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My MAC Eye Shadow Collection + Swatches

Friday, January 29, 2016
MAC Eye Shadows

MAC Eye Shadow Swatches Woodwinked Plumage Plumdressing Haux Blackberry Brulee Cranberry

MAC Brulee MAC Haux MAC Blackberry

MAC Woodwinked

Eye shadows seem to be a major thing at the moment more than normal. I am becoming obsessed! My eye shadow palettes are growing rapidly. I got a few MAC Shadows for Christmas so thought i would share them with you. I have also just received my first Makeup Geek Shadows so i will be reviewing them soon. I have tried alot from MAC but only started trying the eyeshadows recently. Im just going to jump straight into it rather than rambling on!

Neutral Shades

Brule | Very light cream shade which is perfect for all over the lid. I always apply this first before any other shadow and use it more as a base shade. You can't really see this shade on my swatches as im super pale right now!

Haux | MAC describe this as a "soft muted rosy brown" and that's exactly what it is. It is such a pretty shade, it has a mauve tone to it which i find perfect for the crease. I love to use this when im having a more natural makeup day and just add a tiny bit to darken my crease. 

Blackberry | This and Haux together are just stunning. I apply haux in the crease and then use this on the outer corners of my crease. It is a Burgundy/Plum shade but its not too dark which i love.

Woodwinked | This was my first ever MAC Shadow. It is just so pretty when applied all over the lid. It is described as a warm antique brown. It just adds the right amount of warmth when your wanting a subtle look.

Brighter/Shimmer Shades

Cranberry | AMAZING! This has to be my favourite shade. It is a reddish plum shade but it definitely has a hint of pink. I applied this all over my lid on Christmas day and it just looked gorgeous. I had to take an up close picture of this shade to show you how truly stunning it is!

Plumdressing | This is a pinky plum shade with shimmer. This just like Cranberry looks so girly and pretty all over the lid. It isn't a bright in your face shade which is perfect for me. 

Plumage | For me i do adore this shade but i don't get the name. This is more of a navy than a plum shade for me. I love this all over the lid and blended out with a pale shade like Brule. It is simple but a statement colour. 

Since taking these photos i have also picked up "All That Glitters" it is seriously a super girly pretty shade! 

MAC Cranberry

MAC Eye Shadow Swatches Woodwinked Plumage Plumdressing Haux Blackberry Brulee Cranberry

What are your favourite MAC shades?

SEO For Beginners | 6 Ways To Improve Your Blogs SEO | Blog Tips

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Improve SEO, Blog SEO, Blog Tips, Blog SEO Tips
Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is something that can be a little daunting. I have been blogging just over 18 months now and i have to admit i am still learning. It wasn't until the middle of last year i started to improve my blogs SEO. I am no expert nor do i think i know everything when it comes to this topic but i know the basics and since doing certain things i have definitely improved my blogs SEO so i thought i would put together a post of the things i do which you may or may not know and you can get something out of this. Firstly for those who don't know or are not clear SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It basically means where you are ranked in the search engine. The higher your blogs SEO the higher up in the list you are and more chance of people seeing your blog.

L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer Review

L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer Review
I struggle to find primers that work well on my oily skin (sometimes combination) as none of them keep me matte like they claim they will. I had been intrigued by the L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer for a while so I decided to pick it up although I did have my reservations. 

Miracle Product: Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

Monday, January 25, 2016

I finally caved! Its not often i debate with myself for months over one product, especially when its high end. I don't always go and buy high end products especially when they are new releases. I usually get them if i really need them or know i will use them alot. This is where the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector comes in. It isn't a well hyped about product but its one i have been contemplating buying for quite some time now. I had seen a few YouTubers mention it but i just didn't know if i needed it. 

The Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector is said to brighten under eyes as it states in the name. The reason i debated buying this for so long is because my under eye circles are very dark from being in constant pain and not sleeping so i find most "brightening" products don't work for me. When i read reviews i found the people who were leaving bad reviews was their own fault. The product description tells you to apply this product and then apply concealer over the top, literally 90% of bad reviews i read were people who said they applied this product on its own and found it was too shiny! Yes its going to be if you haven't applied concealer on top like the product tells you to. Seriously, what is wrong with people?!

