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Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Scary Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Scary Clown Blood Mouth Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Im back! It's been a week since my last blogpost due to moving house and i only got the internet back yesterday. My blog routine will now be back in full force and to start it off i thought i would share my second Halloween look, my Scary Clown Halloween Makeup. I have to admit i am so happy with how this turned out and it is super easy to recreate!

The Base:
White Loose Powder

For this look i kept my base natural like a normal makeup routine. I applied my primer to ensure the makeup stays on longing especially if you are wearing a look like this for a party or night out. I then applied my foundation in one of my paler shades to give a natural skin look. Keep it basic as the rest of the work is all in the eyes and lips.

The Eyes:
Navy Eyeshadow
Black Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow
Grey Eyeshadow
Green or Blue Eyeshadow
Liquid Liner in Black
Cotton Buds

The great thing about the eyes is you don't have to worry about being neat! I decided i wanted my eyes to have a bruised effect rather than the typical bright clown eyes. I applied a Light Grey eyeshadow as my transition shade and the a Dark Navy all over my lid. Each time i applied a shadow i would blend with my Sigma E40 Blending Brush. Add a Light Purple then a Dark Purple in the crease and outer corners. Each time you apply a shade blend it down and under your eye. Keep repeating this process with all four shades used so far. On the inner corners of your eyes go in with the Dark Purple,Navy and Light Purple shadows. Build up so this is really dark but still showing each shade. Again bring down under your eye. Above my crease i then go back in with the Grey and Navy to blend out. I added a light shade to my brow bone and also Light Blue to create a better affect. 

Under your eyes should imitate the top. I then used a cotton bud using a sweeping motion across the shades under my eye to blend out more. Then wet your cotton bud and carry on the sweeping motion whilst slightly going lower and dragging it down. 

I then used a Black Liner over my brows adding in Black Eyeshadow . Using a Liquid Black Liner starting from the brow upwards to create a line. Whilst the liner is still wet use a cotton bud to drag it further. Following the line from your brow do the exact same for under the eye. 

The Lips:
Red Lipstick
Red Face Paint Crayons
Black Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow
Fake Blood

Begin by lightly drawing an extra long smile line either side of your mouth. I used a Grey Face Paint Crayon. Once the line is created apply your Red Lipstick as normal. I then used the Red Face Paint Crayon going back and forth along the smile lines, blending as i go. Bring the red crayon down smudging it with your finger. The messier the better! Use the Black and Purple Eyeshadow's in the corners of your lips and gently across the smile lines, don't forget to blend! 
Now its time for the messy part! Using your Fake Blood i found best to apply onto a sponge and then onto my face, dabbing it in the areas i wanted. Build up bit by bit and then you can go crazy and pour a small amount onto your finger and let it dribble down on from the smile lines. Using some tissue dab ever so slightly on certain areas to create dry blood. 

Psst.. Don't forget to add a red dot on your nose to finish off the clown look! It does take time to create this look but its an amazing look for Halloween!

Did you see my Black Swan inspired Halloween Look? CLICK HERE

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter Light Boost Review

Monday, October 19, 2015

MAC Prep and Prime Light Boost Review
MAC is definitely one of my favourite brands. Every product I have tried I have loved and the MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter is definitely right at the top. I have tried many drugstore highlighters and not been impressed so I decided to splurge on this one from MAC. 

I picked the shade Light Boost which is yellow toned. I am an NW20 in MAC Foundations so I like to go the opposite to highlight, hence picking a yellow shade. This highlighter is available in four shades including Radiant Rose (Light Shell Pink), Bright Forecast (Mid Tone Peachy Coral) and Peach Lustre (Bronzey Orange). At £19.00 this is definitely not a cheap highlighter. I ordered online and when it arrived I have to say I was really impressed with the size of the product. Drugstore highlighter pens are quite thin whereas this one is very chunky and you get alot of product. 

