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MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms Review & Swatches

Thursday, July 30, 2015
MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms Review & Swatches

MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms Review & Swatches

MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms Swatches

MUA is a much loved brand. Every product is super affordable and such good quality. I recently picked up 3 shades of the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms from the Spring Collection. 

The shades i picked up include a coral, fuscia and light pink. I didn't expect the lip balms to be so pigmented! Usually balms have hardly any colour but these are amazing. The coral shade is Coral Reef which as you can tell is a gorgeous coral shade with incredible pigment. The second shade i picked up is French Violet which i thought i wouldn't love as much but its fast become my favourite of the three! As you can see from my swatch it is such a pretty colour but with it being a balm it means its not too bright so perfect for daytime wear. Lastly i got Pink Lilly as i wanted something subtle and it does just that. In the swatches above it looks very light but once applied onto the lips it gives a lovely sheen with a subtle hint of pink.

The MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms come in six shades so there is something for everyone. The balms are definitely buildable in colour and feel super smooth. I am so happy i picked these up and have been using them everyday! They retail for only £2.00, yes £2.00! Such an amazing bargain.

Have you tried any of these?

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette Review & Swatches

Monday, July 27, 2015
Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette Review

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette Review

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette Review & Swatches

Bronzer, Powder Blush,Cream Blush,Concealer,Luminizer,Brightener

I am very excited to say i finally own a Too Faced Product! I have been wanting to try this brand for so long as all the products look gorgeous, especially the packaging. I picked up the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette which has been on wishlist forever! The palette is just stunning. 

The Packaging
The packaging is super pretty and comes in this girly pink case. It is a metal compact case which includes a mirror built in and a leaflet of some different ways to contour and create different looks. I thought it was such a good idea to include this leaflet especially if you are unsure of how to use each product best. The compact is a good size but can still fit in your handbag or would be perfect to travel with. 

What Is The Product
The compact contains a bronzer, powder blush, cream blush, concealer, luminizer and brightener. I can honestly say each one of these will be getting used alot. I am not usually a cream blush fan but this colour is just too pretty not to use! The texture of each one is perfect. The bronzer looks stunning when applied and can give a really natural look but still looking defined. The only downfall i can say is that the concealer may be a shade too dark for me but if i apply this before foundation then it works perfectly as it blends amazingly well.

The Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette retails for £31.00 which is alot of money but it is worth every penny. When i have been eyeing this up i have been unsure due to the cost but you can really see the quality is high end from the packaging to the product itself. This is going to be in my daily makeup routine for a very long time!

Next on my wishlist from Too Faced is the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Lip Colour Bomb and Primed & Poreless Pure.

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection Review

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Models Own Polish For Tans Collection Review

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection Review

Models Own Polish For Tans Shades

Let me just begin by saying a big thank you to Models Own! I was recently contacted on instagram by Models Own saying how much they loved my instagram photo's. At first i just thought they were commenting saying they liked my pictures but then they asked for my address and next thing i received these gorgeous polish's in the post! They came in a lovely box with this lovely cartoon like paper which really stood out against the shades. I received 5 shades from the Models Own Polish For Tan Range

Each polish is brighter than normal so will really stand out. I absolutely love each shade! The Lilac and blue are definitely my favourites. When applying these polishes i noticed they looked more gel like and more shiny than your average polish. The finish really is stunning! 

The shades above from Left to Right are:
Malibu Pink: A pink/lilac shade perfect for any girly girl.
Turquoise Sea: Bright blue shade, one of my favourites!
Cocktail Hour: The picture above really doesn't do this shade justice, a bright reddish neon shade.
Sarong Wrap: Bright Neon Yellow perfect for on the beach.
Beach Hut: The brightest orange i own, would look amazing for a holiday!

If you are going on a holiday or enjoying the sun at home these shades are perfect for the summer! The finish is amazing and the colours are gorgeous! The collection includes 10 shades and all retail at £4.99 each.
What do you think of the Models Own Polish For Tans Range?