The packaging is pretty. You get 4.5g of product which i thought was pretty good considering it says you only need a tiny amount on each use. It comes in a glass jar with a pretty peachy coloured lid. The product itself is a peachy pink colour with a slight shimmery look. Becca say it is best to apply with your finger rather than a brush so that's exactly what i did. I took the smallest amount and started dabbing it around my under eye area. As soon as i had applied it i couldn't believe the results. My dark circles were definitely lighter/brighter and i looked more awake. It did have a slight sheen to it but i wasn't worried as i still had my concealer to apply. I used my NYX HD Concealer over the top and as soon as i had blended this in again with my finger the sheen from the corrector had disappeared. I was left with bright under eyes as promised!

Lastly i used a small tapered brush to apply powder. I pressed the powder on rather than using a sweeping motion. As you can see the results are phenomenal. I couldn't stop looking at how light and bright my under eyes looked, there was no sign of any dark circles. Another thing i love about this product is how smooth under my eyes felt. It literally felt like silk! Even at the end of the day my eyes looked exactly the same. No creasing, no dryness and still no dark circles showing through. 

I wish i had bought it sooner but i can't complain now. I purchased mine from Cult Beauty and the parcel arrived within a few days. It retails for £21 which is a little pricey but i can see the jar lasting me a very long time. 

Have you tried this product? 

Products I Won't Stop Buying

Friday, January 22, 2016

Last week i was going through my makeup and having a clear out. I then thought why not do a post on products i will never stop buying. Touch wood they don't discontinue any of these! We all have those products we couldn't live without. Even when i own alot of makeup i will always keep buying certain products so i always have one there. 

I first tried this concealer well over a year ago and hated it but i decided to try it again about 6 months ago and i fell in love. Some people say they don't like the sponge applicator but i think its perfect. It makes it perfect for your under eyes. It is a full coverage concealer yet it is really creamy. It doesn't go cakey, it doesn't sink into fine lines and it still looks natural. It is also perfect for when you have breakouts. The only negative i can say is the colour range. I get the lightest shade and it is still too dark for me but when i have foundation on it blends really well. 

This is definitely a hit or miss product. For me it is definitely one of my favourite products EVER! I was that girl who tried to do winged eyeliner and it looked horrendous no matter how much practice i had. Then Benefit released this little gem. It is a push up gel like liner which has a foam pen tip. The first few uses it was a little tricky but once i got the hang of how to use it i can now do the perfect wing. The liner dries quickly and doesn't budge all day. Makeup wipes struggle to remove this it is that long lasting! 

A blush for £1.00 cannot be that good right? Well it can and Makeup Revolution have done it. I have around 4 of these now and every shade is lovely. The shade range has something to suit everyone, the pigmentation is amazing and they are very long lasting. I was surprised at how well these blend. Definitely my favourite blushers by far.

If you already read my blog you will have seen my full review of this foundation. If you have oily skin and want full coverage this is perfect. I even prefer this over some of my high end foundations. 

I cannot rave about this concealer more than i already do. I use this for highlighting rather than concealing. It is so creamy and blends well. I find it isn't enough coverage for my dark circles but as i said for highlighting its amazing.

If i could only own one product it would be this. I am someone who loves full coverage but this powder works in many ways. I use this over the top of my foundation and it really creates such a flawless finish. I also sometimes use this on its own instead of foundation, it makes my skin look flawless whilst still looking like my skin. It also works well with my oily skin but i could see this working well with dry skin too. 

What is the one product you couldn't live without?

My Blogging Schedule

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
My Blogging Schedule

Over the last few months i have got back into blogging and really buckled down with my schedule. One thing i hate is when it starts to feel like a chore. After my operation it took me a while to get back into blogging and now im finally feeling really positive about my blog. I thought i would share my normal weekly blogging routine/schedule. 

I have recently changed when i post and what days. I will now be posting four posts a week. I post Monday at 2pm, Wednesday at 8am and 2pm and Friday at 2pm. I have decided to post twice on a Wednesday instead of posting on a Sunday. Everyone has times they like to post, i have tried different times of the day but the afternoon works best for me. In terms of actually writing up posts i used to do them on the day they would go up, i only do this because i have time to. As many of you know i have been on long term sick from an operation. It has only been the past two weeks i have been writing posts and scheduling them usually a week in advance. 

