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Live Love London Makeup Haul & Review*

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Live Love London Makeup

Live Love London Makeup

Live Love London is a makeup range that has definitely surprised me. I am all about trying new brands even more so when they are affordable. The Live Love London Makeup Range is sold in BHS Stores. When i received the products i was impressed with the shades as they were all gorgeous and perfect for Spring. 

I received two lip products one bright pink lipstick and one sheer lipgloss. The lipstick comes in a black case with studs around the edge which i thought was a nice touch. I was surprised how pigmented and creamy the lipstick was, definitely perfect for a bright pop of colour. I also tried applying the sheer lipgloss on top of the lipstick as i don't tend to wear lipgloss on it's own i prefer to layer it on lipstick to create a different finish. When you apply this lipgloss on top of the lipstick it does lighten the colour of the lipstick but it still looks stunning as you can see in the swatches.

I also received this pink highlighter which works perfectly on my pale skin. It has the perfect amount of shimmer without looking too much. I love pairing this with a subtle pink blush, it creates the perfect fresh faced look. 

Lastly my favourite item is the Live Love London Love Naked Palette. This eye shadow palette  is gorgeous. The shades have won me over. I do find there are two or three shades which lack pigment compared to the rest but i find that in most palettes. The top row of shades are super girly with subtle pinks and purples, the middle row has some stunning gold and bronze shades and the last row is full of darker shades. You can create so many looks with this palette.

Top Row

Live Love London Makeup swatches

Middle Row

Live Love London Makeup swatches

Bottom Row

Live Love London Makeup swatches

Highlight, Lipstick and Lipgloss. 

Live Love London Makeup swatches

All of these products retail for £10 or under, nothing in the Live Love London range is above £10 which makes it super affordable. Definitely check this range out in selected BHS Stores.

Jewellery For Spring with RaspberryKiss Blog*

Raspberrykiss Blog Earrings
floral stud earrings

black bow stud earrings

I love Spring as i find i always tend to wear more jewellery, brighter colours and more statement pieces. Shannon from RaspberryKiss Blog has a small shop on her blog where she sells different jewellery pieces. She was kind enough to send me three sets of earrings which i am totally in love with. Earrings for me are that one item i always where. I love how you can co-ordinate them with different outfits, they can really brighten up and change any look. 

The Rhinestone Gem Diamante Stud Star Earrings are my favourite of the bunch. They are gold plated with these gorgeous different coloured gems in them. They really stand out. I am loving wearing these with a plain black outfit to add a little sparkle. These are such a bargain at £1.50!!! 
Perfect Spring earrings have to be these gorgeous White and Gold Flower Stud Earrings. They are larger than your basic stud but they are so simple yet so pretty. They look perfect with a half up half down hairdo. Again these are such a bargain at £2.00.
Lastly i received the Black Bow Stud Earrings which are perfect if your not a full on girly girl. Black goes with everything right?! These studs have a unique design, these are also only £1.50.

I love brands that have more low key like shops on Etsy so the fact these come from a fellow bloggers shop is amazing. Why not share some love to your fellow blogger and check out her shop here

A Spring Base | Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation & Concealer

Monday, March 28, 2016
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation & Concealer

Spring is officially here its time for the fresh face, brighter colours and warmer weather (we hope). Even though i am a full coverage kind of girl in Spring and Summer i do tend to go for lighter bases and build up coverage with concealer. My skin has cleared up alot over the last six months and im feeling more confident wearing lighter bases. I will definitely still be wearing full coverage but on those warmer days i need something not as heavy. 

Urban Decay are one of my favourite high end brands so how does the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and Concealer pair up? This foundation is not something i would usually go for but i have become to love and hate it. The one thing i don't like about the foundation is the consistency, it is unbelievably runny! You put a dot on your face and it literally runs down so you have to work quickly. The coverage is light - medium but i would say more on the light side. The finish is lovely, it looks flawless whilst looking natural. If you like lighter coverage but still want a flawless look then this is for you. Another base i love in Spring/Summer is the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation which has a little more coverage than this one but works just as well. 