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter Light Boost Swatch

Is it worth the hype?
Yes! Definitely Yes! I am so in love with this highlighter I won't use anything else. You twist the bottom for the product to come out and apply with the brush applicator. I find one twist pretty much covers everywhere I want it to. I usually apply under my eyes in a upside down triangle, my nose, chin and forehead. It really brightens up my face and under eyes. I apply a white or translucent powder on top using the baking method which really makes a huge difference. Some people do use this as a concealer but it is extremely light coverage, it is designed to brighten and be more of a highlight. I apply this on top of concealer to brighten area's more.

Overall it is the best liquid highlighter I have ever used. £19.00 may seem alot of money but when a product works as well as this its worth it. 

Budget Beauty | Makeup Dupes/Alternatives

Urban Decay Naked Concealer Dupe

Benefit POREfessional Primer Dupe

Who doesn't love a good budget buy? Especially in the makeup/beauty industry products can become super expensive and not in everyone's price range. Voucher Codes Pro very kindly asked me to work with them on another project which including me picking out a few beauty buys which i would class as "Dupes or Alternatives" and help save you a small buck as they say. 

Everyone loves to save a bit of money where they can. Voucher Codes Pro have come up with a series of posts which include ways to save money on Beauty Products including DIY Lip Plumpers, DIY Honey Face Mask, Dupes & More.

I decided to include two dupes which you can read all about and see why i class them as a dupe over on the Voucher Codes Pro Beauty on a Budget post. Other bloggers have also contributed including their budget buys/dupes including dupes for Makeup Forever, Hourglass and more!

Black Swan Halloween Makeup Look Tutorial

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's October which means it is Halloween month! Most of you will probably be going out or have parties and be dressing up for the occasion so this year i thought i would do a Halloween makeup look which is super easy. I didn't want to go with the typical cat face so i went for a Black Swan Makeup Look which is perfect for Halloween. You can adapt it any way you like. 

For The Base I Used:
White Face Paint
Grey Eyeshadow 
White Loose Powder

I found it best to apply the white face paint with a damp beauty blender/sponge to create a flawless finish. I did try with a brush but it went very streaky! Apply enough to cover your face, eyes and neck. I left it to set in for a few minutes and then applied my Vichy Loose Powder with my Real Techniques Powder Brush. I thought as my face is white i didn't want to use normal contour products so i used my KIKO 238 Eyeshadow which is a grey shade which was perfect to contour with. You can definitely do a more harsh contour as its Halloween! 

For The Eyes I Used:
Black Eyeliner
Purple, Red & Black Eyeshadow's

The main part of the look is the eyes. I used my Seventeen Wet Look Liner which has amazing staying power! This liner is the glue that holds this look together. I used this to create the outline from my inner brow down my nose, my tear duct to my nose and then created outward strokes to create the feather affect. I then used the liner to create small feather strokes along the outline and on top of my brows. This liner is perfect with the brush being small and helps create perfect lines. Once dried i then went in with a deep purple and red from my Revealed 3 Palette filling in odd spaces between the liner sections. I also covered my whole lid with the deep purple shadow and lined my bottom lashes using the purple & red shades and blended out. You want to try a create a magpie/crow bird look.

For The Lips I Used:
Purple Lipstick
Black Eyeshadow 

I used my Topshop The Damned Lipstick which is a gorgeous purple shade. I then went in with a black shadow from my Revealed 3 Palette and applied it on the corners of my lips using a small lip brush and dragged it into the center of my lips.

What are your favourite Halloween looks?

BlanX Teeth Whitening Giveaway NOW CLOSED

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Blanx Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Review

Blanx Teeth Whitening Kit Review

 Blanx Teeth Whitening Before and After Results

Who doesn't want a whiter smile? Teeth Whitening is something i have always wanted to do but always thought you had to splash the cash to get decent results. I was recently asked if i would like to try BlanX Teeth Whitening products so of course i said yes. BlanX very kindly sent me double of each product so i could hold a giveaway for all my lovely readers!

What I Received & What Is Up For Grabs...
BlanX Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment (inc Tooth Colour Chart) 30ml
BlanX Classic Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
BlanX Intensive Stain Removal Toothpaste 75ml
BlanX Advanced Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

Over the last ten days i have been experimenting with the products and i have to say i am amazed at the results. With each product it states to brush your teeth twice a day. So i decided to use one in the morning and a different one in the evening. 

