she has shorter hair and has highlights. She also said how soft her hair felt especially on the highlighted sections. Overall we are both very impressed and she has already ordered herself one! At £11.99 this hair mask is incredible, I will definitely be using this once a week and buying one as soon as I run out!

You can buy the Ginseng Siberian Protection and Repair Hair Mask from the Natura Siberica Website (UK Website) They also sell a range of natural ingredient shampoo's, conditioner, other hair masks and also skincare. When looking online in seems the Natura Siberica Website is in most countries including Australia, Sweden, Russia, US and more!

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