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A-Z Beauty Glossary...

Sunday, May 31, 2015
A few months ago i was asked if i would put together my own post on something i was passionate about but it had to include a way of saving money/being on a budget. The first thing that came to mind was the fact i do my own Gel Nails. I am self taught and love being creative. I am the letter "N" for Nails in the A-Z Beauty Glossary where i go into detail with photos of how i create my own set of gel nails.

A-Z Beauty Glossary With Voucher Codes Pro

The A-Z Beauty Glossary is on the Voucher Codes Pro website and looks like the above picture. You can click on each letter and find either posts with photos or videos of tips and tricks and ways to save money. Some of the letters include "B" for Brushes, "P" for Priming & Prepping, "W" for worth the hype and many more. 

Be sure to check out the Beauty Glossary by CLICKING HERE and have a look at what bloggers have created. 

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review Santa Fe

Friday, May 29, 2015
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

Nars is a brand I have been wanting to try for so long now and if you read my blog you will have seen my latest Nars Haul where I won a £50 voucher. One of the products I picked up was the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I have really been loving high end foundations as I find they work so much better with my skin. My high end collection is slowly growing so I had to add this to it.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Santa Fe Review

Firstly I have to say how impressed I am with the packaging. I love how sleek and simple Nars is but it still looks expensive. The bottle is glass so it is a little heavier but I wouldn't like to pay alot of money for a high end foundation to be plastic! The downfall is that it comes without a pump. I would love if brands like this including MAC would include the pump as I find it little wrong when your paying a fortune for the product. Luckily you can buy a pump from Ebay for only £2.00 (free postage) and it fits perfectly, the pump is exactly like the MAC ones.

The shade I went for was Santa Fe. As I ordered this online I used a website called Findation which is amazing. You put in some of the foundations you already own including Brand, Foundation From The Brand and also the shade, you can put in as many as you want. Then the site brings up a whole list of drugstore & highend brands and tells you what shade you will be. Santa Fe is the perfect shade for me when im not tanned.

I apply this using my flat top kabuki brush which gives me a flawless finish. The foundation felt so lightweight even when I built it up in certain areas it still didn't feel heavy. The coverage is medium but can be built up to fuller coverage which I loved. Even though it can be full coverage it still looks extremely natural, I have never know a full coverage foundation still look natural.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Santa Fe Swatch

Does it last? Well my skin is extremely oily and requires powder touch ups during the day. I applied this foundation at 8.30am and applied powder on top. I decided not to re-apply powder as I wanted to put this foundation to the test. At 8pm it still looked pretty good! If I had of touched up once during the day it would have still looked flawless! If you have oily skin don't be put off by the "Glow" or if you like fuller coverage this foundation is not Sheer! It is lightweight with great coverage. I didn't find it to be glowy like you would think, I found it more of a semi matte finish.

Overall I am really impressed and will definitely be buying this in the future. I ordered mine directly from the NARS Website. This foundation retails for £31.00 which is the average price for a high end foundation. As I said the only thing I wish is that it had a pump and that is this foundations only downfall!

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store*

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Simple dainty Jewellery is something i have really been loving lately. I find they are perfect teamed up with a plain top just to add something extra. Born Pretty is such a good website it has free postage to the UK and you can also use my 10% Discount Code: EMMH10 

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Pretty Jewellery with Born Pretty Store

Gold Star Bracelet | £2.11
Bracelets are something i don't own many of so when i saw this cute little bracelet i had to have it. You can either pick a start of half moon. I decided to go with gold and i have to say i am really impressed with the quality.

Gold Wing Ring | £0.65
How cute is this ring?! I have been wearing it alot lately it is just a simple gold ring with the diamante wings. It looks alot more expensive! I have had alot of people asking where this is from.

Gold Leopard Face Necklace | £1.95
I love this one! It is simple yet looks gorgeous with a black t shirt. It really stands out and again the quality is amazing. (This has been featured on my blog previously but i wanted to include them again to show Born Pretty's Products).

Silver Heart Necklace | £0.98
This necklace i didn't know what to expect but it is such a cute item. The chain is silver and the heart is a turquoise/blue shade. 