Summer Scents With Scent City*

Scent City Perfumes

Scent City Perfumes

I was recently contacted by Scent City an online Perfume Store which sells some amazing scents. They asked me to pick 3 samples i would like to try and i have to say it was hard to choose. One thing i loved was the website it self. The perfume's are put into sections so you have Ms Friendly,Ms Romance & more. Each section has a selection of perfumes. I picked my three from Ms Romance, Ms Friendly and Ms Classic. I can see why these are classed as rare scents as they include so many ingridients and smell amazing!

Annabelle by Shelly Kyle (Ms Friendly) | £30.00 50ml
This one has to be my favourite of the bunch. I'm very much so into floral/fruity scents and this one has that gorgeous floral accent to it. The perfume includes Honeysuckle, Pamplemouse, Blue Peony, Wild Lily of the Valley & Lime Blossom. It isn't a heavy in your face kind of scent which i what i look for. It has a light floral scent which i find perfect for summer. I can definitely see myself buying the 50ml bottle!

Early Roses by Teo Cabanel (Ms Romance) | £99.00 100ml 
This is definitely that romantic scent. This perfume includes Rose, Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Musk, Amber & Woods. This perfume very much reminds me of the Dior Perfumes even when i wore this my mum thought i was wearing a Dior one! It is such a gorgeous scent.

Orangers En Fleurs by Houbigant (Ms Classic) | £99.00 100ml
This perfume is said to be a celebration of the Orange Tree. I have to say this is my least favourite of the three. It is a little strong for what i like. This scent includes Orange Blossom, Egyptian Jasmine, Nutmeg & more. The scent reminds me of the Chanel No5. 

Some amazing scents and i can definitely see myself using this website for Christmas Gifts as they sell for men and women. Some of the bottles are absolutely stunning! Each of the above are pictured below. You should definitely check out the Scent City Website and find your Niche Scent!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation & Concealer Review

Monday, July 20, 2015
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer Review and Swatches

MAC bases are some of my favourites as I find they work well with my skin. I have previously owned the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer but I dropped it and smashed it! Luckily it was nearly empty otherwise I would have cried! I have been testing out the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation for the past few weeks and finally thought I would review the duo for you.

The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 is my holy grail product. It is the fullest coverage concealer I have tried without it feeling heavy. I always go a few shades lighter as I love to use this to highlight with aswel as conceal. It is quite a runny liquid and one pump is more than enough. I find it conceals my dark under eye circles, it doesn't crease and it lasts all day. I find this applies well using your fingers, stipple brush or a beauty sponge. Alot of people compare this to the LA Girl Pro Concealer but for me it isn't even close, you can read my comparison post HERE

The MAC Pro Longwear Foundation has been on my wishlist for some time. I also own the MAC Studio Fix Foundation which is full coverage and but can be quite thick so it isn't ideal for Summer. One thing I loved right off the bat about the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation is that it comes with a pump! I have oily skin, freckles on my cheeks, slight blemishes on my chin and I get the odd breakout. I applied this foundation using my Makeup Addiction The Buffer Brush which gave me more coverage compared to using a makeup sponge. The coverage is medium, you can slightly see my freckles on my cheeks, it covered my blemishes and looked lovely. I found when I had a breakout it clung to it rather than covering it. Another thing that impressed me is how long this lasted on a hot day and didn't go patchy. It contains SPF 10. I do think this foundation I would mainly use in the summer as I do prefer a fuller coverage in Winter. 

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer Swatches NW15 NW20

Using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and MAC Pro Longwear Foundation together create the perfect amount of coverage and a flawless finish. I much prefer using a flat top kabuki brush or a buffer brush as if you use a beauty blender it really sheers out the foundation. Overall I absolutely love both of these products and will 100% keep repurchasing them.

My Secret & Why i Started Blogging | Lifestyle

Sunday, July 19, 2015
This post won't be of interest to everyone but i felt it was time to explain a few things and how it will effect me blogging in the next few months. If some of you follow me on twitter you may have noticed i have mentioned hospital appointments so i have done this for people to understand.

Ok lets start from the beginning...