I used the BlanX Classic Whitening Toothpaste in the morning. I brush my teeth for that little bit longer to make sure it has long enough to be effective. This one definitely has the taste like when you go to the dentist! But once brushed it is fine. I then brushed my teeth with BlanX Intensive Stain Removal Toothpaste which i thought after eating all day and drinking it was best to use this one if the evening to get the best results. The stain removal toothpaste doesn't taste as strong as the Advanced Whitening one. 

Every couple of days instead of using the stain removal toothpaste i would use the BlanX Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment which has a more runny/loose texture compared to the toothpastes. I brushed my teeth as normal like i did with the other products. At first i wasn't sure if i could tell the difference but when i compared Day 1 and Day 10 photos the difference was impressive! My teeth are definitely looking whiter with the help of these products. I can't wait to keep using them and see further results!

The products up for grabs are all shown in my photos above!

UK Only 
Complete The Rafflecopter Below
Must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be picked
I will contact the winner by email 
Giveaway Will Run For 3 Weeks Ending on Wednesday 4th November!


Essence Lipstick Collection & Swatches

Monday, October 12, 2015
Essence Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Essence Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Essence Lipsticks are definitely underrated. I currently own five from three different ranges including the Long Lasting Collection, Sheer & Shine and Nude Long Lasting range. The packaging is cute with the Essence logo imprinted onto each lipstick. The best part about these lipsticks is they all cost less than £2.50!! Absolute bargain! 

Also some exciting news Essence picked me as Blog-E Of The Month October! As you can see from my sidebar :) They picked me for this for my review of their XXL Lipgloss and they very kindly sent me a bundle of products which included one of these lipsticks mentioned in this post.

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks
Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Swatches

12 Blush My Lips - Long Lasting Collection | This is a bright pink which definitely adds a pop of colour to any look. The pigment is unreal for such a bargain buy.
(10 Shades Available)

07 Natural Beauty - Long Lasting Collection | This shade doesn't look as pigmented as Blush My Lips in the swatches but it definitely is more pigmented than it shows. It is a a dark nude shade with a dark pink undertone.
(10 Shades Available)

Essence Nude Long Lasting Lipsticks

Essence Nude Long Lasting Lipstick Swatches

04 Hidden Secret - Sheer & Shine Collection | A very light nude shade with a brown/beige undertone. As stated in the name it is a sheer & shine finish which is perfect for a natural look.
(13 Shades Available)

11 Nude Love - Long Lasting Collection | Nude Love is again a nude shade with a light pink undertone. This is definitely a girly shade with its slight hint of pink.
(10 Shades Available)

03 Come Naturally - Long Lasting Nude Collection | My favourite shade of the bunch. It is a dark nude/mauve shade. It is such a gorgeous Autumn Lipstick.
(4 Shades Available)

I am extremely impressed with the pigmentation and lasting power of these lipsticks. I can't wait to order more! I will also be including some of these in my Beauty & Stationary Giveaway the end of the month!

You can also buy these from any Wilkinson's Store and Online.

New Release: Bourjois Air Mat Foundation Review | Foundation Friday #4

Friday, October 09, 2015
Bourjois Air Mat Foundation Review

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation Review
Hearing that there is a new foundation release i am like a kid in a candy store. Foundations are my guilty pleasure. I own around 30-35 now which i know is obsessive.

Hi Im Emma and im a Foundation Addict! 

I have tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but find it isn't enough coverage for me and doesn't work with my oily skin. As soon as i heard Bourjois were bringing out a fuller coverage mat foundation i was so excited. 

As soon as this released i ordered it straight away. The Bourjois Air Mat Foundation comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is very different to all the other foundations they have as they all come in bottles with pumps. The packaging is simple which i like and its easy to use. I squeezed a small amount and applied all over my face using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I was amazed at how one layer gave me a full coverage look. Even though it is full coverage it definitely doesn't feel heavy and doesn't go cakey. I do always moisturise well and apply a primer which stops full coverage foundations from going cakey. 

