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November Favourites 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014
November Favourites 2014

November Favourites 2014

Seventeen BB Balm | £6.99
I bought this about 2 months ago and didn’t use it until recently. Iv always liked full coverage so never tried a BB cream. I love this product so much. I got the shade light which gives a nice colour but I don’t think it would suit extra pale skin. It gives a nice glow and a little bit of coverage. I found this best to use if I had a bad breakout and didn’t want heavy makeup.

Nyx Eyeshadow in “Boost” | £5.50 
If you read my blog you would of seen my post on NYX Eye Shadows and this was one of them. Im in love with it. It is so pigmented and looks gorgeous when applied. 

I love mac makeup and have used previous powders but then I heard about this one and thought id give it a try. It can be used on its own or as a powder on top of foundation. I love using this on top of foundation it gives me a flawless look and helps reduce shine. I also used this on top of the Seventeen BB Balm to give me extra coverage.

November Favourites 2014

November Favourites 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation | £7.99
I used to use this foundation all the time and then kind of forgot about it until I saw it again in boots. I decided to try it again and I love it. If I want a medium coverage that is light on my skin its perfect. It has a dewy finish which I don’t like but I always apply powder anyway. 

Essie Nail Polish in "Ignite The Night" | £9.99
This Essie polish is one of my all time favourites. I apply 2 coats and it looks stunning. It is quite thick which helps.

Barry M Polish in “Berry Cosmo” | £2.99
Such a gorgeous shade. It looks so glossy even though its not from the Gelly Range. It’s a deep purple shade which is perfect for this time of year.

November Favourites 2014

Leopard Print Triangle Bra | £7.99 for 2
Iv recently ordered a few of these type of bras, they are perfect for lazy days. Obviously they are not for massive support or shape etc as it is just lace with no wires or shaping to them. They are so comfy and look really pretty. This one I got in a set of 2 from H&M online. The other one I got is a coral colour. Sizing i was unsure with as some places do the noraml 10,12,14 sizes and others are S,M & L. Im a 34D normally so i ordered a 14 from H&M and it fits perfect. I also ordered some from ASOS and got a Medium which also fit perfect.

Silver Wing Collar Clip Chain | £2.89
How pretty is this? Iv been wanting a collar clip chain for a while now and not found ones I like. I actually saw this on Ebay and fell in love. You can choose from silver, gold or dark metal silver. I went with silver and it looks gorgeous on any dress or shirt with a collar. Postage was free and I received the item within 3 working days.

HD Brows Before and After

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Eyebrows have become a big topic over the past few years. I remember when it used to be just tweeze them and leave them. Then I moved onto being brave and using a pencil and now its should you wax, thread, tweeze, colour, draw, tint and many more. Recently I got hd brows done and wanted to show the before and after pictures along with what they actually do.

Iv heard about HD Brows for a long time but never really bothered with them. My friend came round and hers looked amazing and she said they were hd brows. She found someone that is self employed and used to work in our local beauty salon. I messaged and got me and my mum booked in.

HD brows include a step by step process which includes waxing, shaping, threading, tinting and using specialist hd brow products. The women came round and she measures your brows to the shape of your face and corrects them if needed. You can choose from a range of shades and she advised because I have really dark hair she used dark brown mixed with black.

The process begins by shaping and waxing, then tinting then threading. Iv never had my eyebrows threaded before and was a bit nervous but it actually felt really nice and didn’t hurt at all. To be able to do HD Brows you have to go on a course with HD Brows Company. She advised a lot of places are advertising cheap HD Brows but infact they don’t use HD Brow products. Cheeky I know! Before you get them done you really should research where does them and what products they use. I took a before shot as I wanted to see how big of a difference there was and I am really happy with the end result.

So Here is my before & after shot…

HD Brows Before and After

Its so nice to wake up in a morning and my eyebrows look amazing. I might add a little powder to the ends to add extra length but that’s it. Because she came to my house I paid £20.00 for everything which is amazing but if I went to a store I would have paid more. They also last 4 weeks which isnt too bad and like i mentioned you can always just touch them up with powder if needed. 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Concealer Review

Sunday, November 23, 2014
I have tried the Maybelline Fit Me range previously a long time ago so I thought I would give them a second chance. I was in boots a few weeks ago and thought I would re purchase them and see what I thought. Over the years my skin has changed, become a lot clearer and hardly any blemishes but its still oily.
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Concealer Review

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation | £7.99

So I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in the shade 125 “Nude Beige”. Usually across most foundations I range from a nude, nude beige to sand depending on the shade range available. I think boots have approx. 10-12 shades in store or online. My skin itself isn’t pale or dark im in between I guess. Sometimes I tan but not often so I would use this when I haven’t tanned. I did find with this shade it has more of a yellow tone than a pink.