What Happened...
Quite a few years ago i was hit by a car which luckily only caused damage to my leg. A couple of years after the accident i was told i needed an operation on my knee to fix it. After the operation i knew something wasn't right. It took me over 3 months to recover and ever since that operation my knee has been swollen everyday and never goes down. I went back to my GP and was told everything was fine. Shortly after my knee began to give way and i would fall. This became a regular thing and more and more often. I kept going back to my gp who finally referred me to the hospital. I had x rays which same back fine and was told again nothing was wrong! You know your knee giving way and falling every month is not normal. 

In June last year my knee finally gave way again but this time i knew it was bad. I had fallen and haven't been able to walk without a crutch since. A few weeks after the fall i was referred to my hospital and once again told nothing was wrong and the words they used were "It is like diabetes you have to learn to live with it". Im sorry but a knee giving way and especially not being to walk without a crutch is not normal. I was then referred to someone else who said they do not deal with knees and because it is a complicated case i need referring to a specialist hospital which is 1 hour from where i live. 

What Will Be Happening...
When my appointment at the specialist hospital came i was a little skeptical thinking i would be fobbed off again. This consultant told me within 10 minutes what was wrong and that i should of been sent to him 3 years ago. In the end it has come to surface that all of my nerves in my knee are damaged, i have ligament damage and some further damage. I am having to have surgery on my knee for them to correct everything and put screws into my knee. My consultant has told me i won't be walking without a crutch for at least another 6 months. I am currently having to wear a leg brace everyday. After my operation i will have to have my leg in a metal splint so i won't be able to move it what so ever for 2 weeks. Then i will need a leg brace from my hip to my ankle for 6 weeks and then another large brace for 3-4 months. 

I have now been told my operation will be sometime in the next 6 weeks. All in all i will have been out of my job for 18 months. Luckily my work are being really good and keeping my job open. It has really knocked my confidence as if i ever go out so many people look at my leg and some have even made comments. Shockingly it is more of the older generation who have been making comments. This is the reason i started my blog as i needed something to do which wouldn't take up to much physical energy. I can't go out on my own incase i fall, someone has to help me up the stairs, i feel i have lost all my independence.

When i have my operation i am going to try and write up posts ready to schedule but it will effect me in some way. I hope you can all understand and be patient with me as i am so happy with how far my blog has come in 1 year. Even just talking to some of you on twitter or in chats really does help me and its nice not to be judged on something like this. 

Sorry for the long post guys but i just wanted to get it out there as the time felt right to finally explain myself.

Beauty Gems I Forgot I Had | Shopping My Stash

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Shopping My Stash Beauty Products

Hello im Emma and yes im a Makeupoholic! My makeup collection is becoming a little obsessive. I have recently got a 5 storey draw unit to hold most of my makeup so i can have each draw for certain products. I own over 30 foundations now and i still can't stop buying them! Someone stop me! I finally decided it was time to have a look through and switch up my makeup routine. Searching and searching and trying products i forgot i had, i have come across some gems which i will not forget again.

I tried the L'Oreal True Match Foundation a few years ago and hated it! I purchased it again a few months ago but put it straight in my draw. I tried it again and yes i finally love it! My skin has changed over the last few years and it seems this foundation now agrees with me. The coverage can be built up to full coverage, looks flawless and lasts well. 

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder | £3.99
This powder is amazing! The Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder comes in pressed or loose and i adore both versions. It keeps my makeup looking flawless and helps my oily skin.

Makeup Revolution Baked Blush "one for playing" | £2.50
I love Makeup Revolution blushers especially the Makeup Revolution Baked Blushers but this beauty is my all time favourite. It is is light purple shade which has a slight shimmer. It looks gorgeous in the sun and really gives a pretty glow with a hint of colour.

NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadows | £5.00
If you want good quality eyeshadows at a bargain price then the NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadows & NYX Glam Shadows are it! The come in packaging similar to the Mac Shadows and the shades are gorgeous. 

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer | £19.50
The Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer was the first high end primer i purchased a few years ago and this is my third bottle of it which i forgot i had! It is very similar to the Benefit primer but i find this one works better with my pores and reducing oil compared to the Benefit one. It really does smooth out my skin leaving a flawless base to work with.

