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What I Got For Christmas Part 2

Monday, December 29, 2014
Hello Lovelies, hope you all had a good weekend. Its been such a busy week so it was nice to relax and be lazy today. I did do a little shopping yesterday and got some really nice bits from New look, River Island & Boots. I picked up 2 jumpers, 1 blouse & another top all from New look for £25.00 as i had a £10 gift card too. It was all supposed to be £90 before the sales so im really happy with those bargains. Have any of you been shopping in the sales yet? As the title states this is my part 2 of what i got for Christmas. Im so grateful for everything i received and im not doing these posts to brag about what i got but to show you products you have thought about purchasing. I love reading other posts like these as i add items onto my wishlist.

If you would like to read my Part 1 post which includes Benefit, Smashbox, Mac & more then click the link at the end of this post.

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

Mark Hill "Miracoilicious" Set 
My boyfriend gran got me this which iv been wanting for a while as my hair has gone really dry. It includes a shampoo, conditioner, 2 Minute Miracle Treatment & Moroccan Argan Oil.

I received quite alot of jewellry this year including these 3 necklaces. The bottom one i think is from Newlook. The pearl one i had wanted for ages and was so happy when i got it.

NYX's "Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Set" 
Im in love with this. I love nyx products but dont own that many. The main reason i love this set is the bronzers as the leopard bronzer has recently been dis-continued. Its such a pretty set which includes blushers, bronzers, lipgloss and eyeshadows. 

 W7 In The Buff Palette
My mum got me and my sister one of these. I had mentioned it before to my mum for my sister but i am so glad she got me one as the shades are gorgeous.

Pop Art Money Box & Pug Makeup Bag
How cute is the money box? Its so me im obsessed with buying shoes. The pug makeup bag i love as i have a slight obsession with pugs.

Unicorn Top & Teddy
Yes i am 22 and yes i have an obsession with anything that has unicorns on. My boyfriend picked this top which i havent seen before and was so impressed he picked it. Its cute with the 99& unicorn and also has lace along the bottom. My mum got me the teddy which is so cute with its big glittery eyes.

Disney Princess Snow Globe

Disney Princess Wall Art

I do have an unhealthy obsession with disney. At least i admit it? Right? When i was little i had a disney snowglobe which played a tune and it smashed iv been so upset ever since. Iv struggled to find one in the uk that plays a tune like my old one and has my favourite disney character in. I opened this and i was a like a little child, my mum ordered me this from overseas and i love it. Ariel is my favourite but the fact it sings like my old one is amazing.
Next i opened this picture which i love. My mum got this specially made so i am the only one to have one which makes it extra special. It has Ariel on and all of the writing is lyrics from the songs in the film.

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

Friday, December 26, 2014
Merry Christmas Lovelies. Hope you all had a wonderful day. We got up around 9am and always open presents straight away. Then its bacon butties all round! I chilled out at home then the boyfriend came in the afternoon then i go to his and see his family. Every year me and y family always play monopoly, its like tradition but my dad always wins. Honestly one of these years i will beat him. So today i thought i would do a post on some of the presents i got. I only took photos of some this morning so i will do this in two or three parts. I did get alot which i wont blog about it all so just some of my favourites. Once i have used some of these i will be doing blog posts separately to review them fully.

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas Beauty Edition

Benefit "How To Look The Best At Everything" in Medium
Iv wanted to try some of these products for a while and my boyfriend got me this so i could try each ones and see which i like.

Smashbox "Try It Kit"
My boyfriend also got me this as iv never tried any Smashbox products. Iv had a quick look inside and i have to say the mascara looks amazing.

Pandora Ring
Yes it is the December birthstone and my birthday is in January but i loved the colour of this ring and wanted it for months. So my boyfriend suprised me with it and got the right size.

Lily Flame Candle Trio Gift Set
I love Lily Flame candles, they are so pretty and smell lovely. My mum got me these and each candle smells amazing without burning them so i cant wait to light them.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Perfume
This is one of my all time favourite perfumes. Iv had this a few times before and ran out recently so the boyfriend remebered...yayyyy

Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC20
Iv been wanting to try a mac foundation for some time but just havent got round to it. When i opened this i was so happy to find not only did my boyfriend pick mac but he also got the right shade.