I apply this using my new foundation brush which I love which blends it nicely and gives me good coverage. The foundation itself I would say is a medium coverage and gives a natural look. It leaves a dewy finish which if im honest I prefer a matte finish but I do always apply powder so its something I can live with. If im wanting more coverage I apply Mac’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation over the top using my Real Techniques Powder Brush. Iv found it lasts pretty well during the day, as I have oily skin I do have an odd touch up using Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot in Translucent.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Concealer Review

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer | £5.99

Onto the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Medium”. This comes in 6 shades and I tried to pick the one closet to my foundation shade. One thing I love about this product is how creamy it is. It has a lovely feel and blends in really easily without being thick. If I apply this on top of foundation its good for under eye dark circles. If I need a little extra coverage I will apply a small amount before foundation and then again on top of foundation.

All in all I have to say I do love these two products on there own or together. Its great for a natural daytime look but if I want a full coverage foundation I will opt for my all time favourite Seventeens Stay Time Foundation. I will be reviewing this foundation on my blog soon.

Foundation Brushes Best & Worst

Friday, November 21, 2014
Before I start I just want to say a big thank you to you all as iv reached over 400 followers on bloglovin. I know it might not seem a lot to some people but it does to me and iv got over 9000 page views which is amazing.

Today is all about foundation brushes. Everyone has a brush they love and use every single day without fail. When I was at school 6 years ago (that’s a little bit scary 6 years!) I used to apply foundation with my fingers…yes I know its awful but everyone did back then as you thought it was the best way and thought it looked great infact you ended up applying too much and looking so un-natural. So whats the difference using different brushes?

Foundation Brushes Best and Worst

Foundation Brushes Best & Worst

Left to Right:
Real Technique Stippling Brush | Kabuki Flat End Brush | Real Technique Foundation Brush | kabuki Buffing Brush

I had been using this for at least a year and thought it was amazing. It was raved about everywhere and I raved about it too. Until I came across a new brush and realised this Stippling brush wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. A lot of product actually sinks into the brush so you end up using a lot more product than you realise. I found when using a full coverage foundation this brush stopped me getting the full coverage. I wash my brushes on a weekly basis but the bristles of the brush just become separated and to spread out. I would not recommend this brush at all.

Kabuki Flat End Brush
I ordered a makeup brush set from ebay for approx £10 for 10 brushes. With the price being so cheap I didn’t expect great quality at all but I was happily surprised when they arrived. The brushes are so soft and look more expensive than they are. I begun using this for my foundation and noticed a huge difference from using the Real Techniques Stippling brush, I was getting the flawless coverage id been waiting for. This is one of my favourite brushes.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush
Honestly I don’t understand how this is a foundation brush? Its so small and quite firm. It isn’t as soft as normal foundation brushes which makes it hard to blend. I find because of the size this is most suited to applying concealer. Iv used brushes of this similar style just larger than this one and still not loved them.

Kabuki Buffing Brush
I also received this brush in the set of 10 from ebay. I used the flat end brush for a good 6 months then thought id try this one and I have to say it is amazing. This buffing brush is the best foundation brush I have found yet. Its quite large so covers areas well and quickly. I apply foundation as normal then buff it in. I get the flawless look, it doesn’t clog up at all and feels so expensive.

If you want to buy this brush set from ebay its £7.95 & free postage. You get 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. 

Makeup For A Bad Skin Day

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Everyone has a bad skin day from time to time. My skin is quite clear with a few blemishes. Now and again I will get a bad break out usually around my chin area. This is the only area I get breakouts for some reason. My skin is quite oily which iv learnt to manage with the use of certain products. I remember years ago if you got a spot you would cake it in makeup thinking this would hide it but infact it showed it more. For those bad break out times here are the products and techniques iv found work best to hide them and also get rid of the breakout fairly quickly.

Seventeen BB Balm Review

Before bed you notice you have a bad breakout coming or just a single spot? Firstly make sure your skin is clean. I love to use Witch’s Foaming face wash which is great and especially for bad skin. Next you need to moisturise. Find one that suits you and your skin type. For me its Clean & Clears Dual Action Moisturiser which is oil free and works perfect. I apply this morning and night. Next step before bed apply a small amount of Sudocrem on top of the spot and leave it overnight. Iv found Sudocrem is amazing and helps reduce the spot size quickly.