Acne Prone Skin? Not anymore with the Australian Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick Review*

I was recently asked if i wanted to review the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick. I jumped at the chance as i have been changing/updating my skincare routine over the past month or so. The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick is mainly used for blemishes and breakouts. I wanted to wait until i got a bad breakout so i could really put this product to the test.

My skin is pretty clear most of the time but when i do get a breakout i get them bad. They last ages and are always huge monsters! As soon as i woke up with my breakout i washed my face as normal and then applied this on top. You can instantly smell the Tea Tree when you apply it. The Oils main ingridients are Tea Tree and Witch-Hazel which are well known for helping clear up skin. After applying this straight onto my breakout a few hours later i noticed the redness had reduced and it didn't feel sore anymore. I applied it again before bed and when i woke up my spot had reduced in size massively and the redness had gone. Usually my breakouts can last a minimum of a week whereas when using this product my breakout had cleared up within two days!

The product comes in a small bottle with a roll on applicator. This makes it easy to apply and the size is perfect to pop into your handbag. This product retails for £5.10 at Feel Unique and will be a staple in my skincare routine! If you suffer with acne or breakouts then this product you need to try!

If you would like to check the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick out on Feel Unique then CLICK HERE

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow's Review & Swatches

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
 KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows Review and Swatches
KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 222 203 202 226 210

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 222 203 202 226 210

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 238 239 248 252

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 238 239 248 252

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 203 202 222

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadows 226 210

KIKO Milano is a brand i adore. There are only currently 10 stores across the UK including...

 3 in London
1 in Guildford
1 in Leeds
1 in Reading
1 in Cambridge
1 in Oxford
1 in Nottingham
1 in Brighton.

I think there may also be one in Manchester. If i visit family in Reading i am able to pop to the store there otherwise i have to order online. I recently placed an order for these gorgeous Infinity Eye shadow's. These were and still are on sale for £2.80 each instead of £5.90. I ended up choosing 9 shades and i have to say i am very impressed. I did also want to order something to put them in but on the KIKO Website they only had cases for 1 or 24. I ended up ordering a small Z Palette thinking the eyeshadows would be smaller than they are. The Small Z Palette can fit in 4 of these shadows as shown above. Each shadow is approximately just bigger than a 2p coin. 

The first 4 shades i picked to go together were 238 Mat Light Taupe, 239 Mat Gray Taupe, 248 Starry Jacaranda and 252 Mat Wisteria. These shades create the perfect look and look gorgeous in my Small Z Palette. 252 is such a gorgeous blue/purple shade which looks stunning when applied.

Next i picked up 3 light/neutral shades for base colours and blending. I picked 202 Pearly Light Gold, 203 Beige Satin and 222 Mat Rose Petal. 202 has a slight shimmer and looks gorgeous all across the lid. 222 and 202 are both mat shades which i use as base colours.

Lastly i picked 226 Mat Coral Rose which is a very light red pinkish shade which i love using in my crease and smoke it out. Lastly i chose 210 Satin Brick which has is near enough a mat shade which i use on the outer corners when creating a smokey eye. 

All of these shades are stunning and i cannot wait to start creating looks with them. The shadows have a creamy powder texture which blends like a dream. I will be creating some looks soon and will post them on my blog.

Have you tried any products from KIKO Milano?

Bell HypoAllergenic BB Mousse Foundation Review*

Bell HypoAllergenic Mousse Foundation ReviewBell HypoAllergenic Mousse Foundation Review

If you follow my blog or follow me on twitter you will know i am foundation obsessed! I own over 30 foundations and always on the hunt for a new one. I do have my favourites which i always go back to but i guess i just love searching for that perfect base. Mousse foundation is something i haven't tried since i was at school which was nearly 8 years ago! So when i was recently asked if i would like to review the Bell HypoAllergenic BB Mousse i was quick to say yes. 

The first thing that intrigued me about the product was it being Hypo Allergenic which means it should be good with sensitive skin and not cause any reactions. The mousse itself is extremely creamy and doesn't feel drying at all. I thought i would try applying this in different ways. I first tried with my fingers which i hate doing but wanted to test out the product, it applied smoothly but found it could apply a little thick. Next i applied it with a beauty sponge and found it to sheer out the product and not blend evenly. Lastly i applied it with my Makeup Addiction The Buffer Brush which i have pictured above. It is a large buffer brush with applied the foundation evenly and gave me amazing coverage!