You all know i love the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, it is the creamiest concealer EVER! This paired up with the foundation creates such a fresh look. The concealer has medium coverage and brightens up your face. The applicator is amazing, it is two sided and flat on both sides. 
If you have clear skin you will love this foundation but when i get breakouts i stay far away from this as it just looks horrible.   

What is your favourite base in Spring?

Perfect Under Eye Powder | NYX HD Banana Finishing Powder Review

Friday, March 25, 2016
NYX HD Banana Finishing Powder

NYX HD Banana Finishing Powder

The perfect under eye powder on a budget? I do like to use a seperate powder under my eyes to help brighten up that area as i do suffer with dark under eye circles. The NYX HD Finishing Powder in the shade Banana is just the product for you if you want a brighter, flawless finish under your eyes. I recently tried a sample of the Ben Nye Banana Powder and it just doesn't work on pale skin at all. I found the yellow showed up on my skin so much and it didn't brighten my eyes at all it actually made them look dull. The NYX Banana Powder is more of a pale yellow rather than yellow yellow. It is lighter than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana Powder too. 

This powder is honestly incredible. I apply this with my Real Techniques Setting Brush and it creates such a flawless finish. It doesn't leave a yellow cast which is perfect but it still definitely brightens. If you have dark under eye circles this will also work well as the yellow tone will help to disguise them. I am currently loving using the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector with the NYX HD Concealer and this powder. It leaves my under eyes looking fresh and bright. One thing i noticed is once i apply this powder my skin feels silky smooth. It doesn't go cakey and stays flawless all day long. 

I would definitely recommend this on pale skin but also darker skin tones too. I find the Ben Nye and the ABH ones are much better suited for medium to dark skin tones. I am so happy i came across this powder and i will be repurchasing it again soon. This powder also comes in Translucent and Mint Green, i want to try the Translucent one next to see how it works all over my face. I got mine from the Boots website.

Have You Tried This Powder?

What's In My Ikea Malm Dressing Table | Makeup Storage Idea's

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
ikea malm dressing table

Towards the end of last year i finally got the Ikea Malm Dressing Table which i had wanted for a while. My makeup collection has grown massively over the last year so i needed more storage. I currently use this dressing table and a five drawer storage tower. I am going to be doing a few posts including What's On My Dressing Table and What's In My Muji Drawers. Today i thought i would share What Is Inside My Malm Dressing Table.

I wasn't sure what i wanted to use inside to store my makeup until i found these two Cutlery Trays from Ikea. They are such a bargain at £1.50 each and two of these fit perfectly into the drawer. The only thing that annoys me is that the drawer doesn't pull out fully! Some people have said you can amend it so it does but i haven't tried that yet as i will end up braking it knowing me.

First Tray

makeup storage ideas for dressing table

The tray has three wider compartments on one side, a square compartment and a slightly smaller one. I find the square section perfect for my Foundations. I own around 25-30 foundations so i do tend to rotate them rather than keeping the same ones in the dressing table. I also keep my Primers next to my foundations. The middle section i keep some palettes including my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, Essence Eye Shadow Palettes, Benefit Blush and more. It is a great way to see what palettes you actually have. Then i have a section for blushes. I own far too many blushes so again i rotate these around. 

foundation makeup storage

makeup palette storage

Second Tray

Dressing Table Storage

In the large square section i keep my powders and contour products. I tend to change powders depending on what foundation i am wearing. In the small section i find it perfect for keeping all my tools including Beauty Sponges, Eyelash Curlers, Hair Clips etc... I use a small pot which i got some earrings in to keep my hair bits and bobs in, it fits perfectly. The top section is full of lipsticks, the section is just wide enough to fit lipsticks in. The middle section is full of Mascara's and Eye Liners. Then we have the last section which has some skincare bits. I keep my LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub as i use it daily, Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream and some moisturisers. 

