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Friday, April 08, 2016

The Brush That Changed My Mind | Oval Makeup Brush

Oval Makeup Brush Concealer

Oval Makeup Brush

A Makeup Brush that looks like a toothbrush?! Yes it is real! Oval Makeup Brushes have been on the hype lately, but for me paying £60 plus for one brush is not an option as i have cheaper ones that i already love. That being said i was intrigued by the design and to see if they actually work so i popped off over to Ebay like i always do... Yes i am that girl you will find on Ebay at 3am when i can't sleep and i buy alsorts. I found this oval brush and didn't know what to expect, i ordered it and it came within a few days. It only cost a HUGE £2.59, breaking the bank or what? So if i didn't like it i wouldn't have been upset as i didn't spend alot. 

When it arrived i stared at it for a while and the first thought... It looks like a toothbrush! The length of the brush is about the same height of a toothbrush but the head is bigger. This brush is definitely not big enough to apply foundation all over the face so i decided to try it with concealer. I apply concealer on my under eyes in a triangle shape and also on my nose, chine, forehead and under my cheekbones to highlight. I used this brush in a swiping motion and oh my i jumped for joy. My under eyes looked flawless!! I found using this brush to swipe the concealer rather than a patting motion helped prevent creasing. It also blended my highlighted area's like a dream. 

Small Oval Makeup Brush

Using this brush definitely helps stop concealer looking heavy under the eyes. I also love using this brush on the outer corners of my nose as i find when applying foundation with a brush i can never get into those area's fully so this little brush helps to blend out foundation in smaller area's. I now use this brush everyday! Who would of thought a brush for less than £3 could now be my little life savoir.

I can not recommend this enough, seriously get your little bum over to Ebay and buy it! Ebay do also sell different sizes of this brush so i might pick up a larger one and try it with foundation. 

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