What is the coverage you ask? Well if applied correctly this will be medium-full coverage. It covered any redness, blemishes and breakouts. Suprisingly for a mousse foundation it didn't cling to dry patches. This may have been because i moisturised and applied a primer. 

I found it did have a matte effect but still looked slightly dewy which i liked as sometimes if products are too matte it can look a little odd and un-natural. I was extremely impressed at how well this lasted with my oily skin. It didn't go patchy, it didn't oxidize and overall gave a flawless finish. 

The Bell HypoAllergenic BB Mousse retails for £6.95 Im a NW20/NW25 in MAC and found the lightest shade to be a perfect match. 

This brand is also Cruelty Free and most of the products are also Vegan Friendly.

This Week I've Been ... | Sunday Summary

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Week I've Been ... | Sunday Summary

This Week I've Been ... | Sunday Summary

Over the past few weeks i have been getting really annoyed with my hair. It is long and extremely thick, i had got to the point where i was pinning it up all the time and doing nothing with it. I rang the hair dressers last minute and decided to take the plunge and get it cut. In the end i had around 4 inches taken off which to some may not seem/feel alot but to me it was a big deal. At first i was unsure if it suited me but now i absolutely love it. 

New Things...
During the week i received a big box from Models Own including 5 new polishes, i was so happy to receive them as a gift (these were not sent for blog purposes or review) they had contacted me on instagram saying how much they loved my photo's and sent me these gorgeous shades. New items i picked up for myself include the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Palette, KIKO Infinity eyeshadows, Z Palettes & more which will all be on my blog in due course.

Things I Have Done...
On Saturday me and my boyfriend went to Primark as i wanted to pick up some pj's for when i go into hospital the end of August. I picked up some cute pieces which i will be showing soon! My boyfriend then treated me to the Prada Candy Perfume as i have been wanting it for ages. It smells amazing! Saturday night we went out for a meal with his family for his mum's 40th Birthday. The meal was lovely & so was desert but i forgot to take pictures it was that nice!

Blog Things...
This weeks posts have included my YOU Beauty Subscription Box for July which came with some amazing products. I also decided it was time to do my "Forever Re-Purchased" products which seems to have gone down a hit. 

Forever Repurchased Beauty Products

Friday, July 10, 2015
Forever Repurchased Beauty Products

Top 3 Base Products

Powders for oily skin

I thought it was about time i did my "Forever Repurchased Products" as like everyone i have those products i will never stop buying unless they are discontinued and even then i would buy them in bulk before that happened! So lets begin with that base...

Primer: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer | £5.99
This is the Queen of all primers! Having oily skin i struggle to find primers that do everything i want them to. I will try any product that has the term "matte" in it and when i first purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer i honestly didn't expect it to do much but boy was i wrong. It has a moisturiser like texture which sinks into the skin beautifully leaving a smoothed out finish to apply foundation. This is the best primer at keeping me matte all day long! I would recommend this more than high end primers.

Foundation: Seventeen Stay Time Foundation | £6.49
If you love a full coverage base this one is for you! This foundation is my holy grail especially in the winter or for special occasions. It is 100% full coverage without being cakey or heavy. It blends really well and doesn't need building up. The bottle itself i love as it comes with a pump and a twist cap. Seventeen is a underrated brand for me and they have so many amazing products.

Can you hear those angels sing? Because this product is just heaven in a bottle for me! This again is full coverage without being heavy, a little goes a long way. I find one bottle of this can last me around 3 months used everyday. I will be doing a full review of this product along with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

If you are a regular reader you will have seen my mention this beauty a thousand times. As it says in the title it can be used as a powder or foundation. I love using this as a powder over foundation to give that little extra coverage and it really gives my skin that flawless look. If applied with a powder brush it gives just enough coverage or if you want to use it as foundation use a sponge. I love applying this over BB Cream or a lighter coverage foundation.

