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Monday, November 16, 2015

Tickled Pink With Diet Coke | Cancer Awareness*

Diet Coke Tickled Pink Cancer Awareness Can

Diet Coke Tickled Pink Cancer Awareness Drink

Tickled Pink Cancer Awareness

Tickled Pink is a well known charity supporting Breast Cancer Campaign and Breast Cancer Care for over 17 years. It is a brand we all know and love and show our support in many different ways. When i was contacted saying Diet Coke are teaming up with Tickled Pink by creating a special Tickled Pink Diet Coke Can which is now stocked in Asda stores. 

Asda are well known for supporting the charity from clothing to accessories and more. Asda are stocking 15 can multi-packs which retail at £4.43 and 40p from every pack will go towards Tickled Pink. The cans have the pink ribbon logo with Tickled Pink and Asda in pink. 

Tickled Pink started 17 years ago and they have already raised a huge £40million for Breast Cancer. Not everyone can afford to donate a huge amount so buying things like the Diet Coke Tickled Pink Multi Pack helps. As they say every little helps. You don't have to know someone that has suffered from Breast Cancer to support it, it is there for everyone and anyone to help support in any way they can. 

I love how such a big brand as Coca Cola have teamed up with Tickled Pink showing their support. The Diet Coke Tickled Pink Multi Packs are limited edition packs so go and buy them whilst you can!

If you would like any further information then visit follow @DietCokeGB on Twitter. 

Do what you can to help support Tickled Pink and help them raise money everyday!


  1. Loving these photos - everything looks gorgeous and I think it's so lovely to see brands coming together like this for such a great cause! :)

    Layla xx

  2. This is a really cute idea! I love it when big brands get on board with little campaigns like this. Good on them!

    Robyn /

  3. So amazing when big brands team up to support a charity!

  4. Ah that's great, if they're in Ireland I'll definitely get a few!

  5. love your support! :)

    love the blog! please take the time to check out mine and maybe even follow! no pressure though! :)
    have a great week!
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  6. A great concept and a cute can! <3

  7. Such a great cause to be supporting!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  8. Such a great post especially for a great cause!
    Your photography is also amazing! :)
    Sarah x


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