Silver Masquerade Mask Necklace | £2.11
This is by far my favourite item of the bunch. Its just stunning and i would of paid alot more for it! Everyone asks me where it is from and they can't believe how much it was.
Comes in Gold or Silver

If you haven't already checked out Born Pretty's Website then you should. They sell some amazing statement necklaces, makeup, nail products & more!


Cute Iphone Cases With Iconemesis*

Iconemesis Iphone Phone Case Review

Iconemesis Iphone Phone Case Review

Iphone cases are something i own far too many of! I have a slight obsession from Disney cases to pretty sparkly ones. I was recently contacted by the brand Iconemesis which i haven't heard of before. I checked out the website and found so many cute Iphone cases. One of which is this gorgeous grey feathered case. It is so simple yet looks really pretty. 

They sell cases for Iphone 5/5S/5C, Iphone 6 & 6 Plus.

Another Bonus is alot of the cases are now on sale from £15 down to £5! YES £5! 

Go Grab Yourself One!

Below are a couple of other cases from the Iconemesis website.

Iphone Cases

Contouring For Beginners | Budget Buy

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
HD Brows Contouring For Beginners Palette Review

Contour for beginners HD Brows Contour Palette review

Contour for beginners

Contouring is something i have become to love. We all know Kim K is the queen of contour and we would all love to be able to contour/highlight like her (well her makeup artist). I do love to use my Benefit Hoola Bronzer to contour with but i recently came across this palette which is perfect. Everyone is raving about the Anastasia Beverly Contour Palette but yes BUT this palette will save you alot of pennies and is amazing quality.

The palette in question is the HD Brows Contour Palette. When i received this i was very impressed with the packaging, it is very sleek and has a huge mirror! The texture is very different to anything i have tried before. This is a powder based product but it feels creamy! Yes i know powder that feels creamy sounds wrong but it feels really soft and blends like a dream. 

I love to use Shade 2 to set my under eye concealer as it brightens up my eye area alot. The bottom three shades work perfectly to contour. Depending on how strong i want my contour to be i use all three shades. Shade 4 & 5 work perfectly for a natural contour day to day whereas shade 6 is more for those evenings out where i want my Kim K Cheekbones! 

The colour is buildable without looking heavy. I think because the powder has a creamy texture this helps it to blend really well and doesn't look cakey at all. Some contour products i find the shades to be a little orange on me where these are not at all. 

This palette i bought from Ebay for £5.95! Can you believe it £5.95! I could not recommend this palette enough, im in love with it. Go grab yourself one asap!

Elizabeth Arden | Direct Cosmetics*

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Elizabeth Arden Capsules review

Elizabeth Arden Capsules review

Direct Cosmetics is a website i have not ordered from before. So when i received an email asking me if i would like to review some products of my choice i was very happy to work with them. If you don't already know then Direct Cosmetics is a cheaper website including Makeup brands like Elizabeth Arden, Clinique and L'Oreal. The website also includes skincare products including some from Clinique, ROC and more! You can also find perfumes, hair care and tanning products. 

Elizabeth Arden is a brand i love! I love the eight hour cream (which can be bought on the website at a discounted price). I picked two items which i haven't tried from the brand before. One being skincare and the other makeup.

Elizabeth Arden Mascara | £7.99
I am the type of person who finds a mascara they love and sticks with it. What i loved about this mascara was the packaging it was simple with a hint of gold. The wand is on the thicker side which i do prefer as i love adding volume to my lashes. This mascara applies very well and really does add volume to my lashes but also lengthens at the same time. Another thing that impressed me was the fact there was no clumping at all...BONUS!
This mascara retails for £21.00 on Look Fantastic so this is a big saving!

Elizabeth Arden Serum Capsules (includes 30) | £14.99
I remember my mum using some like these from Elizabeth Arden many years ago so i thought i would try some. I didn't know what to expect but i have to say i have been pleasantly suprised. You use one capsule once a day and i usually apply one before i go to bed. You just twist the top until it comes off and then it is an oily liquid that comes out. I expected more of a cream for some reason (i dont know why!). One capsule covered my whole face, i massaged it into my skin and it absorbed very quickly. I do have extremely oily skin but these have not made my skin any more oily than normal. After a couple of minutes my face didn't feel sticky at all. Since using these capsules i have noticed my skin to be alot softer and my dry patches have disappeared.