Next up is makeup. If you read my blog you will know I like full coverage but when you have bad skin or a breakout applying a heavy foundation isn’t what you need. Firstly I apply a primer which im loving Urban Decays Primer Potion. Next iv recently come across Seventeens BB cream which advertises to improve skin within 4 weeks. I apply this all over my face using my fingers and it gives your skin a nice glow. I got this in the shade light which is perfect. I then apply concealer under my eyes as normal.

Skincare Routine

Makeup for a bad skin day

Lastly as I prefer full coverage the BB balm is extremely light coverage but blends out the redness and blemishes so I apply Mac’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation using my Real Techniques powder brush. I press this into my skin rather than sweep and it gives me a flawless look without using heavy foundation. As I have oily skin I may need one touch up of powder which I use Soap & Glory's One Heck of a blot.

Doing this lets the spots breathe and doesn’t clog them but you still have a flawless face. I especially done all of this over the past few days and its helped a lot. Iv never been a fan of BB Balms or creams but im so impressed by this Seventeen one and its cheap retailing at £6.99.

NYX Eyeshadows | Review & Swatches

Monday, November 17, 2014
Hello lovelies, how was your weekend? Do anything interesting? Friday night me and the other half went to the cinema to watch “The Drop” if you haven’t heard of it, it only came out on Friday but its basically a film about mobsters and crime but its really interesting and has a good twist. Saturday we went into town did a little Christmas shopping. Im pretty much finished already! Im so impressed with myself, usually I leave it until last minute. I recently placed an order with NYX online and got quite a few bits so I will do a post for each rather than all in one. Todays post is about a few eyeshadows I picked up. I picked up two matte shades and one glitter. I find it really hard to get a good matte shade. So here we go…

NYX Eyeshadows Review

Left to Right
Underneath it all | Lap Dance | Boost

Underneath it all | £5.00
This is a pretty shade which I find works best to use in the crease. It’s a simple shade but not like any of my others I have. I always use a eye primer before shadows and I find it helps this last most of the day.

Lap Dance | £5.00
I ordered this as I do have the naked basics palette and find the nude/natural shades aren’t that great and don’t impress me. This shade is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I use this all over my lid either on its own for the natural look or use it as a base to apply other shadows.

Boost | £5.50
One of my new favourites. This is from there Glam Shadow Range. The shade is stunning. Im loving gold and bronze tones as they make my blue eyes pop. I love applying this one all over my lid and use a dark shade in the crease to create the smokey look. Id go as far as saying this is as good as Mac eye shadows.

Left to Right
Boost | Underneath it all | Lap Dance

I love these shadows so much. I will definitely be buying more. I will admit there is one downfall with boost…I do hold a piece of tissue under my eye whilst I apply this shade as you do get a little fallout but not much. Overall these are amazing. They have so many shades.

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion Review

Friday, November 14, 2014

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion Review

One thing a lot of people seem to forget to use is a primer. I’ll be honest iv only been using primers for about a year now but it has made such a huge difference. I have oily skin and find since using primers my foundation has applied better and lasted longer. If you have oily skin, dry skin, large pores or bad skin then a primer will certainly help.

Today's post is all about Urban Decay’s Pore Perfecting Primer Potion. I love the packaging of this product so much. Urban Decay are always on point with their packaging and design. The primer bottle itself is sleek and so pretty. You get 28ml which doesn’t sound a lot but you only need a small amount. I find this primer lasts me about a month or a little bit more. It is more expensive at £19.50 but to me its really worth the money.

This comes in two types either the Pore Perfecting Primer which I have or the Brightening and Tightening Primer. When I was in Debenhams I asked the women at the counter which one was best for oily skin and she advised this one. It’s a peachy colour which at first I was unsure about as iv always used primers that are like a moisturiser. Once rubbed into the skin it blends my blemishes and reduces the redness which is great. My skin is left feeling so smooth and flawless. It gives me the perfect base to apply my foundation.

Iv tried Mac’s Prep and Prime which I hated and iv tried many drugstore primers. I do love Rimmels Stay Matte primer but I always come back to this one. I honestly cannot stop raving about it. This primer is similar to the Benefit primer but works better with oily skin. You can buy this primer at Feel Unique which has free postage. Feel Unique also have 10% off all Urban Decay products.

Whats your favourite primer?