Lipstick Storage

Makeup Storage Ideas

As you can see these trays fit so much in them and at £1.50 how can you complain? Keep your eyes peeled to see What Is on My Dressing Table and in My Muji Drawers!

Perfect Nails With The Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer*

I am such a nail addict! For the past 4 years i have been doing my own Gel Nails at home. Im not qualified i just self taught myself by watching many YouTube video's. It helps me save so much money. I do like to keep my nails in a good condition and even though i wear Gel Nails all the time my nails are not damaged in any way. To stop your nails getting damaged you have to prep and look after your nails. I wear my Gel Nails for a while and then i will have a week or two week break so this is when i will look after my nails. The Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer is a new release which really intrigued me so i was excited to give it a try. 

The Packaging
I was quite surprised at how bulky this was. It claims to be perfect for fitting in your handbag and it definitely is. Even though it is bigger than i expected it is super lightweight and you wouldn't even notice this in your bag. It comes in this sleek black packaging with gold detail. Once you take the lid off you see the round buffer applicator. You get two sets of rollers including two buffers and two polishers. 

How It Works
The Revlon Nail Buffer is battery operated and you do actually get batteries included. You use the green buffer roller on each nail slowly moving over the nail. This helps to buff your nails and getting rid of any edges and bumps. To finish you use the white polisher roller which then cleans up the nail creating a lovely natural shine and smooth surface.
You can use this to create natural nails that are Summer Ready or you can use it before you want to apply a normal nail polish or apply false nails. Using the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer will help make your polish last longer.

Overall i am really impressed with this product, even my mum has given it a try and she loves it. I often find using normal nail files can sometimes damage my nails so having a battery operated one definitely feels more professional so why not get professional nails at home in minutes? Even if you are not a nail addict like me this is the lazy girls option to get pretty, natural nails. You can buy the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer from Argos, Superdrug and Amazon.

Bronzer's For Pale Skin | Contouring Shades For Pale Skin

Monday, March 21, 2016
Bronzers For Pale Skin

Pale Skin Bronzer Contour Shades

If you have pale skin like me you will understand what a nightmare it can be to find bronzers and contour shades that suit our skin tone. I never used to be this pale, its only since i have been stuck in the house for 18 months with my operation that i have gone extremely pale so it shows how much sunlight actually does slightly tan your skin! Bronzer's and Contour shades tend to look orange on me, especially drugstore ones. I have tried and tested many bronzers high end and drugstore and i have finally found three which don't make me look like an oompa loompa! Im not someone who always buys high end as you can find products just as good on the high street but bronzers are something i really struggle with on the high street. 

I had heard a few people mention this blush for being perfect for bronzing and contouring on pale skin and they were definitely right! It is a matte blush but the shade warms up my skin and doesn't look orange at all. I always apply this with a duo fibre brush to keep it more natural and not heavy. 

I got this for Christmas after wanting it for so long! Not just for the chocolate smell of course. This is probably the lightest shade of the three but on pale skin it looks gorgeous if you just want that natural bronze/contour. This again is matte which is what i usually tend to go for and yes it does really smell of chocolate even when its on the skin!

By far my favourite drugstore bronzer but this one has a slight shimmer to it. I tend to use this one more if im wanting that slight glowy look without being a glitter ball. Once applied and blended it doesn't look too glittery which i like. 

Pale Skin Bronzer Swatches

Have You Used Any of These?

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Friday, March 18, 2016
NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks Review

I joined the waiting list and the email finally popped in my inbox telling me the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks were now on sale at boots! I went straight online and ordered the three I wanted. I had already looked at swatches online and picked the shades I thought I would like best. I do still have a couple more I would like to try but I will get those next time. I already love NYX Suede Lipsticks so I was sure I would love these.

My Planner Stickers | Blogger Journal

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers are my new obsession! I have this planner which is mainly used for blogging but i also keep general appointments and reminders in it too. I find planner stickers brighten it up and make it more fun. Hey who says at 24 you have to act like an adult? I thought i would share with you some of my favourite planner stickers all of which come under £10!