Vichy Dermablend Makeup Range Review | Must Haves!*

Monday, May 18, 2015
Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review

Vichy Dermablend Finishing Powder Review

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Stick Review

Vichy is a brand i haven't heard much about until recently. I have seen alot of posts including Vichy Skincare Products which seem to be a massive hit. When i was contacted to try out the Vichy Dermablend Makeup Range i was so excited. Foundations are something i seem to collect as i have over 30 now! I do like to switch up my base routine quite often as im always on the hunt for that flawless base. So i was sent three products which were the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation, Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick and the Vichy Dermablend Finish/Setting Powder.

Before using the products i did have a search for each one online so i could read reviews and i have to say on most websites the reviews were 5 stars! I would also say the prices are in between drugstore and high end as they are not over the top expensive compared to some brands. I have been using all three of these products for a week now and i am really impressed.

This foundation was the one i was most excited about trying as i love my full coverage base which it stated to do just that. I did have to be careful not to squeeze too much out of the tube as it did come out quickly! I tried applying this both with my Real Techniques Sponge and my flat top foundation brush. I got such a flawless finish using the sponge compared to the brush. It spread well and covered everything i wanted it to. Overall it blended well, covered well, lasted all day and the colour stayed the same.

I did also build this up to see what the results were and it didn't cake or anything. I did put this foundation to the test by trying it over a tattoo on my wrist (pictures below) to see just how good it could cover up.

I have never used a foundation/corrective stick before. I applied the foundation and then used this stick under my eyes and over any breakouts, i have to say i was impressed. The texture was really creamy and so easy to blend which i was quite suprised by. I am wanting to get this in one of the darker shades to use as a cream contour.

The only powder like this one i have used is the NYX HD Studio Powder which i used to love then it made me go patchy. I applied the above products then set everything with this. I found it applied like a dream leaving my skin looking extra flawless and feeling really soft. I did notice this powder helped my makeup last and also kept my shiny skin at bay. To test the powder i also used it with other foundations and it worked just as well.

Vichy dermablend foundation review

Overall i couldn't be happier with these products. The powder has to be one of my favourites! As mentioned i will be buying a darker corrective stick to use as a cream contour tool. As you can see above i used the foundation to cover over my tattoo as the results were amazing and i could of built up more and covered the tattoo fully. Even though the foundation is full coverage it is not heavy on the skin at all.


Nars Makeup Haul

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Nars Makeup Haul

Nars Lipgloss Tasmania Review

Nars Lipgloss Tasmania Review

Nars is a brand i have never tried before until now. I have always wanted to but never got round to it for some reason. Recently i was lucky enough to win a £50 Nars voucher (more will be explained in an upcoming post). I knew straight away i had to try one of their foundations as i hear nothing but amazing reviews and then i chose a lipgloss.

I have read many reviews and also watched YouTube reviews and decided the Nars Sheer Glow sounds best for me. I do have oily skin but have heard this one works well for us oily girls. I am so excited to try this! I picked the shade Santa Fe. If you are unsure of what shade you would be in any foundation then there is a website known as "findation" which you can put in a couple of foundations you already own and put in which shade you are in them and it will then bring up a list of foundations and tell you approximately which shade you will be. 

Next up i picked up the Nars Lipgloss in "Tasmania". I have been wanting a subtle pink shade perfect for everyday wear. I love this shade and find the gloss doesn't feel as sticky as most do. 

I will be doing a full review of the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation once i have had chance to test it out and put it to the test...keep tuned!

Kiss Cosmetics New Release KISStick*

Monday, May 11, 2015
Kiss Cosmetics Kiss Stick Review

Kiss Cosmetics Kiss Stick Review

Kiss Cosmetics Kiss Stick Review

Kiss Cosmetics Kiss Stick Review

Kiss Cosmetics Kiss Stick Review

Kiss Cosmetics i hear you say? Yes you read it right Kiss Cosmetics is launching yet another breathtaking product! If you haven't already seen this brand blowing up the bloggers world then you must of been living in a cave! I have seen this brand appearing in many blog posts and i am so excited to be revealing another product due for release. Firstly i will introduce you to the brand "Kiss Cosmetics" which is a new upcoming brand based around lip products. Each week they are releasing new products so the website is just beginning. They are releasing products bit by bit ready for the summer.