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review and Swatches

Monday, November 10, 2014
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review & Swatches

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review & Swatches

Revlon Colorstay Foundation seems to be a very popular foundation over the past couple of months. Having heard such great reviews I decided to give it a go and ordered it from Superdrug. Revlon have two versions of this foundation. The one I have is for Combination/oily skin types and the other version is for normal/dry skin types which I think is a good idea as finding a foundation good for your skin type can be difficult.

So lets start with the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle but no pump. I hate that it doesn’t have a pump. I find without a pump I always end up using too much product. I have started dipping in the end of one of my eye shadow brushes as its small and can pick up a small amount of product. I like that it is in a glass bottle as it makes it seem more high end. It does retail at £12.99 which I think is inbetween drugstore and high end prices.

The shade I got is “180 Sand Beige”, in most foundations im either a natural beige, beige or sometimes a sand. This is the perfect colour match for me. It is advertised as medium-full coverage with that flawless look. I would say it is a full coverage foundation but i do need to build it up in area's i have breakouts.

Does it last all day? No it doesn’t. I apply this early in the morning and having oily skin I usually apply powder once during the day. I found this became slightly patchy around my cheeks which I was so disappointed. I found the coverage became lower and lower as the day went on. Since trying it with different primers i have found it can work well so if you try this foundation just try it with different primers underneath.

Lipgloss vs Lipstick | Review & Swatches

Thursday, November 06, 2014
Hope you are all having a lovely week so far. Its nearly the weekend…Are any of you going to any bonfires or fireworks? We have fireworks at the castle which is really good to go and see. Speaking of fireworks im slightly excited as today me and my boyfriend have booked tickets for Londons NYE Firework display…woooo. We are going for 2 nights which will be amazing. I originally from Reading which isn’t far from London but now live up north. He hasn’t ever been to London so obviously wants to do a little sight seeing. We are staying in Euston which isn’t too bad as you can get the tube everywhere. Todays post is a little of a debate lipgloss vs lipstick.

drugstore lipsticks

Lipgloss or Lipstick

Apocalips “Nude Eclipse” | Maybelline Gloss “Essence” | Seventeen “Just a Fling” | Topshop “Damned”

I have always worn lipgloss ever since I was in school. Ill start with the downsides of lipgloss…of course its annoying if you are wearing lipgloss and it gets windy and your hair sticks to your lips..Eurgh. Sometimes its nice just to have a clear gloss to give you the little extra. At the moment im in love with Maybelline's gloss its so pretty and is a gorgeous pink shade. My newest found love is Rimmels Apocalips in “Nude Eclipse” it is so pigmented and feels so soft. It doesn’t feel sticky at all like a normal gloss which I love and it lasts for hours.

If you read my blog you will know iv only really begun to use lipstick this past year and yes im 22, im a late starter hahaa. At the moment im loving deep purple and berry shades. My two favourite lipsticks are Topshop’s “Damned” and Seventeens Nude lipstick. They are both amazing. I think the thing that put me off lipsticks before is I found most of them to dry out my lips which I hated. These two feel amazing, they don’t go dry at all. I use lip liners to keep them in place and they last most of the day which the odd touch up.
Overall im a lover of both. I think it depends on the weather and the occasion im wearing them for. If you haven’t tried any of the products above you really should.

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer Review

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Im a big lover of primer. I never used to wear it until about a year ago and now I cant live without it. Especially having oily skin, I find a primer helps so much. Today's review is of Maxfactor’s Face Finity All Day Primer. 

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer Review

I don’t actually own many Maxfactor products. I mainly own their foundations as I find they are usually great coverage, so I thought why not give the Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer a go. It states to last all day and extend the wear of your foundation. It retails at £10.99 which is a little pricey for a drugstore primer but you actually get a lot in the bottle so I can see this lasting quite sometime.

The packaging is lovely. It comes in a glass bottle and with a pump so it does feel more highend rather than drugstore. When you first apply this onto the skin it has a PVA glue like consistency (which I know sounds horrible). It does feel quite thick but once you rub it into your skin it feels lovely. It spreads well, you don’t need a lot & it sinks into the skin fairly quickly. When applying primers I leave them to sink in for about 5 minutes before applying my foundation.

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer Review

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer Review

So the question is does it work? Iv found it has really helped my foundation last longer and reduced my oily skin. On first application I thought it might make my skin worse but it really hasn’t. I have started to get some small breakouts at the moment which im not 100% if it is the primer or just because im a little stressed out at the moment.  Overall I will definitely buy this product again. I really want to try the MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation, have you tried it?