I have a Blogging Journal which has so much useful info for us bloggers and lots of space to write down ideas and keep up to date. Usually on a Sunday afternoon i will take five minutes to tick off posts i have done and write down any new ideas. 

I always take my blog photos in bulk. It just makes life that little bit easier. Especially if i have issues with a post it means i have a backup if needed. I upload them onto my laptop and then i will delete the ones i don't want. I will then edit them, all i do is brighten them. Personally i don't think you should need to do anymore than that as its creating an image that isn't yours. 
I recently posted about everything i use for my Blog Photography including Equipment and Setup. If you missed it click here

Scheduling tweets is a life saver! Even though i hate doing it, i just get so bored of scheduling them but it needs to be done. I usually sit on a Sunday afternoon and schedule around 3 days worth of tweets then half way during the week i will schedule some for the end of the week. When i schedule tweets i usually include that days posts, a couple from the archive and then a couple for my Bloglovin. I find there are that many people of twitter that the feed moves quick. I will also include the odd tweet with my Instagram and Pinterest links. I always use TweetDeck to schedule my tweets as there is no limit on how many tweets you can schedule.

Instagram, Pinterest & Other Social Media
I post twice a day on Instagram, usually one picture relating to my latest blogpost then some random ones. I have recently changed my photos on my blog to create more of a theme. I also pin every post of mine on my Pinterest boards. I haven't quite yet figured out how to use Pinterest to its full potential for my blog. I do have a Facebook page for my blog which i haven't posted on in a while but im going back to post each post on there as and when i post.

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation Review

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation Review

Make Up Forever is a brand i was always excited to try. I have had this foundation a while and i did order it online from overseas. Debenhams now sell Make Up Forever which will make it much easier to buy these products. The packaging is slightly different as i have had it a while and it was from overseas, this packaging is the same as Sephora but in the UK it is slightly different. The Make Up Forever Matt Velvet + Foundation had been on my radar for a long time. I had seen so many YouTubers raving about how good it is for us oily skinned girls. 

The foundation comes in a small plastic squeezy tube. I don't mind the packaging but i do prefer ones which have a pump as i can see myself having to cut this open when im near the end. The foundation is oil free a\nd water resistant which is perfect for my skin. I have super oily skin with the odd dry patches on my cheeks now and again. One thing that did surprise me is that everyone said how high coverage this was but for me i would say it is medium coverage not full. When i apply this you can slightly see my freckles on my cheeks and breakouts do slightly show through. Once i have gone over with concealer they are covered. 

I first tried applying this with a flat top kabuki brush which didn't work at all, it looked horrendous! I then tried again with a beauty blender and it looked much more flawless. As i do like full coverage i go over the foundation with my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which adds that little extra coverage. I can confirm the claims of this keeping the oil at bay is true! I am so happy with how well this kept me matt and that it did last all day. I did have to try this with different primers to get the best results, i currently love wearing it with my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. 

The Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation retails for £29.00 from Debenhams. If you are looking for a medium coverage foundation that will keep you matte and looking flawless then this is for you. I definitely prefer this over the Make Up Forever HD Foundation.

Have you tried anything from Make Up Forever yet?

The Blogger Journal Everyone Needs

Monday, January 18, 2016

So im a little bit late at getting a diary this year. I have been searching online for a few weeks now trying to find one which would be perfect for blogging. I wanted something i had space to put some ideas in and things relating to posts. I had seen a couple i thought would do the job then someone (i can't remember who, SORRY) recommended this Blogger Journal on Twitter. It has been designed by a blogger which makes it even better. It was created by Stephanie from

Not only does this Journal have your normal everyday calendar but it also has plenty of extras which are perfect for us bloggers.

In the beginning of the Journal it has so many sections. It has the best times to post on social media, useful websites and apps, fail-safe blog post ideas, basics of Google Analytics, SEO and so much more. I will find these sections so useful to refer back to when im stuck and need some help.

At the beginning of every month there is a monthly view calendar and then you have your daily view. On each daily section there is a small tick box section at the bottom for you to tick off social media and when you have posted. Another thing i love is before each month there is a page with a sweet quote to keep you positive. 