Nails Inc Nail Polish
How stunning is this bottle? I opened it and coudlnt believe how pretty it was. I will be doing a swatch of this when i review it because its honestly amazing.

Pearl Necklace
I saw this in a shop a few months ago and fell in love. I have alot of necklaces from River Island, Topshop & so on so i wanted more elegant pieces rather than costume jewellery.

Vivenne Westwood Earrings
Im in love. These are black heart studs but the black hearts actually have a glitter effect to them which looks gorgeous. I pointed these out to my boyfriend a long time ago and i cant believe he remembered.

Not That Kind Of Girl Book
I was in water stones and read a page of this and loved it so when i opened this i was shocked as i didn't think anyone would buy it.

Christmas Day Makeup Routine

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Its Christmas Eve…wooooo! Im so excited, I feel like a little kid again. Its 1pm and I have already baked Cookie Dough Cupcakes, Cookies & Chocolate Sanata Hat Cupcakes. Last night I made mince pies so im all baked out. I wrapped all my presents last week so now im ready to go. On Christmas day we always start off in pjs & oneises then we get dressed. I usually put a dress or something on then love doing my makeup. I know some people don’t really bother but I love making an effort on Christmas day.

For my base I do my usual primer, concealer and med-full coverage foundation and use my Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to give me the flawless finish. Next I use Elfs Blush &Bronzer Kit in “ST Lucia” which has a gorgeous light pink shimmer blush and a pretty bronzer which I use to contour. Then I apply my favourite highlighter Makeup Revolutions Heart Highlighter which is just stunning and gives my cheekbones a lovely glow.

My favourite part of my makeup routine is my eyes. I use my Eylure Brow Kit to fill in my brows then I apply eyeshadow. My favourite which i will be using on Christmas Day is NYX “Boost” eyeshadow which is a gorgeous bronze and it is really pigmented. I apply this all over my lid then use a matte brown/purple in the crease and blend them in to create a subtle smokey eye. On the bottom lash line I use the bronze on the outer corner then in the inner corner I use a very light nude shade to highlight that area and make my eyes appear wider.

I love to apply false lashes. Iv been using false lashes for around 6 years now so I have the hang of applying them so it is natural to me. If you don’t like false lashes then just use mascara. I always apply a thin layer of mascara, let it dry then apply my lashes. A lot of people use tweezers but I just use my fingers and have no problems. Ardell & Red Cherry lashes are my favourite.

I haven’t decided if I want a dark lip or even just a pink lipgloss. But this Rimmel Apocalips is such a gorgeous deep purple/berry shade. Also nails im loving the deep red/burgundy which gold glitter. I think it looks amazing for the Christmas touch.

What are your makeup musts for Christmas Day?

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Till Dusk Review & Swatches

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Till Dusk Review

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Till Dusk Review

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Till Dusk Review & Swatches

Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette Dancing Till Dusk Review & Swatches

I don’t own many products from Sleek. I have a few lip products and eye shadows but that’s it. I recently picked up the Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette in “Dancing Till Dusk” which includes 2 matte eye shadows, 2 shimmer eye shadows and 2 blushers. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but once it arrived I love the packaging as always with Sleek.

First I tried the eyeshadows which I find are not very pigmented at all. I apply the beige/nude tones over my lid and use the brown tones to create a subtle smokey eye. The pigmentation isn’t the best compared to some palettes. The darker shades are better than the nude ones. 

Sleek blushers are one of my favourite products so I was looking forward to trying these. You get a pink shimmer shade and a coral shade. I would say they aren’t as pigmented as the single Sleek blushers you can buy but they do brighten up your face and give you that glow. I would love to try the “See you at Midnight” one of this palette which has more purple tones and more of a evening makeup look.