Powder #2: Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder | £12.00
I use the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to set my makeup and then keep the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot in my handbag for touch ups during the day. I usually touch up once in the afternoon and this S&G powder helps to reduce shine & keep shine away. It is the best i have ever tried for combating oily skin. If you buy one product this summer i would recommend this by far!

Best Drugstore Mascara's

Moving onto the Eyes...

I have very badly damaged lashes from wearing false lashes everyday for many years. My lashes are very short and need alot of help. I apply two mascara's as i find this gives me the best result. The first mascara i apply is this, the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara. It has a thin spiky wand (as shown above) which creates amazing length. 

Mascara #2: Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara | £6.29
After applying the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara my lashes are now long but need more volume and this is where the Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara comes in. It has a thick wand the opposite to the L'Oreal one and it creates the perfect amount of volume. These two mascara's create the perfect duo.

Do you use any of these products or do you feel tempted to try any?

You Beauty Discovery Subscription Box July 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015
You Beauty Discovery Subscription Box July 2015

You Beauty Discovery Subscription Box July 2015

You Beauty Discovery Subscription Box July 2015

You Beauty Discovery Subscription Box July 2015

It's that time of the month for another You Beauty Discovery Box Review. If you read my blog you will have seen i signed up for this box in June and i was really excited to see what would be in this months box. For those who haven't heard of You Beauty Discovery Box before it is a monthly beauty subscription box. Each month you can pick two items from a choice of 10 and you will also receive some added extra's in the box. The best part about this subscription box is it only costs £6.95 inc postage! I was really happy with last months box but i am even more excited and impressed for this one.

The two items i picked were the Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix 2 in 1 Moisturiser and the Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 & Idealia Life Serum Duo. I have previously tried some Vichy Skincare so i had to pick these items. The Vichy Thermale 3 in 1 cleanses, tones & removes eye makeup all in one! Once cleansed apply the Idealia Life Serum to help improve dull looking skin. 
The Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix is a 2 in 1 Moisturiser & Toning Gel. It includes unislim to help sculpt & refine your body contours, Cocoa Butter to soften & smooth skin and Caffeine Extract to help improve skin tone & texture. 

The extra items received in the box i am super impressed by! You also receive a 50ml St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower which has been everywhere at the moment so i am excited to try this. You also receive a £2 off voucher for this tan from Boots. I also got a sample of the Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF 30 which is a skin protecting cream with added primer for a soft focus luminous complexion.

The last items in the box are some Muesli Breaks Oatcakes and a You Beauty Leaflet. I cannot wait to start using all of these products. This beauty box has really impressed me. 

The Subscription
How does the subscription work? You sign up monthly by Direct Debit for £6.95 which will be taken the 1st of every month. You will receive an email on the 1st telling you the payment has been taken and you are then able to go onto the You Beauty Discovery Box website and pick your two items. You will then receive the box pretty quickly!

This Week I've Been... | Lifestyle

Sunday, July 05, 2015
Lifestyle Blogpost

Lifestyle blogpost

I am a huge lover of baking which i haven't really shown on my blog yet but i have been thinking about introducing this side of me to my blog. I love baking cupcakes mainly and trying new kinds. This week i decided to give Jammy Dodger Cupcakes a go and i can say these have gone down a treat! A Jam filled center with buttercream icing and a jam sauce! 
Since leaving school 7 years ago (just felt really old saying that!) i have carried on my love of drawing. With the weather being hot i have enjoyed sitting in the garden just drawing away in my own little world.

Weekend Antics
Me and my other half decided to have a quiet weekend. We drove to our local prom and sat on the front eating chips with gravy watching the world go by. It is such a pretty view especially when it is clear across the bay. I made my homemade meatball pasta bake with garlic bread! My favourite food has to be Italian, i am obsessed. We also went for a drive to watch the sunset, we live only 5 minutes away from hills and mountains and you can get some amazing views and some up close wildlife! Baaaa Sheep!

Random Crap
I forgot to mention in last weeks Lifestyle post that i have tickets to see Jason Derulo in February next year. I am super excited and cannot wait to go. I also got a phone call to book my pre opp appointment which will be on the 17th July and hopefully my operation will be sometime in August. I have a long road ahead and probably won't be walking properly until after Christmas.