Unicorn Planner Stickers

I am so happy i found this bundle, who doesn't love unicorns?! This set is amazing. You get two sheets of baby unicorns and hearts, two sheets of Pay Bill and three sheets of To Do, Weekend and more. I was really impressed how many different kinds of stickers you get and these are definitely perfect for any planner! I got these from an Etsy Shop called PaperandCloudsUK and they cost £8.50 plus £1.50 shipping!

Blog Planner Stickers

I got these To Do stickers from Ebay, you get one sheet of 35 stickers for £2.80 + £2.80 postage. I do think postage costs are high but they were sent in a firm envelope to stop bending. You can pick which colours you want. 

These are just perfect! I post Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's so these stickers are perfect to pop on that day. I love how bright and colourful they are so they really stand out. These are from an Etsy Shop called LethBridgeCards and cost £2.50

Payday Planner Stickers

As many of you know i am at Hospital constantly so these little bunny stickers come in handy. They are a bargain at £2.20.

Sometimes it is good to just have a little reminder of how much bills are and when they go out so these stickers are perfect. Not that i enjoy paying bills at all but i do like to try and manage my money. 

The Blog Planner

Do you use a planner? If you want to see a full post all about The Blogger Journal i use which is honestly the best thing i have ever bought for blogging.

Natural & Organic Makeup That's Affordable | Eco Natural Products Avril Makeup Review*

Eco Natural Products Avril Makeup Review

When im buying makeup i am not one who usually tends to look at the ingridients. The amount of different products i put on my face but i don't actually know what im putting on it? So to try a makeup brand that is all Natural and Organic ingridients was something i definitely wanted to try. Eco Natural Products is a website which specializes in Natural and Organic Beauty. Natural makeup products are perfect for anyone who suffers with sensitive skin, acne prone skin as the ingridients won't harm your skin. 

First up i tried the Avril Liquid Foundation Cream and i have to say the shade Light is perfect on my pale skin. I love the packaging as i do love foundations in squeezy tubes so you can be sure to use up every last drop. This foundation had a slightly runny texture but not so it will run off your face. I found it applied best with a damp beauty sponge and it gave light coverage but it covered my blemishes well. It has a slight powder finish which is perfect for me. I think i will definitely use this more in the summer when i don't need as much coverage. 

Next up are my two favourite products. During winter i never wear coral shades but in spring/summer im all for the coral. The Avril Organic Powder Blush in Terre Cuite is stunning. It is a gorgeous light coral shade which gives the skin such a pretty colour to the cheeks. I find you only need a small amount of product and it looks flawless. I also tried the Avril Organic Lipstick in Saumon which is stunning! It is a dark coral which looks gorgeous on pale skin. I love how it has a slight tint of burnt orange which you don't see in many coral lipsticks. This lipstick is super creamy and lasted really well. 

Eco Natural Products Avril Makeup Review

Overall i am really impressed with these products, i will definitely be trying more natural products as they seem to really agree with my skin. Eco Natural Products also sell Haircare and Skincare!

NOTE: This Brand Does Not Test On Animals.

Concealer Low-Down | Best and Worst Concealers

Monday, March 14, 2016

When it comes to concealers i have tried my fair share. Since taking this photo i do now own another five. I tend to use different concealers for different things. I suffer with dark under eye circles so i need something to disguise those, i sometimes suffer with breakouts so i use one for those and i also like to use concealers to highlight with. You know when you come to my blog you will get an honest review. You might love some of these concealers whereas i don't but everyone's skin is different.

The Full Coverage Concealer

I have been using this concealer non stop lately. It has a sponge applicator which not everyone is a fan of but i actually really like it. It is a full coverage concealer without being heavy. It doesn't crease and it lasts all day. The only thing that i find with this is that it runs out quickly! I mean really quickly. Whereas other concealers last me so much longer.
What I Use It For: Dark Under Eye Circles

An oldie but a goodie for me. I have used this concealer for years. It is again full coverage but you have to be careful how much you apply. If you apply too much it just looks a mess. A little goes a long way, you honestly need the smallest amount. I find this concealer lasts me around 3 months! If you get a few shades lighter it works perfectly for highlighting.
What I Use It For: Dark Under Eyes & Highlighting.