I have tried many foundations but this one has really impressed me. I can't believe how flawless it looks. It has a mat finish which is pretty obvious in the name but even though its mat it doesn't feel drying at all. I applied my MAC Powder over the top and left it all day without touching up. 8am - 8pm i didn't touch up or anything and i have to say the results were pretty incredible. My skin still looked flawless, no shine or anything! The only thing i noticed was on my chin it started to wear away but i have extra oily skin so this is unbelievable for me. I have found my new holy grail foundation! I honestly cannot rave about this more!

You can buy the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation online for £9.99 or in Boots and Superdrug stores. 

Longer, Fuller Lashes in 7 Days! Before & After | Quickmax EyeLash Growth Enhancer Review*

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Quickmax EyeLash Growth Enhancer

Quickmax EyeLash Growth Enhancer

Quickmax EyeLash Growth Enhancer Before and After

Ever since i was 16 i had been wearing false eye lashes nearly every day! Even if i had to be up earlier to apply them before work i would do it. I suffer with extremely short lashes so false lashes were the best thing for me. Since i have gotten older i am sick of wearing falsies every day. When i was asked to try Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer i was very intrigued but i have to admit i was a little skeptical. 

So What Is It?
"Quickmax is a liquid which rejuvenates the growth cycle of your lashes or brows. It also builds up the tissue that anchors your lashes, so the tissue retains the lashes longer and gives them more time to grow"

How Does It Work?
Before applying i make sure my eyes and eyebrows are clean then every night before you go to sleep you apply this across your top lash line like you would an eyeliner. I have also been applying this to my bottom lash line and my brows. The thin applicator makes it super easy to apply the product. I do have sensitive eyes and i have had no reactions at all! 

Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer says you can start to see results after just one week but everyone is different so they recommend upto 4-6 weeks. 

Does It Work?
Yes! You can clearly see from my before and after pictures that my eyelashes definitely look longer and slightly fuller. Also i noticed a huge difference on my brows. The inner part of my eyebrows i struggle to grow hair and it always looks sparse but since using Quickmax you can clearly see the inner part of my brows look fuller in just one week! Each day i applied this product i wasn't sure if there was a big difference but since putting the before and after pictures together i am really shocked at the results. I am going to carry on using this product and can't wait for the results over a longer period of time. 

NOTE: In each before and after photo my brows and eyelashes have no products on them what so ever, i have taken each photo first thing in the morning as soon as i haven woken up. 

This product is slightly on the expensive side at £49.99 but it is a miracle product for me. To see a difference in just 7 days is amazing so you can only imagine the results after 6 weeks. You can read more about this product on the StyleLux Website by CLICKING HERE

Budget Beauty Blender | SammyDress*

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Budget Beauty Blender Dupe

Cheap Makeup Sponge

Beauty Blender Dupe

Beauty Sponges have become a must have over the last few years. It wasn't until this year i tried one and fell in love with them. Not every sponge works well and some can definitely make your makeup look worse! I have definitely trialed good and bad beauty sponges. I recently tried two sponges from SammyDress and i have to admit i wasn't sure if i would love or hate them. 

The first sponge i tried is the Candy Color Calabash Shaped Cosmetic Sponge which is a shape i have tried before so i was excited to try it out. The sponge has a hourglass kind of shape with the pointed tip and round base. One thing i love is the range of colours this sponge comes in. I chose the candy pink colour which is so cute! I have tried using this sponge both dry and wet and found each way worked well with different products. When dry it worked well when applying liquid/cream blushers. When the sponge was damp it really worked well applying foundation. It created an even finish which looked natural. The best part? This sponge is only £2.20 at the moment reduced from £4.79.

Next i tried the original style Soft Sponge Cosmetic Tear Drop Sponge which as it says is shaped in the tear drop shape like the original Beauty Blender. This also comes in a wide range of colours, i decided to pick purple. I was quite suprised with how soft this sponge is. I did find this one didn't expand in water as much as the other sponge but it still works just as well. I find the pointed tip makes it easy to blend concealer or apply powder under the eyes. This is another bargain at £2.16 reduced from £4.79.

