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Friday, October 16, 2015

Black Swan Halloween Makeup Look Tutorial

It's October which means it is Halloween month! Most of you will probably be going out or have parties and be dressing up for the occasion so this year i thought i would do a Halloween makeup look which is super easy. I didn't want to go with the typical cat face so i went for a Black Swan Makeup Look which is perfect for Halloween. You can adapt it any way you like. 

For The Base I Used:
White Face Paint
Grey Eyeshadow 
White Loose Powder

I found it best to apply the white face paint with a damp beauty blender/sponge to create a flawless finish. I did try with a brush but it went very streaky! Apply enough to cover your face, eyes and neck. I left it to set in for a few minutes and then applied my Vichy Loose Powder with my Real Techniques Powder Brush. I thought as my face is white i didn't want to use normal contour products so i used my KIKO 238 Eyeshadow which is a grey shade which was perfect to contour with. You can definitely do a more harsh contour as its Halloween! 

For The Eyes I Used:
Black Eyeliner
Purple, Red & Black Eyeshadow's

The main part of the look is the eyes. I used my Seventeen Wet Look Liner which has amazing staying power! This liner is the glue that holds this look together. I used this to create the outline from my inner brow down my nose, my tear duct to my nose and then created outward strokes to create the feather affect. I then used the liner to create small feather strokes along the outline and on top of my brows. This liner is perfect with the brush being small and helps create perfect lines. Once dried i then went in with a deep purple and red from my Revealed 3 Palette filling in odd spaces between the liner sections. I also covered my whole lid with the deep purple shadow and lined my bottom lashes using the purple & red shades and blended out. You want to try a create a magpie/crow bird look.

For The Lips I Used:
Purple Lipstick
Black Eyeshadow 

I used my Topshop The Damned Lipstick which is a gorgeous purple shade. I then went in with a black shadow from my Revealed 3 Palette and applied it on the corners of my lips using a small lip brush and dragged it into the center of my lips.

What are your favourite Halloween looks?


  1. This is amazing! Oh my god. I can barely apply lipstick let alone that!

  2. AMAZING work!!
    Looks SO good, Emma. Well done :)
    I did Medusa last yr and my saviour had to be sealing gel from illamasqua. I created scales using eyeshadow and sealed them with the sealing gel and they stayed for over 12 hours. I highly recommended that and the make up revolution aqua seal for a cheaper option.
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

    1. Thank you! I will have to have a look :) I love creating different looks x

  3. This is amazing Em! You look incredible, I would've never thought about a black swan for halloween but it's fab!

    Robyn /

  4. Love love love this! It turned out so good x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

    1. Thank you sweetie! Thought i would try something different :) x

  5. That is amazing!!! I love it!

  6. This looks ace

  7. I love your blog! Have a nice weekend:)

  8. You're really talented, the makeup looks gorgeous, and I find it perfect for halloween!

  9. Hi Emma,

    This looks great, my friend is dressing up as this for Halloween so will definitely show her this, I am pleased to say I'm getting back to blogging and I look forward to being in touch again

    London Beauty Blog

  10. I love the feathered look of this! I couldn't get my face paint to go on normally with a brush either was so hard! Never thought of black swan, so thank you for the idea!! xx

    Tamz |

  11. This looks amazing and you've made it look so easy to recreate!
    Laura x

  12. The details on your eyes is amazing and this has made me so excited to do my Halloween make up

    Leanne |

  13. Wow this looks amazing! I love how you've done the eyes! Xx

  14. You have great make up skills! This is insane, and the feather effect is amazing! :) xx


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