The product in question due for release on the 20th May is the Limited Edition KISStick in Osculate Orchid a bright vibrant purple shade. The lipstick will retail for £7.00. You can already buy the original KISStick in 10 different shades on the website now but the limited edition ones are not until the 20th May.

What Kiss Says: High pigmentation, creamy moisturising formula.
"No Matter How Hard You Party KISStick Doesn't Neglect Your Precious Pout"

Firstly let me talk about the packaging! I love how the packaging is bright and vibrant just like the lipstick so it really stands out. I love the Kiss logo design and think it all ties in well together. 

The shade itself i was quite scared by at first as i don't usually go for shades this bright but hey ho i gave it a go and im glad i did! The shade looks gorgeous on and really brightens up your face. The lasting powder is beyond amazing. I tried wiping it off with a baby wipe which did nothing! I then got into the shower and wash as normal and once i got out i noticed the lipstick had faded a little but was still there! I haven't known a lipstick to have this kind of lasting power.

Overall i am really impressed with this lipstick and can't wait to try more. So far on the website they already have 10 shades of original KISStick, Locked Lips Top Coat and Lip Vinyl in 10 shades. Makeup Revolution blew up the blogger world and is now one of the most popular drugstore brands and i think this brand could do just the same.

US Haul | Cheap UK Postage!

Thursday, May 07, 2015
US Haul Cheap UK Postage

US Makeup in the UK

US Makeup in the UK

US Makeup in the UK

US Makeup in the UK

BH Cosmetics Coral/Bronze Blush | Milani Blush | Milani Cappuccino | Milani Copper

I have been searching for a website that sells Milani and LA Girl products for a long time now, most sites had ridiculous postage costs. Also most of you will be aware the UK based ELF website has now closed down and no longer available. Beauty Joint is a website that sells alot of ELF products which i was very excited about. My postage costs were around £8 and the parcel was delivered within 2 weeks with no extra charges. I will definitely be ordering from this site again. So lets have a look at the products i ordered.

Milani blushers always look stunning and i was so excited to finally own one! This shade is a gorgeous pink toned blush which is perfect for Spring time. The rose design is just gorgeous,how could you not love it!

This blush duo is so pretty. It comes with a coral shade and a more bronze type shade, both of which i will be using alot. The coral shade is perfect for daytime where i think the shimmery bronze is more for evenings or meals out. BH Cosmetics have some amazing shades, i will be ordering more of these at the end of the month.

I decided to pick Bella Cappuccino and Bella Copper. These eyeshadows are just amazing! They can be used dry or wet and the pigmentation talks for itself. The swatches above are dry swatches so you can only imagine what they would be like if they were used wet. Cappuccino is a perfect transition shade which blends really well. 

Even when the ELF UK website was live it still didn't sell this foundation which i was so upset by. I didn't buy this for the Acne fighting part as i only suffer with breakouts now and again. The reason i bought this is because it is full coverage, matte finish and reduces oil. I have to say i am really impressed as it works so well with my oily skin.

I have heard many people compare this concealer to my holy grail MAC Pro Longwear. I ordered one shade a few shades lighter to highlight with and my actual skin colour. I can honestly say these are a dupe for the MAC concealer but i do love my good old MAC. These have a thicker texture with amazing coverage. If you want something similar to the MAC Concealer definitely try these out.

Beauty Joint is such a good website, postage goes by the weight which works out really cheap. No charges once parcel is received. Includes brands ELF, Milani, LA Girl, Wet n Wild, Physicians Formula and more.

Primark Haul S/S 2015

Tuesday, May 05, 2015
I have seen so many Primark Hauls on YouTube and seen so many items i wanted. I haven't been for a very long time and i was desperate for some s/s clothes. I am so happy with what i picked up and can't wait for the weather to get warmer. I will warn you this post has alot of photos as i really wanted to show everything i bought. I do also have a small clothes haul (not from primark) and a home ware haul coming up in the next week or so. 