Gel Nails In Less Than 10 Minutes | GELLED Led Nail Kit Review*

Monday, October 05, 2015
GELLED Led Nail Kit

GELLED Led Nail Kit

Gel Nail Polish

I am the type of girl who always has her nails done. It is just something that always makes me feel better. I taught myself how to do my own gel nails at home which definitely saved me alot of money but it definitely takes time. So when i was asked to try out the GELLED Led Nail Kit i couldn't say yes quick enough. The GELLED LED Nail Kit is my new favourite thing!

With this kit you can create Gel Nails at home in under 10 minutes! I have to admit at first i wondered how this was different to the normal way of gel nails which can take upto 1 hour. Well this kit includes a hand held nail lamp which can be plugged into your laptop or computer with the USB lead or you can use batteries. This is definitely something i have never heard of before so i was super excited to try it out.

What does the kit include? Well you get the hand held nail lamp, nail file, 30 foil wraps, 1 Cuticle Stick, Red Gel Polish and a Nude Gel Polish. You also get step by step instructions so it makes it really easy. I picked to start with the Nude Gel Polish. Before you start make sure you nails are clean and buff with the buffer provided and push back all cuticles. 

Natural Nails

Hand Held Gel Led Nail Lamp

Nude Gel Nails

Natural Gel Nails

The best part about the process is no base coat or top coat is needed! You apply a thin layer of polish and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds until dry. Then apply a second coat and repeat the 60 seconds in the nail lamp. Guess what? That's it! Yes that is all you need to do and you are left with a glossy gel set of nails. I am so impressed with how easy this is and how it can be done in under 10 minutes! With the lamp being connected by a USB to your laptop or with batteries it means this is perfect if you are on the go, on the train, needed nails done quickly, it is the most perfect kit! 

I have had this polish on for just over a week now and not one single chip! You do have to excuse my short horrible nails but it goes to show this polish really does last well. You can also use this kit on false nail tips if you want longer nails. You can buy these polishes in sets of 3 including Pastels, Party and Neon. The Nude and Red shades included in this kit you can buy those as single products. 

This kit retails for £59.95 but is currently on offer for £39.95 which is such a bargain. The kit is definitely high end and i can see why people will love it. If you would love to check out this kit and other polish shades available CLICK HERE to view.

My Top 6 Website's For Bloggers | Tips, Tricks & Blogger Help

Sunday, October 04, 2015
websites for bloggers

Now i have been blogging for a year i definitely have found websites that i stick to and use on a regular basis. As you know im doing my Top 6 Series and this week it is my Top 6 Website's For Bloggers. 

#1 - Editing Photos
When it comes to blogging i don't edit my photos that much as i don't think its right to edit your photos to make them something their not. I usually either crop my photos or slightly up the brightness and that is it. If you do more that's fine this is just my personal opinion. 

PicMonkey - This is one of my favourite sites. You can do so much from creating collages, editing photos, create blog headers and more. I create my own blog headers as i love to be created and most of them i have done on PicMonkey. You can upgrade and pay for more on PicMonkey but i find the free bits are fine.

BeFunky - Again pretty much the same as PicMonkey. I kind of go between the two sites. Both have some different fonts and some different options.

#2 Layout/Design
I love my blog and love creating my own little space. Since starting my blog i have been on long term sick from my job due to a major knee operation from a car accident. Due to this i am not able to spend a fortune so its good to find alternatives.

Etsy -  I am obsessed with this site. Etsy has hundreds of blog designs starting from £2 upwards. Some sellers will customize them to what you want and they are all very helpful over email if you want to make any changes. Etsy is also a great place if you want to buy header designs or social media buttons etc... Etsy is your place especially if your on a tight budget.

#3 Fonts
Fonts are something i haven't really thought about until recently and i definitely don't want to pay for them. 

DaFont - This site has hundreds of free fonts which you easily download onto your laptop/computer and then you can use them as you please. It is great if your creating your own header or fancying a new font on your images and so on.

