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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store*

Simple dainty Jewellery is something i have really been loving lately. I find they are perfect teamed up with a plain top just to add something extra. Born Pretty is such a good website it has free postage to the UK and you can also use my 10% Discount Code: EMMH10 

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Gold Star Bracelet | £2.11
Bracelets are something i don't own many of so when i saw this cute little bracelet i had to have it. You can either pick a start of half moon. I decided to go with gold and i have to say i am really impressed with the quality.

Gold Wing Ring | £0.65
How cute is this ring?! I have been wearing it alot lately it is just a simple gold ring with the diamante wings. It looks alot more expensive! I have had alot of people asking where this is from.

Gold Leopard Face Necklace | £1.95
I love this one! It is simple yet looks gorgeous with a black t shirt. It really stands out and again the quality is amazing. (This has been featured on my blog previously but i wanted to include them again to show Born Pretty's Products).

Silver Heart Necklace | £0.98
This necklace i didn't know what to expect but it is such a cute item. The chain is silver and the heart is a turquoise/blue shade. 

Silver Masquerade Mask Necklace | £2.11
This is by far my favourite item of the bunch. Its just stunning and i would of paid alot more for it! Everyone asks me where it is from and they can't believe how much it was.
Comes in Gold or Silver

If you haven't already checked out Born Pretty's Website then you should. They sell some amazing statement necklaces, makeup, nail products & more!



  1. Such pretty dainty little pieces! Love the masquerade mask x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. Love the small dainty ring and bracelet, they're beautiful!


  3. Hi dear! Very interesting post! Lovely blog!
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  4. These pieces are lovely, I have recently been loving small 'trinket' type of jewelry! Defiantly checking this website out! I love the little blue heart - which is my favourite colour!!

    Love Leah -

  5. ooh these are all so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. These are really cute! Love that star bracelet especially. :)

  7. I love the star bracelet - it's so sweet and dainty ;)
    I need to make myself wear more jewelry, because lately I even stopped wearing earrings.. Laziness ;)
    Best wishes,

  8. Wow these are so pretty for the price that you paid!
    -- // x

  9. The gold leopard necklace is the cutest of the bunch, I absolutely love it!

  10. I love the ring, and the leopard face necklace. Too cute. xx

    Kartonia | Still In My Nightie

  11. The ring with the wings is so cute! Great pick :)

    Xoxo Jessy

  12. Such cute jewellery :) I love items like this, I have teacup earrings and they're so cute!

    Meme xx

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