It also has a monthly goals page which includes Goals To Accomplish, Site Improvements To Make and Traffic and Social Goals. This is a great way to look back during the month and see how far you are getting with your monthly goals. Another page i really like is Monthly Statistics where at the end of each month you can put in how many followers you have on social media platforms, page views, top keywords and more! 

I honestly couldn't be happier with this journal. It has everything and more than i expected. I have already ordered some planner stickers from Ebay. The Blogger Journal retails for £15.99 plus postage costs. I received mine within 3 days! 

Do you have a Blogger Journal or Diary?

Birthday Treats

Friday, January 15, 2016
High End Makeup Haul

On Sunday i turned 24! Yes 24! Half way to 48! I have a funny thing with age i always think oh im half way to this or im nearly at this. Im weird haha. I hadn't really asked for anything for my birthday as i got what i wanted at Christmas. It is such a pain having your birthday two weeks after Christmas. I thought i would share some of the treats i got. I will do some reviews on some of these products individually. 

Lets start with the MAC Goodies i got. I am obsessed with MAC so i was happy i got the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation as i had ran out last year. Im an NW20 in the Pro Longwear but i am an NW15 in the Studio Fix, i have gone super pale since being bed bound and stuck indoors since my operation. I also got the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which is perfect timing as i have nearly ran out of my current one. Lastly i got the MAC Pan Eyeshadow "All That Glitters" this is such a pretty girly shade. 

One product i have been wanting to try for so long is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have been wanting it for so long and i will definitely be doing a comparison of this and the Urban Decay Naked Concealer. My boyfriend also got me the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. It smells amazing and the shades are super pigmented. I was in desperate need for some new makeup sponges so i got two Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges and also the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Moisturiser

Lastly i got a few bits from KIKO. I have been wanting the KIKO Mat Mousse Foundation which i have already used and im loving it. One of their new releases is the KIKO Radiant Fusion Powder, it is really pretty. I will be doing a haul on the KIKO products i got. The last product i got is the KIKO Velvet Mat Lipstick in the shade 101. 

Im so happy with all of the makeup bits i got and can't wait to try them all out and do some posts for you guys. 

My Personalised Phone Case | GoCustomized Iphone Case Review*

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Personalised Photo Phone Case

GoCustomized Iphone Case

I am the kind of girl that is obsessed with phone cases. I don't know what it is but i just like to buy different kinds of cases. I was recently contacted asking if i would like to collaborate with them. I was super excited to have my very own personalised phone case

GoCustomized are a fairly new business which started up in 2012. They have grown massively and have a huge range of products including Iphone Cases, Ipad Cases, Samsung Cases and many more. You can also choose from a range of cases including hard cases and soft cases. You also have the option to choose from some of the pre-made cases or you can design one yourself whether it be a photo or something you make. 

I wanted something different and something that was personal to me. I have always wanted a phone case with a personal photo on. But i couldn't narrow it down to just one. I picked some of my favourite photos including me and friends, me and family and me and the other half. GoCustomized tells you the measurements so i went away and put together my photos using Picmonkey and then uploaded the image onto GoCustomized. Once i did this it showed me a preview of my iPhone 5s case so i could see if i needed to make any changes. I opted for the Iphone 5s Soft Case which comes in white,black or transparent. I picked white as i thought it would look good against my photos. 

As soon as my parcel arrived i tore it open and fell in love. Even though it is a soft case the back is quite solid and has a shiny feel on the photos so they won't rub off or get marked. The case isn't flimsy at all like some soft cases which is perfect as it keeps your phone secure which is ideal if like me you are constantly dropping your phone. 

This case retails for £14.95 which i think is a bargain for your very own personlised phone case. Postage is free via royal mail. Prices do vary depending on what product you get and what design you pick.

What would you get on your very own personalised phone case?

New Release: Seventeen Long Lash Mascara Review*

Seventeen is definitely one of my favourite brands. I have mentioned their products so many times on my blog i just can't get enough. I have been lucky enough to work with Seventeen on a few occasions and they recently asked me would i like to trial a product they have just released. It is the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara. Mascara's are that one product i am super fussy with. I have such short lashes and struggle to find a mascara that actually lengthens them. 

