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Sunday, July 05, 2015

This Week I've Been... | Lifestyle

Lifestyle Blogpost

Lifestyle blogpost

I am a huge lover of baking which i haven't really shown on my blog yet but i have been thinking about introducing this side of me to my blog. I love baking cupcakes mainly and trying new kinds. This week i decided to give Jammy Dodger Cupcakes a go and i can say these have gone down a treat! A Jam filled center with buttercream icing and a jam sauce! 
Since leaving school 7 years ago (just felt really old saying that!) i have carried on my love of drawing. With the weather being hot i have enjoyed sitting in the garden just drawing away in my own little world.

Weekend Antics
Me and my other half decided to have a quiet weekend. We drove to our local prom and sat on the front eating chips with gravy watching the world go by. It is such a pretty view especially when it is clear across the bay. I made my homemade meatball pasta bake with garlic bread! My favourite food has to be Italian, i am obsessed. We also went for a drive to watch the sunset, we live only 5 minutes away from hills and mountains and you can get some amazing views and some up close wildlife! Baaaa Sheep!

Random Crap
I forgot to mention in last weeks Lifestyle post that i have tickets to see Jason Derulo in February next year. I am super excited and cannot wait to go. I also got a phone call to book my pre opp appointment which will be on the 17th July and hopefully my operation will be sometime in August. I have a long road ahead and probably won't be walking properly until after Christmas.

Blog Stuff
You may have recently noticed my blog template/layout has changed. I had been having alot of problems with my last layout and i am so much happier with this one, i think it looks alot cleaner & sleeker. I also placed a MAC order online as i received a voucher for free next day delivery & a free sample. 

Songs I Love This Week
Arches "New Love"
JoJo "Baby Its You"
Flo Rida ft Robin Thick "I Don't Like it, I Love it"


  1. I love little weekend trips out like that! Hope your op goes okay!

    Laura | ♥ xx

  2. Lovely post! Hope your operation goes well! x
    Claire |

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely week! Have you seen Jason Derulo before? I'm a big fan of his and saw him last year, he puts on a really good show so you won't be disappointed!

    1. No i haven't seen him before so i am really excited. I saw Usher a few years back and he was amazing x

  4. the cupcakes look so good!

    1. They are so yummy! I am making another batch soon x

  5. I really like your new layout and blog name :) I definitely want to get back into baking too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Thank you, the other one was useless wouldn't let me change anything easily. x

  6. Those cupcakes look delicious, I love Jammy Dodgers! Hope everything goes well for your op!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  7. Jammy Dodger cupcakes? SWOON! I noticed your layout and think it's great! You seem a great cook, and oh, Italian is yum!
    Hope you have a lovely week! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 


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