Seventeen is one of my favourite drugstore brands. This concealer is amazing. It is very creamy and provides full coverage. The shade range isn't the best for darker skinned girls but for us pale girls it is perfect. It is shocking how many drugstore brands need to work on both pale shades and darker shades. 
What I Use It For: Dark Under Eyes & Highlighting.

Many people have compared this to the MAC Pro Longwear but to me there is no comparison. This concealer has quite a thick consistency compared to the MAC one. It spreads well but the tube itself sucks. The applicator is a pain and you have to squeeze so hard. I guess you get what you pay for. I do find even the palest shade isn't enough for me.
What I Use It For: Dark Under Eye Circles

Psst.. If you suffer with dark under eye circles check out my review of the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, it is a miracle product! I have before and after pictures. 

The Creamy Concealers

If you have read my blog for a while you will know i am obsessed with this stuff. It is probably the most creamy concealer i have ever tried and the applicator is the best thing ever. It is medium coverage and really helps brighten my under eyes. I will forever re-purchase this one.
What I Use It For: Concealing & Highlighting.

I love this concealer, it is again very creamy and looks flawless. Again this is medium coverage but it really creates a flawless look. I did find i ran out of this one extremely quickly like the Maybelline one. If you don't have really dark under eyes and you want a flawless look this is definitely for you.
What I Use It For: Concealing on good days and highlighting. 

This is described as a full coverage concealer but i find it doesn't cover my dark circles. It is a thicker consistency and i find it can be a little heavy if used under the eyes. I find it best for breakouts as it covers them well.
What I Use It For: Breakouts.

Concealer Crayons

Concealer Crayons are not something i instantly reach for. For me concealer crayons are a no go for my under eyes as they just don't seem to work. This one provides amazing coverage for a crayon whilst still feeling creamy. It blends really well too. If you are not a huge foundation fan but like coverage in areas this is for you. It works very well on blemishes.
What I Use It For: Blemishes & Breakouts.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Blur & Brighten Crayon | £6.00 | Link
This doesn't have as much coverage as the Vichy one but it works well again for blemishes. If you are wanting a light and buildable concealer this is it. It is too drying for under the eyes but it works as well as the Vichy one.
What I Use It For: Blemishes & Breakouts.

Disappointing Concealers

This concealer i had high hopes for as it is described to brighten under eyes whilst covering any imperfections and it can also be used to highlight. It does none of those things! It literally adds no coverage at all and my imperfections show through at full force. I tried it as a highlight and it did nothing, it didn't brighten or do anything. I will stick with my MAC Prep + Prime Highlighting Pen which works amazingly!

I know 90% of people love this concealer but it just doesn't work on me. I find it far too drying on my under eyes it made my makeup look horrendous! I tried using eye creams underneath but it just didn't help. It is nowhere near as creamy as my trusty Urban Decay Concealer and i also found to use this i had to go back and dip in the applicator at least 4-5 times for one application! It also creases like mad and i don't need no creases thank you.
If you want something similar that isn't drying the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer is the way to go!

E.L.F HD Lifting Concealer | £4.50 | Link
I bought this and had high hopes as i do usually love E.L.F products. This is just one of the worst concealers i have tried. Drying is not the word! It looks awful once applied, it goes patchy and it creases like mad!

The Best of MAC

Friday, March 11, 2016
MAC Beauty Haul

MAC is such a well known brand but it can be scary not knowing which products to start off with. I have tried many MAC Products which were hit and miss so i thought i would share with you my top must have products. 