Mac Prep & Prime Skin Primer Review

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well and having a lovely weekend. I live in Lancashire and the weather is awful. Heavy rain and wind…which means a cosy day in. I started wrapping Christmas presents this weekend, I think I wrapped about 8 then gave up. I have so many to wrap and I love putting bows and ribbons on but I just couldn’t get into it. Im going to try and wrap a lot tomorrow. Have you started wrapping?

If you read my blog then you know I love to use a primer before applying my makeup. I use one everyday as I find it really helps my skin and makeup. Before buying a primer check it if works for your skin type. If im buying online I always read some of the reviews first before making my mind up. 

MAC Prep & Prime Primer Review

MAC Prep & Prime Primer Review

Today I decided to review Mac’s Prep & Prime Skin Primer which retails for £21.00. I love mac products its one of my favourite brands. My favourite product is the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. Firstly I love the packaging. It comes in a bottle which has a glitter effect all over and comes with a pump. It is very much like a moisturiser in texture. Once applied I noticed it had a slight shimmer too it which I didn’t mind too much as I apply foundation on top anyway.

What Mac Says: “An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation and powder"

I have to say im not very impressed with this product. When I applied this to I found it took a while to sink in but still felt “tacky” on my skin. It didn’t reduce or even out the redness in my skin, which I only have a little bit of redness on my cheeks due to the weather. I used my Seventen Stay Time Foundation which I have used with the Urban Decay & Rimmel primer and it lasted all day. 4 hours later after checking my foundation after using the Mac primer I found my makeup not to be as flawless as usual and more oily.

Overall I really don’t think this primer is good for anyone with oily skin. I think it would be better suited to dry skin types.

Makeup Dupes ft MAC, Nars & More!

Friday, December 12, 2014
My Christmas tree and decorations are finally up…yayyyy. Im so excited I feel like a child this year. Iv started wrapping my presents today! My boyfriend hasn’t finished his shopping yet so im making him finish it this weekend. Have you finished your shopping? Everyone loves a good dupe product right? What is a dupe? To me a dupe isn’t something that just looks like another product, it has to be just as good as the more expensive item. Here are some of my top dupes which iv fallen in love with.

Makeup Dupes

First up is I Heart Makeup from Makeup Revolution. They have started a heart blush,highlighter and bronzer. I picked up this Heart blush in “Candy Queen of Hearts” which is an amazing dupe of Too Faced’s “Flush Blush. It looks exactly the same and is amazing. I used to have the Too Faced blush then got this one.
Total Savings: £19.01.

Too Faced Heart Blush Dupe

I love Nars blushers but find they are expensive. I saw this brand on another blog a long time ago and found the blush on ebay. Its by Smooch Cosmetics and the shade I got is “Cookie Crumble” which is such a dupe for Nars “Oasis” Blush. They are pretty much exact in colour and both have a slight shimmer to them.
Total Savings: £19.51

Nars Oasis Blush Dupe

Elf is becoming one of my favourite brands. I have a lot of their products and love all of them. The blush & Bronze duo in “St Lucia” I tried to get hold of for my months and finally got my hands on it after a long wait. Now seeing how much of a dupe it is for Nars Blush & Bronze duo “Orgasm & Laguna” I can see why it was always sold out. The shades are gorgeous.
Total Savings: £26.05

Nars St Lucia Bronzer Dupe

NYX is a brand I don’t own many products from. But the HD Powder is one of the best products iv had from any brand, yes it really is that good. It’s a white powder which when applied looks translucent. I have oily skin which can be a problem but when I use this my skin is perfect. It is a dupe of Mac’s Prep & Prime Finishing Powder.
Total Savings: £11.00

MAC Prep & Primer Powder Dupe

One of my latest buys from NYX which I cant believe iv only just tried. It is one of their Glam Eyeshadows in “Boost”. It is so pigmented and lasts all night. It’s a perfect shade and is a dupe of Mac’s “Bronze” Eyeshadow. NYX shadows are such good dupes for mac and they have so many shades to choose from. 
Total Savings: £8.00

MAC Eye Shadow Dupe

Last up is the one I am most excited about and cant believe iv found it. I ordered a few bits from MUA recently and saw this brush in new in which I thought would be perfect for contouring. It is the MUA F9 Contour Brush. When it arrived the quality of the brush is unbelieveable. When looking at it I noticed it is exactly the same as the Nars Contour Brush. I honestly cannot believe how good this brush is. You have to buy it, especially when its only £5.00.
Total Savings: £38.00

Nars Contour Brush Dupe

Overall I saved £121.57. How amazing is that? Im so impressed with all of these products and especially with the savings I made. Everyone loves a good dupe and I hope you love some of these.

