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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Perfect Contour Product

MAC Harmony Blush

Yes its been two years since Kim K made us all go wild for contouring and yes two years later i am still obsessed. Finding the perfect contour shade is alot harder than you would expect. This last year i have ditched the fake tan and embracing being pale. Im an NW20 in MAC which makes it hard to find contour shades to work well. Alot of contour shades even in the "light" kits are all very orange based. I do contour on a daily basis which may sound ridiculous but most days i just do subtle contour which looks extremely natural then other days i prefer the full on "look at my cheekbones" kind of contour. 

I have tried many contour products including Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, Seventeen's Define & Conquer Kit and more but nothing seemed to hit the spot right. I recently came across a product you wouldn't expect as a contour product. It is the MAC Powder Blush in Harmony which is a matte shade. MAC describe this shade as a "muted rose-beige brown". As soon as i opened the packaging i could tell it wasn't as dark and orange looking as most contour products. It is a very light brown which looks lovely on my skin tone if i do say so myself! When im wanting a more subtle/natural contour i use my duo fibre brush and lightly swirl this around along my cheekbone and forehead. It definitely warms up my complexion whilst still looking natural and not harsh. 

For the days i want to look like Kim K i use my Dupe Nars Contour Brush which was a bargain buy! If you want to know more about the budget version Nars Dupe check out my Bargain Budget Brushes post. This product can be built up without looking muddy. I found after using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer i noticed it began to look a little muddy. I think this definitely works with paler skin tones and looks natural as MAC said it has a rose-beige undertone which blends perfectly with pale skin. 

Hallelujah i have finally found my perfect contour shade! The MAC Powder Blush retails for £18.50 which yes it is expensive but when a product works as well as this you can't grumble. 

What is your favourite contour product?


  1. This sounds lovely! I am super fair and this would be perfect for contouring! Thank you for sharing!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Yesss, I've used Harmony for a while, I absolutely love it to contour with. Great for us pale princesses ;)

    Sarah | <3

  3. This sounds like a brilliant find! I'm currently using the MUR contour palette for contouring with but I'm planning on adding Illamasqua's Harmony to my collection next.

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  4. I've heard a lot about this shade but never gave it a good look. I think it looks like the perfect contour shade, especially since it isn't orange at all.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  5. It sounds great :)

  6. I don't actually have anything specifically meant for contouring, I had a Sleek contouring palette a while ago but it was rubbish. I find just using whatever random liquid products like foundation I have lying around works better.

  7. I love using this blush for contouring, it works so nicely with my skin tone.

    Thirteen Thoughts

  8. I don't usually bother with contouring as I'm so rubbish at it! These products look fab though x

  9. The colour looks absolutely stunning! I didn't catch though, do you like hoola or not really? I've been thinking of buying this for myself this Christmas
    Mac do know how to make good products for sure!
    Glad you've found the perfect shade haha))

  10. I definitely need this in my life! x


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