Base Products

MAC Base Products

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer | £17.50 | Link
My very first MAC purchase many years ago. This concealer is amazing. It is full coverage and perfect for highlighting. Even though it is expensive this tube lasts me around 3-4 months! People say the LA Girl Concealer is a dupe but i don't think it is as the LA Girl one is extremely thick whereas there one isn't. 
LA Girl VS MAC Review - Link

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation | £22.00 | Link
I used to use this alot and only just re purchased it again. It is a full coverage foundation. People say it can be cakey but if applied over a primer and blended with a beauty sponge it looks flawless. The only thing i don't like is the smell, it has such a strong smell! 
Comparison Post Battle of the MAC Foundations - Link

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation | £25.50 | Link
I only purchased my first bottle of this last summer. This is only medium coverage and it isn't buildable. When i wear this you can still see my freckles on my cheeks. This lasts so well on oily skin in the summer. It looks natural but gives lovely coverage at the same time. 

MAC Prep + Prime "Light boost" | £19.00 | Link
I ignored the hype on these highlight pens as i have tried drugstore ones which have been useless. I finally picked up Light boost which is yellow toned. It brightens up my under eyes so well! I wouldn't suggest using this as a concealer, apply concealer first and then this. It creates such a lovely glow.

Powder Products

MAC Powder Products

MAC Eye Shadows | £10 (pan) | Link
MAC eye shadows are lovely, i have a small Z Palette with these in. I would definitely recommend using a Z Palette so you can buy the pans otherwise they will cost you £15 each! I have also just filled my Z Palette with Makeup Geek shadows. For certain shades i prefer either brand. MAC Cranberry is the most gorgeous shade ever!! 

MAC Matte Blush "Harmony" | £18.50 | Link
I have raved about this blush before. I actually use it as a contour shade! It works perfect on pale skin. I prefer this over the Benefit Hoola Bronzer! It is a warm toned blush, it doesn't look muddy and it blends really well.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation | £22.00 | Link
I reviewed this on my blog last week. It is my holy grail product and has been for years!! You can use this three ways and it creates such a gorgeous, flawless finish. 


MAC Lipsticks

MAC Lipsticks | £15.50 | Link
I never used to be a lipstick person and i didn't own my first MAC lipstick until last summer and now i own six! I personally prefer the matte lipsticks as they look gorgeous and the lasting power is amazing. My favourites have to be Honeylove and Faux. 

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milkshake Liquid Lipstick Review

Friday, March 04, 2016
Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milk Chocolate Liquid Lipstick Review

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milk Chocolate

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milk Chocolate Liquid Lipstick

I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Melted Chocolate lipstick! Ever since I saw Too Faced were releasing these Melted Chocolate Lipsticks I wanted one so bad. I tweeted Debenhams asking when they would be released here in the UK and I was told the end of January/Beginning of February. Every day I was checking, that is how bad I wanted them. Finally they were online but the shade I wanted was out of stock straight away. I tweeted Debenhams again asking when it would be back in stock and they didn't know. I decided to check on the off chance a few days ago and there it was in stock with 10% off! I went with the shade Chocolate Milkshake. Too Faced have released six chocolate shades, three of which are metallic. 

Chocolate Milkshake is the lightest of the three shades but it still looked like the perfect nude shade from what I had seen online. It arrived next day and I couldn't open the box quick enough. The packaging is pretty as always with Too Faced Products. I wasn't sure if I would like the sponge applicator or not as I haven't tried anything like this before. I was surprised to actually really like the applicator, it makes it super easy to apply the product to the shape of your lips.

The shade is just stunning. Im quite pale (MAC NW20) and this suits my skin tone perfectly. It is a light nude/brown liquid lipstick. It dries semi-matte which I like as I find full matte ones can dry out my lips a little. The feel of it is lovely, I actually forgot I was wearing anything on my lips it felt really natural, it wasn't sticky or tacky at all. I ate my lunch and it stayed on! When I drink you can see a small amount transfer onto the cup but not as much as a normal lipstick would and it wasn't noticeable on my lips that anything had transferred.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milk Chocolate Liquid Lipstick swatch

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Milk Chocolate Liquid Lipstick

The shade is just stunning! I definitely want to pick up Chocolate Honey the darker shade up from this one. They retail for £19 at Debenhams online and in store.