I love the packaging of the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara, it is sleek and simple. The wand itself is quite thin with small bristles. I found this so easy to use, the shape of the wand makes it really easy to reach those tiny lashes on the inner corner of your eye. I applied one coat left it a few seconds and then applied a second coat. I was shocked at how much length it had added to my lashes. It didn't clump nor did it smudge. Is it just me or do you notice with some mascara's as the day goes on the shade of the mascara isn't as black, it goes a bit dull? Well this one doesn't! The colour stays extremely black all day until you take it off. I removed this with my Garnier Micellar Water and it came off easy and didn't feel like it pulled. 

Seventeen have done it again, producing another amazing product. As you can see from my Before and After pictures, this mascara definitely works. If like me you have short lashes this will be perfect for you! The Seventeen Long Lash Mascara retails for £6.99 and it only launched on the 31st December 2015. It is now available in Boots stores. 

You can also find Seventeen on:
Twitter - LINK
Instagram - LINK
Facebook - LINK

My Blog Photography Equipment & Setup

Monday, January 11, 2016

Blog photography is definitely not my strong point. Up until Christmas i had been using my Iphone 5s to do all of my blog photos! I have been blogging over a year now but as many of you know i am on long term sick so affording a camera hasn't been an option for me. This Christmas my boyfriend got me not only a camera but lots of other bits to help improve my photography. Since doing my What I Got For Christmas Beauty & Other Bits Post alot of you have asked me to do a post on all the photography bits he got me. 

I was over the moon when he surprised me with my camera. I had no clue what he was getting me so it really meant alot. As im new to camera's and all that i didn't want an over the top camera as i want to learn about things first and go from there. He got me the Nikon Coolpix L840 which is an amazing camera. He got me it in red which i love, it really stands out. It can also come in black. The camera is perfect for blogging as it has a 38x optical zoom with Full HD, 16 megapixels, records videos in Full HD, 3 Inch Screen on the back which extends out, WIFI Connection and many different settings for photos. If you read my What I Got For Christmas post you will have seen my close up picture of my Michael Kors watch, it shows how well this camera is at close ups!

Secondly he got me a tripod as i want to get back into my YouTube Channel. I haven't posted in quite a few months due to my operation but i hope to get back into it soon. He got me the Velbon EF-41 Tripod which is perfect for us beginners. I love how it can be used at different heights, the max height is 1.46m which will make perfect for when i film. It is suitable for compact, compact system & DSLR cameras. Your camera twists on so it is secure and then you are good to go. You can tilt the camera so it points downwards, perfect for blog photography and you can change the angles and direction. 

Lastly he got me a Light Box. I had been moaning about this for a while as we all know the natural lighting is useless in winter. I didn't think he would have listened to me or even knew what i was on about but he did. The Light Box Kit is perfect. Once opened it turns into this white box with a black background. In the set i got  white,red and blue changeable backgrounds. You also get two lights and a small tripod stand. I use this box in two different ways. I keep it as the box shape but then i also take it down so only two sides are up and i can still use the natural lighting. It all depends what the natural light is like and what pictures i am taking. The extra backgrounds you get are wipe-able which is perfect incase i spill any makeup. 

I have already had so much fun taking new pictures with all my new equipment. I really hope i can improve my photography this year. I will also be doing a post on how to do blog photography on your Iphone for those like me who couldn't afford a camera or don't want to pay alot when you are just starting out. The above photos of my camera were all taken with my iPhone. If you would be interested in me doing anymore posts in more detail on what i find useful for blog photos or how i do mine then let me know in the comments below.

Best Beauty Products Of 2015

Friday, January 08, 2016

You may have already read my "Best Skincare Products of 2015" post which i posted a few days ago, if not click here to have a read. Im now moving onto my Best Beauty Products of 2015. This year has got to be the year where i have bought the most beauty products. There have been so many to choose from but i have managed to narrow it down to my top 10.

My obsession lies with concealers and foundations. I own far too many but i still want more! My two favourites for very different reasons are the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. I have been using the Urban Decay Concealer even before it started getting all the blogger hype. I have this in a lighter shade to my skin tone as i find it perfect to highlight with. I find it isn't enough coverage for my under eyes but to highlight it is perfect. The Maybelline concealer is just heaven. I use this under my eyes and it covers my extremely dark circles, it isn't heavy and it doesn't crease. 