#4 Blogger Help/Tips
When i first started blogging i new nothing and didn't know what to do so finding tips is definitely a big help. 

Carrie Loves - This website is amazing! She has tips on how to center headers and sidebars and pretty much anything you want help with is usually on her site somewhere. I have this website bookmarked incase i get stuck with anything.

#5 Social Media
Social Media is a huge part of blogging. Once you know how to make the most out of each platform it makes life so much easier.

Twitter - If you are a new blogger all i can say is Twitter is everything. The main part of twitter for me is the Blogger Chats which happen everyday. No matter what kind of blogger you are there will be a chat for you. I recently did a Blogger Twitter Chats Guide which includes chats, times and everything you need to know. (Link will be left below)

NOTE: All of the mentioned websites in this post are FREE to use

Winter Skincare | Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum*

Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum
Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum

Lately my skin has been suffering which i think is down to stress from my operation and being in alot of pain then also the changing weather doesn't help. My skin is usually extra oily but recently it has become dull, dry areas and just looks like it needs help. Serums are something i haven't used often until this year. I never really saw the need for them but i guess that was down to me not understanding what they were for! 

Autumn is here and it has kindly given us the treat of this cold weather! My skin definitely suffers in winter until now. This is where the Pestle and Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum comes in and plays its part. I have been testing out this serum for the last two weeks and i am definitely suprised with the results.

The Pestle and Mortar Serum claims to target fine lines, dullness and dehydration and giving your skin a natural healthy glow. With having oily skin it always makes me worry when putting "oils" on my face. This serum is clear in colour and doesn't have any kind of scent which i like. I hate those chemical smelling products! You get the "tear drop" applicator as i call it which you can easily judge the amount of product you use so you don't waste any. The serum applies like a dream, gently rubbing it into my skin slightly massaging it onto the dryer areas. One thing that suprised me is how quickly it sunk into the skin, it didn't leave a tacky/sticky base at all. From the first application i definitely noticed my skin felt more hydrated and my dry patches were still there but not as rough as they were. 

One week later my dry patches have completely gone! I had tried different moisturisers but nothing got rid of them until i used this serum. My mum had even said my skin looked really healthy and not as dull so its definitely working its magic!

This Hyaluronic Serum is slightly on the expensive side at £33 but it is definitely worth it! I would say it is the perfect winter skincare product. I can see this lasting me quite a few months too.

Foundation Friday #3: Seventeen Stay Time Full Coverage Foundation Review

Friday, October 02, 2015
Seventeen Stay Time Full Coverage Foundation Review

Seventeen Stay Time Full Coverage Foundation Review

Seventeen Stay Time Full Coverage Foundation Review

Its that time of the week again, Foundation Friday! Today's choice is the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation which is an absolute favourite of mine. Last week i did a comparison post on the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid, link will be left at the end of this post. 

So why is the Seventeen foundation my favourite drugstore foundation? The packaging is one thing i love. It comes in a plastic bottle with a pump which twists to lock and unlock. This makes it perfect for travelling as it isn't heavy and won't leak. Seventeen state this foundation is full coverage and lasts upto 25 hours wear. 

I apply with this with my Real Techniques Sponge or my Makeup Addiction Flat Top Buffer Brush which both create a flawless finish. Even though this foundation is full coverage it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. I find i can wear this when my skin is having a good or bad day as it covers up breakouts,blemishes & redness. You definitely don't need to build this up as one layer creates the full coverage look. It has a semi matte finish, doesn't dry out the skin, doesn't cling to dry patches and leaves a healthy glow to your skin.

I don't wear my foundation for 25 hours but this definitely stays put all day long! In the beginning i did find different primers worked better so try different ones until you figure out which one works best for you. Usually my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Primer keeps it last longer, i do have quite sensitive skin so this primer & foundation work well for me. I always set this foundation with my Seventeen Loose Powder. 

Overall this is definitely one of my most favourite foundations. I would say this works better for coverage and lasting power than the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. The Seventeen Stay Time Foundation retails for £6.49.