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Floral PJ Shorts | £4.00
These shorts are just so pretty and super comfortable!

Pug/Unicorn PJ Set
Bottoms £5.00
Top £6.00

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Tropical Charm Bracelet | £2.50
Beaded Headband | £3.00
Dream Catcher Style Earrings | £1.50
Earring Set | £1.50

The tropical bracelet i thought was really pretty with the bright colours and would look perfect with a black outfit. I have also been wanting some small dangly earrings and these elephant and dream catcher ones are just perfect.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Tribal Palazzo Trousers | £10.00
Black Linen Trousers | £10.00
Black Maxi Skirt (inc belt) | £8.00

These tribal trousers i am in love with! The Linen trousers look awful on this picture but in person they are lovely on and really comfortable. They also had these in white and some cropped pairs. Everyone needs a black maxi skirt and i can't find mine so i picked up this one.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

White T Shirt Bra | £3.00
White Bandeau Bra | £3.00
Knickers | £1 each

My bra size has recently changed massively and i have none that fit me so i was in need of a basic white bra but this one is so pretty and for £3 i can't complain. I saw this bandeau style bra which i thought would be perfect under tops i don't want bra straps showing.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

White/Cream Thin Knit Crop Top | £5.00

I had recently seen the longer ones of these on many Hauls but i loved this cropped one as i thought it would look lovely with a maxi skirt. I did have to go up two sizes as these fit very small! Alot of people agreed at how small a fit these were.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Disney T Shirt | £6.00

I am a big disney fan and had wanted this for ages but it was never in store until now! I love it! I went a few sizes bigger as i wanted it to relax around the house in.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Sunglasses | £3.00
Beauty Sponge | £1.50
Eyelash Curlers | £1.00
Headband | £1.50

I use my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge but i wanted a cheap one also. This headband is really pretty which i can't wait to wear.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Longline Black Top | £10.00
Orange Thin Knit Top | £8.00
Blue Aztec Cami | £6.00

This longline black top is sheer and has splits down the sides which would look lovely with leggings or high waisted trousers. The orange top is the same as the white cropped knit above but a longer version.

Primark Haul Summer 2015

Coral/Pink Shoes | £8.00

Im in love! I wanted some sandals and came across these, in person they are more coral than pink. I worried that they might rub but they feel so soft. They also come in black and brown.

I am so happy with everything i bought and i could of spent alot more. Have you been to Primark recently?

April Favourites 2015

Friday, May 01, 2015
April Favourites 2015

April Favourites 2015
Another month gone only eight months till Christmas! haha (dont kill me!) I actually got a snapchat off one of my best friends saying how many hours it was until Christmas, Who does that! Yet here we are another month has passed and i have a new few favourites. This month i have tried out alot of new products but narrowed it down to only a few. I do have some exciting posts coming up including Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, My First Nars Products, An Affordable Contour Palette & more. Enough of the rambling, lets get down to the nitty gritty...

Seventeens Contour Kit | £5.99
I bought this quite a while ago but only recently started to use it. I have to say this has become an everyday essential. The contour shade is perfect and blends out really well. The highlight shade i actually use as my under eye powder rather than a highlight as it doesn't have any shimmer in.

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation | £13.50
I was recommended this a while ago as i have very oily skin and wanted something to keep me matte for longer especially with the warmer weather coming. This is medium coverage but it honestly keeps me matte all day! I am really impressed with this product.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Stain | £2.99
I recently included this in my Top 5 Pink Lips Post as it is a newbie to my collection which i love. It applies really well and dries matte but doesn't dry my lips out at all.

Nivea Lip Butter "Raspberry Rose" | £2.10
I have recently started applying this after i have moisturised but before i apply my makeup. I find it stops any foundation/powder clinging to my lips and also gives a lovely subtle pink effect. This also comes in vanilla & original.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer | £17.50
I love this! It is perfect for waking up my under eyes, i mainly use this to highlight as i picked up a few shades lighter than my actually colour. I think for you to love this product it all depends on what you under eye circles are like. 

If you have done your April Favourites please leave your links below :)