Eylure Brow Palette Review

Monday, December 08, 2014
Eylure Brow Product Review

If your anything like me then you like your brows to be on point daily. I did a post a while ago on hd brows and showed the difference which you can see here. Eylure have a new range which has been out a little while now so I decided to order a few products.

Eylure Brow Product Review

I loved that this kit had the wax, powder & highlighter as most kits only have the wax & powder. I ordered this in dark brown as im quite dark haired. I apply the wax to outline my brows and use the powder to fill in and extend the tail end if needed. The powder is quite dark which I love but it feels so light on the skin and doesn’t clog up at all. The highlighter isn’t the best but im used to using a light mac concealer. I will definitely be buying this again.

Iv tried many crayons and pencils but always looking for new ones. This one is a twist up crayon but you don’t get a lot of product. Even when you try and apply this lightly you barely get any product at all and you have to really push down hard on your skin to get any colour at all. It is one of the worst I have ever tried. I will definitely not buy this again.

At the moment I have been loving Rimmels Brow This Way but as I was ordering these other products I thought I would try it. It’s a clear gel but when you pull the wand out of the tube you cant actually see any product? So I don’t get how it is a gel when nothing seems to even stick to the brush?! To me this is a very pointless product and I will stick with my Brow This Way.

Overall the only product I enjoyed was the brow kit but im so disappointed with the rest of them. Have you tried any of these products?

Skincare For Younger Skin | L'Oreal Skin Perfection Range

Friday, December 05, 2014
Worrying about wrinkles at the age of 22? Yes I really am. Ever since I can remember I always see my mum using so many lotions and potions and at the age of 48 her skin is flawless and looks amazing. She always gets complimented on it and that’s how I want my skin at that age. Of course at 22 I don’t have wrinkles or anything like that but its always good to start prepping your skin at a young age to help keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Over the past few years my skin has changed a lot and iv finally found products and routines that work for me. If you read my blog you will know I have quite oily skin but hardly ever get breakouts. In that way im quite lucky but having oily skin can be quite hard to control until you find the right products.

Which brings me to todays post about some new skincare products iv found. L’Oreal have skincare products for specific ages which I love. This range is aimed at 20-30s and I have to say I love the bright pink packaging which made it stand out for me. Boots had these on offer so I decided to pick up the Skin Perfecting Advanced Correcting Serum and the Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Range

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Range

Skin Perfecting Advanced Serum | £16.99

This states to help improve the overall look of your skin and to balance out blemishes and pores. Iv not tried a serum like this before so decided to give it a go and got it on offer for £12. I carry out my normal morning routine, wash my face, apply a moisturiser then apply the serum. I use a pump and a half to cover my whole face. I have to say it makes your skin feel so fresh and has a cooling feeling. Iv been using this for around 2 weeks and noticed it has made a huge difference to my blemishes. I would definitely pay £16.99 for it.

Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur | £12.99

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this product. I was going to try it as an all over primer but I noticed it was a little thicker than your average primer and would run out quickly. I noticed it works amazing for when you have breakouts and don’t want to apply a lot of makeup to those areas. Because it is thicker it smoothes out over any breakouts and feels as if there is nothing there so you foundation or bb cream applies and looks flawless. If my skin is extra oily I use this in my t zone and it definitely controls the oil.

All in all im so impressed with this range and will be sticking with it. Some people may say it’s a little pricey but I can see both products lasting me a long time. Also in this range you can get an eye cream, daily moisturizer, blemish balm and face wash.