Considering i own over 30 foundations i found it quite easy to pick my favourite two from this year. I am loving the drugstore Bourjois Air Mat Foundation which was only released a few months ago. This is full coverage, blends well, doesn't feel heavy and it definitely keeps me matte all day! The high end foundation i've been loving is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation which i didn't expect to love it as much as i do. It is medium buildable coverage, perfect colour match and i was surprised at how well it works with my oily skin. 

As i have oily skin i always have to powder all over my face but im really fussy with powders. The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder is just perfection. I have been using this all year as its just that good. It keeps me matte, i apply it again during the day and love that it doesn't go cakey or make me look like im wearing powder. Another one loved by bloggers is the Vichy Dermablend Finish/Setting Powder. I got sent this a while ago and have re purchased it since. I mainly now use this to bake when im contouring or just to set my under eyes as it really brightens them. 

Moving on to the all important part of my makeup routine... Contouring! I am an NW20 in MAC so i am a little pale which makes finding the perfect contour shades a right pain in the bum, but i can finally say i have done it. The Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick Duo comes with the contour & highlight shades. I have this in the shade fair and the contour shade works amazingly well. It blends like a dream especially if i use my mini duo fibre brush. I then go over it with the MAC Matte Blush in Harmony. Again it is perfect for us pale skinned girls. I do sometimes use this on its own to contour. 

Down to my last two products! A few months ago i ordered this Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette from Ebay for approximately £15 including postage. I have used this pretty much everyday since! The shades are just stunning. You can see swatches on my full review i did here. Lastly is Essence Lipsticks! I picked a couple of these up a while ago and instantly fell in love with how creamy they are. The shades are gorgeous.

That's it, that is all of my favourite products for 2015. What has been your favourite product?

What I Got For Christmas Part Two | Beauty & Other Bits

Friday, January 01, 2016
Beauty Gifts

Part two of my "What I Got For Christmas" is finally here! I posted on Wednesday my Disney Edition of what i got as i did get alot of unique Disney Gifts. I thought i would mix this post up and include beauty & other bits i got. 

My best friend got me such a cute set of drawers which i have on my dresser and it looks adorable! She also got me a jam jar style cup which says "I wish it was wine"! She knows me well! My mum also got me one of these which says "Unicorn Fan Club"! I also got quite a few patterned notebooks, i am slightly obsessed. My candle collection is also starting to grow and my windowsill is getting quite full! I have been buying single Zoeva brushes as i know i won't use half of the ones that come in sets. For Christmas i got the Zoeva 106 Powder Brush and Zoeva 230 Pencil Brush. I am so excited to add these to my ever growing collection.

Beauty wise i didn't ask for much as it is my Birthday in just over a week so i will buy myself what i want or ask for it as a present. I did get the Benefit Blush set which includes 4 blushers and the Hoola Bronzer, the eyeliner and mascara. I also got 5 MAC Eye Shadow Pans inc Haux, Brulee, Blackberry, Plum Dressing & . I already have MAC Cranberry which i love. My mum got me MAC Brave Lipstick which i have wanted for so long! I had never tried a MAC Lipstick until 6 months ago and i now own six! My Boyfriend got me the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which yes it really does smell like chocolate! Lastly my boyfriends mum got me the NO7 Eye Shadow Palette which includes some gorgeous shades. I was amazed at the size of these shadows. 

Womens Michael Kors Purple Face Rose Gold Watch

Nikon Coolpix L840 Camera

I know you see these pictures going round saying wait for the Michael Kors watch etc but i don't care. My parents got me this watch for the rough year i have had with my leg. It is a rose gold watch with a lilac face. I love something different and didn't want the all over rose gold so the lilac face is just stunning. Lastly i am so happy to say my Boyfriend got me a camera, light box and a huge tripod. I have been using my Iphone 5s to blog as most of you know i have been on long term sick from work so a camera was never affordable. Im in absolute love with this camera. I will be doing individual reviews of some of the products once i have had chance to use them.

What was your favourite present this year???