Blog Stuff
You may have recently noticed my blog template/layout has changed. I had been having alot of problems with my last layout and i am so much happier with this one, i think it looks alot cleaner & sleeker. I also placed a MAC order online as i received a voucher for free next day delivery & a free sample. 

Songs I Love This Week
Arches "New Love"
JoJo "Baby Its You"
Flo Rida ft Robin Thick "I Don't Like it, I Love it"

MAC Haul

Friday, July 03, 2015



MAC Mehr Lipstick

I finally placed my MAC order and i am so happy i did. I have been wanting a few products for a while and i also had a voucher for free next day delivery. A while back i dropped my Pro Longwear Concealer and it smashed! It was nearly empty thankfully but still i could of cried. MAC has to be one of my favourite high end brands. I have tried so many products and only one has ever disappointed me which was the Prep & Prime Primer!

So what did i pick up...

I have the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation but i have forever been wanting to try out the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. After reading many reviews i decided i had to have it as it sounded perfect for summer. It is light in coverage compared to the MAC Studio Fix Foundation but lasts longer. I will be doing a full review/first impressions over the next few weeks.

This concealer has been my holy grail for the past few years. It is a full coverage concealer which is also perfect for highlighting hence why i got a lighter shade compared to my foundation. Another thing i love about this concealer is that a little goes a long way and it can last me months!

Another holy grail product for me. This can be used alone or on top of foundation. I use it as a powder over foundation as it adds a little more coverage. It goes perfectly well with my oily skin and is my favourite powder of all time!

I have only ever tried one MAC Lipstick which was from the MAC Cinderella Collection and i hated it! There was no pigmentation at all and i ended up selling it. I had been searching the MAC lipstick shades on google and loved this one. So many people recommended it to me and i cannot wait to use it on a daily basis. I forgot to order a lip liner to go with it so if anyone knows of a drugstore liner that will go with this shade please let me know!

Have you made any purchases from MAC lately? 

Blackhead Killer Face Mask Review*

A Face Mask For Pores

Blackhead Killer Face Mask Review

How to unclog and minimize pores

How to unclog and minimize pores

Pores are something i struggle with on a daily basis. I have extremely oily skin and will try anything that will help minimize or hide my pores. I have tried face mask after face mask and nose strips but nothing seems to do anything to help. I was recently sent the Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask to review. I have to admit i didn't have high expectations for this mask but i was wrong! 

What is it?
The mask is said to suck pimples, blackheads and the oil and bacteria that cause them out of your skin. It penetrates deep and then literally sucks them up and out of your skin! It is full of all-natural herbal ingridients. This mask is new to the UK and sold on StyleLux a UK based website.

When i opened the sachet and squeezed out the product it was quite thick and gloopy and as you can see it is black. On application i tried rubbing it onto my face which gave me a patchy effect so i decided just to swipe it on in one way motions which helped alot. Out of one sachet you can cover your whole face, i made sure to apply it quite thick to the areas i suffer most with which are my nose and chin.

The Process
The packet said to leave on for 10 minutes but i found i had to leave it on for 25-30 minutes for it to fully set. As time goes on you feel the mask tighten quite a bit. When it came to peeling off the mask i found it pretty easy. If the mask isn't fully set you won't be able to peel it off so definitely make sure it is set and doesn't feel tacky on your skin. When i peeled the mask off i could instantly see where it had unclogged my pores. It shows up white on the black mask so you can easily see if it has worked or not.

The Outcome
I was extremely impressed with how much it unclogged my pores and also left my skin feeling silky smooth. I had no irritation or redness which i was pleased about as i do have sensitive skin. This is one of the best if not the best face mask i have used targeted at pores. 

This costs £14.95 for a pack of 5 which i think is pretty good as i will probably be using these once every 2-3 weeks so they will last me a couple of months. Also if you only apply this to where you pores are you will probably only use half a sachet and could put the other half in the fridge. I think i will be doing this next time instead of applying all over my face.

If you want to know more about this face mask or would like to buy it CLICK HERE to be directed to the website